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It repeats. There is a direct link between the murder of Tire Nichols and the banning of African American Studies courses in Florida. Between the spectacle of our public execution and the claim that the study of Black lives lacked educational value.

It is also the line that can be drawn from the klan throwing Blacks off the bridge and Blacks being persecuted in the arts, advertising, and academia of previous generations. A straight line, a rope of black disposable material is produced that, if pulled out, decodes this marathon of a colonial event calling itself American society.

It repeats. Black people are being dumped on the dark streets and in the curriculum, as the expulsion of the liberated people from the streets of the whites and the placement of them in prisons and prisons and supervision. Lifetime is not enough.

They were stripped of their right to vote and “redistricted”, entangled in Jim Crow’s new and improved regulations, entangled in a treasure trove of rhetoric, mocked as “criminals” who did not deserve compensation. in speeches aimed at inciting more than half the country.

Begging for mercy on the street was answered with blows. A century of Blacks written in memory of pain, thinking about the ways ahead has been met with book burning.

Only the most forgiving, most forgiving “representatives” of racist behavior are invited to the news programs to speak for us, only to be seen by the conservative Black hustlers. spoke up, the people who produced the articles placate the shoulders of the black haters. Black protesters, who then rushed to hail some of the reused Black conservatives around, praising their works as “groundbreaking” and “interesting new perspectives.” . These views are always as original as racist.

But what if a new perspective is really trendy? Or if not new, but one who has shed old traditions rather than wait for the American Enlightenment and the promised land of Civil Rights and Equality – a man known for his revolt more pessimistic slaves?

What if a hope was not entangled in the beards of slave owners who roamed overtime as presidents and child traffickers – to this day, as slave owners. founder of liberty – has its time come? One hope in the tradition of a part of the people is not to follow the time of the slave owners and not wait for the horse addicts to whip the viewers “is that right”?

Anti-colonial hope is the hope of those who have not yet accepted “their position”. It was a philosophy of impatience, of setting boundaries that came from a radical disagreement with the colonial view that black life and black thought were meaningless.

That is, with the position of white supremacy.

It is not only the position of people with burning social media accounts or nothing to lose to respond to the Black Lives Matter movement with Black Lives Do Not Matter. Or those who mocked the killing of George Floyd, kneeling on his neck in an attempt to prolong the pleasure of killing like those of a previous generation who took bones from the charred bodies of their victims. hanged to keep as a souvenir.

That is the position of those who speak of African American Studies as invalid and say that Western civilization should be celebrated and must be a required course.

The position of those who speak of the slain – Eric, Trayvon, Sandra, Michael, Ahmaud and thousands more unnamed – that they are criminals, not martyrs. And about their killers – who used the complaints against them as vandals and falsified incident reports – that they are innocents, heroes and forgiven. human error. The chasers are the fearsome; the one being chased is the invader. Those murdered were “not angels”.

It repeats, those who say this will execute angels.

To dismiss the Negro’s voice as a tongue-in-cheek and erase the record of Negro pain is a more sophisticated, more expertly crafted Holocaust denial. Never a crude Holocaust denial of neo-Nazis, but a cover-up of corpses to create the revisionist narrative of America, the Good.

Prohibiting black research is denying black people the right to speak without resorting to a too heavy, too revealing muzzle. To declare that slaves cannot testify. Disappearing the historical record of white supremacy and replacing it History of being punished by the Nazisthe only history of the state racist basis will accept. Settlement colonialism created a population unable to do otherwise.

That is also the position of the Democratic Party. Those who openly and without controversy claim that the congressmen who speak at conventions of white nationalists are their friends. Those who were forever frozen in the gesture of reaching out their hands “to the other side of the aisle” for those desperate to keep the Jim Crow flames alive. Whoever orders us to submit through “unification” with a party still executes us innocently and happily ignores the alibi.

And that is the position of the libertarians calling for “police reform” in an increasingly weary, meek voice and indistinguishable from the obligatory “thoughts and prayers” of the liberals. conservative after a mass shooting. Not that police reform will be taken seriously. The state beat blacks and natives on behalf of settled society, and coordinated with it, for centuries, everywhere.

