All Weapons in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Monster Hunter Tales 2 offers six varied sorts of weapons that could be wielded and upgraded to the will of the participant. These six weapons are the bow, greatsword, gunlance, hammer, trying horn, and sword and defend. Each with its strengths and weaknesses.

The Bow

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The bow is a piercing weapon type with just a few utterly completely different abilities and coatings. This weapon is often a extra sturdy one to wield as players should attend spherical additional turns to get assaults off.

Charging takes a further spherical with out firing nevertheless will add a further assault to the participant’s subsequent flip. Unfold shot bows, when charged, will shoot wider to hit all enemies. Charging a rapid-fire shot will flip it proper right into a barrage of arrows. Lastly, charging the piercing shot damages explicit monster parts.

Bow Abilities

  • Unfold Shot: An unusual shot will shoot three projectiles. A charged unfold shot will hearth a widened set of three projectiles.
  • Speedy-Fireside Shot: The standard rapid-fire shot shoots faster projectiles. A charged mannequin will shoot a barrage of arrows.
  • Piercing Shot: Common piercing shot is a heavier damaging single shot. The charged piercing shot is an enlarged arrow that increased damages parts of monsters.

Bow Coatings

  • Paralysis
  • Poison
  • Power
  • Sleep

The Greatsword

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The greatsword is a robust two-handed slashing weapon, that charges the weapon as its abilities are used over time. This weapon is just damage-focused. Wielded appropriately, players mustn’t have to worry an extreme quantity of regarding the hurt they’re taken as they may quickly swipe by their foes.

Greatsword Abilities

  • Price Decrease: Heavy hurt one objective assault. (Bills by one degree)
  • Price Cope with: One objective assault. (Bills by one degree)
  • Charged Slash: Heavy hurt assault to 1 enemy. (Costs one value degree)
  • Guard: Reduces hurt taken in a spherical, when activated
  • True Wild Slash: Presents heavy hurt to all enemies (Costs two value components)

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The Gunlance

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A piercing distance weapon that performs most interesting in longer battles. Each of the gunlance’s assaults charges the weapon to hold out increased assaults. The gunlance offers amount of safety in comparison with completely different weapon choices and is simpler to keep up stocked with ammo.

Gunlance Abilities

  • Shelling: A two-hit assault that gives players the choice of establishing it an affect, tempo or tech type. (Costs two ammo & boosts kinship)
  • Wyrmsteak Cannon: This multi-hit assault on a single objective. (Costs 5 ammo & boosts kinship)
  • Burst Fireside: This assault is a big AOE blast that hits all targets in sight. (Costs eight ammo & boosts kinship)
  • Tech, Power, or Velocity Seal: An assault functionality that blocks certain assault kinds from enemies. (Costs kinship)
  • Guard Seal: This seal permits the participant to lower how rather a lot hurt they acquire.
  • Defend: Will draw enemies’ consideration off of teammates and onto the participant.
  • Wyvern’s Fireside: Avid gamers can assault all energetic enemies immediately with an enormous fireball. (Costs all kinship)

The Hammer

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The hammer is the two-handed blunt weapon type with three value ranges and three distinct kinds; Blastfire Chaser, Sleepseal Chaser, and Parapoison Chaser. The hammer is very like the greatsword in hurt, nonetheless, players should make use of their abilities at regardless of value diploma they presently have, making it just a bit wasteful at events.

Hammer Abilities

  • Chaser Assault: It’s a large single hit assault that may get bonus hurt if the enemy has the corresponding standing impression to the weapon type. (Price diploma I or II)
  • Double Swing: Two hit assault that’s significantly stronger than the underside hammer hurt. (Price diploma I)
  • Full Double Swing: Hits all enemies with the two bash assault. (Price diploma II)
  • Meteor Hammer: Large single-target smash. (Price diploma II)
  • Spinning Meteor: Heavy single-target smash. (Price diploma III)
  • Hammer Slammer: Heavy AOE smash. (Price diploma III)
  • Absolute Evasion: Avoids one oncoming assault.

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The Looking out Horn

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There are 4 kinds of trying horns that give entry to utterly completely different abilities. The varieties are music, tune, melody, and music. Every kind are granted the Absolute Evasion functionality. The trying horn makes a implausible assist weapon and is principally buff-focused, whatever the type.

Music Type Abilities

  • Mettle Overature: Regenerates nicely being for five turns. (Costs 10 pts.)
  • Therapeutic: Cures group of detrimental standing outcomes. (Costs 15 pts.)
  • Evasion Riff: The whole group is able to stay away from one upcoming assault. (Costs 35 pts.)
  • Soothing Sounds: Heals the participant’s complete group. (Costs 20 pts.)

Tune Type Abilities

  • Bloodsuck: Buffs group to heal from assaults for five turns. (Costs 30 pts.)
  • Berserk: Will improve important chance for the event. (Costs 10 pts.)
  • Price Ahead: Buffs the group’s elemental assault hurt. (Costs 10 pts.)
  • Bonds of Kinship: Buffs kinship value. (Costs 15 pts.)

Melody Type Abilities

  • Negate Poison: Group turns into immune to poison for five turns. (Costs 10 pts.)
  • Negate Paralysis: Group turns into immune to paralysis for five turns. (Costs 10 pts.)
  • Negate Sicknesses: Group turns into immune to irregular statuses for five turns. (Costs 25 pts.)
  • Negate Sleep: Group turns into immune to sleep for five turns. (Costs 10 pts.)

Observe Type Abilities

  • Iron Safety: Group optimistic components elemental safety buff.(Costs 10 pts.)
  • Awakening: Group optimistic components improve to assault, safety, and vital worth for five rounds. (Costs 30 pts.)
  • Blast: Group optimistic components elemental assault buff. (Costs 10 pts.)
  • Saver: Probability to not devour merchandise when used. (Costs 15 pts.)

The Sword & Shield

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This weapon type has just a few distinct kinds that determine the abilities given to the participant. The varieties are non-elemental, shock, frost, blade, torrential, and dragonseal. Sword & Shield embody a greater important chance and further safety than completely different weapons.

Sword & Shield Abilities

  • Focus Slash: Non-Elemental slashing multi-hit assault to 1 objective. (Costs kinship)
  • Shock Slash: Shocking and slashing multi-hit assault to 1 objective. (Costs kinship)
  • Frost Slash: Freezing and slashing multi-hit assault to 1 objective. (Costs kinship)
  • Blade Slash: Blade and slashing multi-hit assault to 1 objective. (Costs kinship)
  • Torrential Slash: Torrential and slashing multi-hit assault to 1 objective. (Costs kinship)
  • Dragonseal Slash: Dragonseal and slashing multi-hit assault to 1 objective. (Costs kinship)
  • Guard: Reduce oncoming assault hurt.
  • Counter Stance: Reduces oncoming assault hurt and counters for each assault all through the flip.

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