21 simple yet impactful ways to romanticize your life

I have no shame: The TikTok trend possesses your protagonist energy that perfectly describes my life. It’s not narcissism, and it’s not an unrelenting obsession with my experience. Instead, I’d describe it as more of a curiosity, following and keeping track of the thoughts and opinions that pop into my head from time to time. (And if I had to pick a theme song, any optimistic issues would come.) During a pandemic, when IRL interactions between me and others slow down and flow with changes. With a near-constant shift in comfort and variation in constraints, I made a conscious decision to spend more purposeful time with myself. From that experience, I amassed a series of practices, rituals, and habits that led to this: a basic guide to how to romanticize your life.

It’s a strange idea, isn’t it – the possibility that we can love our selves deeply and compassionately?

According to values, we have been taught to direct our love outward. Altruism takes precedence over narcissism, and we often assume that someone who spends little time alone is a loner. (PSA: they are completely two different things). And on the subject of narcissism, although the word is widely and extensively used in the common dictionary, it is still an elusive, difficult-to-define concept. An older iteration of Instagram has us convinced that bubble baths and a marathon of spa treatments are the answer to a healthier, more supportive relationship with ourselves. But as social media (thankfully) evolves, a new trend is brewing. Influencers are recommending small, simple, and sometimes free ways to incorporate a little romance into your day — and I’m totally devoted to me.

A little longer story: Every day presents us with countless opportunities to romanticize our lives. What I’ve learned from making friends and falling in love with people I’ve discovered is that it’s a matter of perspective. I have changed my mind and am now actively creating space to make my life a little more inspired, a little more beautiful, and filled with more self-love.

Inspiring our readers with ideas that help us all thrive on a daily basis has long been our goal at CS. From carefully sipping morning drinks to cooking by candlelight, today we share easy, accessible, and game-changing tips for making the most of the evening. your life, from sunset until sunset.

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Check out these 21 ideas for how to romanticize your life.

first. Infuse your routine with mindfulness. Some people may perform a daily meditation ritual. I am not one of them. No matter what, despite trying to take some precious time to spend a few minutes on my thoughts, I just… couldn’t. Solution? Bring patience and compassion to my established habits. When I exercise, I actively feel the parts of my body that are supporting my movement. As I write the email, I express a little gratitude for the opportunity to connect and work with so many inspiring individuals. This small change has the power to turn the most mundane tasks into magic.

2. Make up your morning drink. Whatever you’re sipping on in the morning, supplement your morning drink with something that will enhance the taste and health benefits. I’m a big fan of Renude for adding the immune-supporting Chaga mushroom to my coffee and infusing my matcha with some lavender syrup to brighten my cup with a beautiful floral aroma. Check out our list of eight ingredients to add to get more ideas.

3. Put away your phone — and pick up a book instead. I read about 40-50 books a year, but despite being an English major, I’m probably one of the slowest readers in the game. My secret? Whether it’s waiting in line for coffee, sitting in my doctor’s office before an appointment, or taking a five-minute break between tasks, I’ll ignore the temptation of scrolling and reading a page or two at the same time. a time. It’s the best way to energize every moment with a little bit of writing inspiration.

4. Take your time (and give yourself the grace to do so). Rushing is never fun, and I can actively feel my cortisol levels rise when I’m in a hurry. If there’s something I need to get done or I need to be somewhere, I proactively set aside enough time so I can take it slow and enjoy the transition.

5. Design your dream morning routine. It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with learning insights into some of the most successful women’s morning routines. And while it’s all based on the desire to start the day full of energy, they couldn’t be more different. Conclusion? Design a morning routine that inspires you. Whether it’s going to breakfast (toast with avocado or a bowl of yoghurt mixed with soda), kicking things off with exercise, or writing down your plans for the day, follow this one simple rule. : do what you feel best.

6. Create a sorted life list. I have found nothing more effective in changing my mood than music. I love to tighten my heart in the car, and I bring my tunes with me when I want to add a bit of fun to my walk. Take a moment on Spotify to create the soundtrack of your life.