The call for anti-bias training and videography is not a call for change. On the contrary, it is proof that society intends to preserve the status quo. It is the act of covering up the pattern in the prisons and streets of the colonial world by settlers from Australia to Alaska with a vain hope. “Perhaps if we revise hiring and representation or add a Civil Review Committee, justice will fall like water.” Meanwhile the former president lover of mob lynch . societyis said to have won hearts again with promises of hanging, beheading and “mass execution” on television if re-elected in 2024.

But something is failing. Media spokespeople, academics and esteemed cable guests are no longer to be trusted when they talk about the staggering breakdown of trust, training failure, failure hope in people”must protect” or whatever answer they pull from the lottery basket to quell the anger of the Black proletariat over the latest murder.

Racists and libertarians came together with the belief that black people were cursed to carry on their hands several generations of always suffering. And we’ve been forced to eat this from birth, trained to see our atrocities as regrettable “tragedies” and anti-black carnage as “things as they are.” .

But everything is slowing down. Everyone is waking up. Yes, they woke up.

wake up. A stolen term that both racists and libertarians lauded the radical ideas of Blacks and the temperament of Blacks no longer accepting the way people what happens again. People are rejecting the old calming trick of “slow democracy” in a time when fascism is advancing rapidly. They are no longer enslaved, demonstrating humility worthy of a vaguely purposeful “change.”

wake up. This generation’s term to replace the slurs “rebellious blacks” and “dirty abolitionists” and “arrogance” and “black extremism” that we forced to be obsolete. A term that will no doubt be vilified with students jailed for sitting in segregated cafes. And by the same kind of people. Launched with the same spirit and same purpose as the letter N among students who were integrated into racist schools.

A term used as a license to remove this history from textbooks and just as a vase is placed on a crime scene, a patriotic history is placed on it. One described those enslaved in the torture chambers of the colony’s industrial cotton fields as “happy farmers”. Lie. The best colonial history can do.

Waking up, tarry and hairy. Students are warned to stay away from it. Scholars hastened to deny it. Ideological awakening – funny and ineffective – however, it must be considered illegal. Black ideology must be conspired against by governments and their consumer education institutions, mocked on television and at colonial kitchen tables, in a desperate attempt to cling, with teeth and claws, into a society that is gutting poor blacks. It was a last-ditch effort to dispel anti-colonial agitation and defeat the radical Negro imagination.

But their power is dwindling and the social order built by the slave owners is on fire. The anti-colonial future is exploding. A future free from the clutches of white racism. Anti-colonialism is read not only in burning police stations like slave owners’ homes but also in Palestinians resisting ethnic cleansing, in indigenous voices ordering #landback, in the silence of patriarchs, in peoples being punished in spite of blackmail, in trade unions everywhere. Even the sea and the sun rise.

On the front lines of anti-colonialism, as always, was unfairly belligerent Pan-Africanism. A solidarity without borders between people whom the colonial world considered inferior. Not only refused to sit in but also ripped off the back of the bus. Taking the wheel of a new, dark-skinned future is both unexpected and inevitable.

After the “racial calculation” of colonial society, predictably, leads nowhere, their staged conversations solve nothing, achieving nothing but ratings and profits. for the class that supported and abetted lynch gang society, the anti-colonial recognition of Blacks was widespread. Racism, as it is often claimed, is not a tragic legacy that affects the enlightened “better” present. That is a choice.

Having an anti-Black world is a choice. Society chose to stay the same. And now fewer and fewer of us are content to stand on the porch, knocking, peering through the curtains, hoping for a glimpse of freedom.

It is too much to type once. Typing all day is nonsense, let alone typing – how many years has it been?

Anti-colonialism says that those who still beg at the door are the most irresponsible. In any case, they should stay there.

There is no such thing as building a house with people still hiding under the guise of slavery. No racism towards Rhodesias in the world. The chosen masters are still the masters. And those forgiving racism shouting about reform, training, and reckoning have lost their audience.

Welcome to the no more era.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect the editorial stance of Al Jazeera.

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