7. Date yourself. Newsflash: You don’t need an excuse to treat yourself to dinner or drinks. While we’ve been asked to spend our evenings out just to make a romantic connection, dressing up in your favorite outfit and enjoying a bit of mood lighting is an activity that can be fully enjoyed with yourself. body and alone.

8. Have fun with flowers. My local market is a treasure trove of overlooked colorful tree trunks. Every couple of weeks, I’ll take a moment to review the in-season options, pick out what I personally find beautiful, and take my packages home to indulge in a bit of art. The process itself is so much fun and I can love my flowers for days to come.

9. Change your space. There’s a reason why so many rom-com montages involve the protagonist moving around her belongings. Whether it’s updating a bookshelf or completely overhauling your space, finding new homes for your favorite pieces will inject new energy into your home.

10. Plan your best day. Occasionally, I’ll take a weeknight to plan my perfect Saturday. This can be like getting up early, treating yourself to a coffee and a donut, and driving out onto the (beautiful!) Oregon coast for a beach walk. Take a moment in your journaling to think about the perfect day for you — and then go out and do exactly that.

11. Plan your best day. Occasionally, I’ll take a weeknight to plan my perfect Saturday. This can be like getting up early, treating yourself to a coffee and a donut, and driving out onto the (beautiful!) Oregon coast for a beach walk. Take a moment in your journaling to think about the perfect day for you — and then go out and do exactly that.

twelfth. Go to the cinema. One of the most surprising things I discovered while living in Paris is that the French are obsessed with movies. They perform a weekend ritual of going to church and discussing the movie over a Appetizer Later. And while I love going to the movies with a friend, if I want to see a new little-known foreign film (which is usually the case), I’ll happily and unashamedly sit back through the whole thing alone. . There’s nothing like recreating sunlight with a fresh perspective and a new story to look at.

13. Find inspiration through art. I love love spent a weekend afternoon on a trip to the museum. Immersing yourself in an art movement or the work of a single artist is the perfect escape. Nothing beats you with beauty.

14. Thank yourself loudly. While this may seem like another gratitude practice, trust me – it’s completely different. Take a day where you actively pay attention to how you talk to yourself and dedicate your autobiography to saying “thank you” (yes, to yourself!). For example, “Thank you for exercising and giving your body the stretch it needs.” “Thank you for nourishing me with colorful, vibrant food.” “Thank you for going to bed early and waking up refreshed.” The possibilities are endless.

15. Own your ambition. Despite my long history of writing, it took me many years before I finally felt comfortable calling myself a writer. But here’s the thing, and I’m about to give you a technical answer: Definition of a writer? Someone wrote. Definition of a painter? A painter. Whether it’s a hobby or a career, start practicing and get comfortable with owning what you do, and recognize the credit you deserve.

16. Go analog with your communication. When you need to stay in touch with friends and family, text and DM get the job done. But as someone who values ​​my relationships above all else, I enjoy spending my time interacting with loved ones. Equip yourself with beautiful stationery and sit down to jot down your thoughts and gratitude on paper. I also like to call someone out of the blue because what usually ends up being an hour-long conversation. You never know how much it could mean to someone.

17. Burn candles. Yes — even the good ones! I find it amusing that many of us hesitate to use things that will bring us joy. When I write, read, and spend some time indoors (even during the day), I let a lighted candle contribute to the ambience. This same principle applies to everything else you’ve set aside for special occasions. Sleep on your satin sheet. Break beautiful silverware. Love the way you look in your favorite dress. Say again.

18. Candlelight cooking. On the subject of candles, this is one of my favorite ways to turn my weeknight cooking routine from chore to something I look forward to at the end of the workday. Turn off the lights, turn on the music and brighten up your space with green. Third night, transformed.

19. Dance away. Because it feels good, no matter what it looks like.

20. Surround yourself with scents. I love to engage all my senses with beauty, but one of the most overlooked is the power of scent. Find your favorite fragrance and don’t hold back. Whether it’s a candle, a diffuser, or a plug-in (I love Pura’s smartphone-controlled diffuser and their Sunshine Bloom scent), choose an option that’s right for your space. you best and ready for good.

21. Unplug. Instead of looking outward for answers, disconnect and spend time looking within.

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