Arc 3.0 Supers, Aspects, and Fragments Revealed for Destiny 2

After months of waiting, the Light subclass update is finally here Fate 2 with Update Arc 3.0. Bungie reveals updated subclass in a blog post on its website Wednesday morning, but did not provide any footage. (Players will need to wait to see Arc 3.0 in action in the process Fate 2 On display on August 23).

This new version of Arc is about mobility and close-ups and personal with enemies. And like all other 3.0 subclasses, Arc 3.0 comes with new effects (which Bungie calls “verbs”), Aspects, and Segments to allow players to customize their kits around around this new style of play.

Let’s take a look at the new additions.


Amplification is the biggest and most important verb with Arc 3.0, specifically because it doesn’t require you to equip an Aspect or a Fragment to activate it. Amplification is an intrinsic feature per class of Arc 3.0 and anyone can activate it by simply earning multiple lives with Arc skills. (You can also enable Amplify in other ways through Aspects and Fragments).

Once Amplified, you will move faster and increase weapon handling. You will also be able to slide much further than usual. Sprint for a few seconds while Amplify will give you super speed boosts, better gliding, and a bonus of PvE-only damage resistance.

Blind, Joltand Ionic traces are other terms to know with Arc 3.0. Unlike Amplified, Blind and Jolt only affect your enemies. Ionic Traces are in the middle, spawning from enemies or abilities while benefiting you.

Blind works similar to Void’s Suppress in PvE. Blind enemies won’t be able to see you or use their weapons. In PvP, it will give a flashbang effect to the opposing player.

Knocking enemies is basically hitting them with electricity. Subsequent damage attacks on targets casted Jolted deal lightning effects that deal damage to nearby targets.

Ionic Traces – currently only available for Arc Warlocks – will work similarly to how they have since been introduced in Deny, but they will also be available to Hunters and Titans. Enemies leave Ionic Traces under certain circumstances and picking them up will power you up.

Hunter Update

Hunters are getting the most out of Arc 3.0.

Not only can Hunters block and deflect with their Arc Staff Super, the Blink teleport option will return to their kits for the first time since the original Life. And after getting a rough deal with subclass additions in DenyArc Hunters is finally getting a Super replacement called the Gathering Storm.

Casting Storm causes Hunters to leap into the air and swing their Arc Staff like a spear. The staff can hurl itself to the ground or to enemies, and it deals area damage upon initial impact. Immediately after implanting, a bolt of lightning strikes the cane and over-discharges it, creating a temporary damage zone around it.

Hunters will receive three Arc Aspects to change their play style:

  • Flow state: Kill a sensitive enemy Amplify you. While Amplify, you get increased reload time, faster recharge, and damage resistance.
  • Tempest Strike: Melee while sliding will cause you to launch a lightning wave on the ground, dealing damage and stunning enemies.
  • Currently lethal: Dodging expands the range of your next melee attack, also stunning targets and creating a lightning aftershock. Lethal Current also boosts your Arc Staff Super, making it hit twice. Melee attacking an enemy with Attitude also makes them blind.

Update Warlock

Warlock is changing at least with Arc 3.0.

Chaos Reach and Stormtrance are both back, though the latter will be a combination of Landfall and teleportation trees. Warlocks will also maintain their two separate Arc melee attacks. The first is a thunder ball that they can shoot at enemy targets. The second is the ability to chain lightning, which will create a net of lightning that knocks down enemies.

However, Warlocks has an additional interaction with the Amplify buff when compared to other classes. While Amplify, the various Warlock abilities vary in functionality. For example, shadow lightning melee will attack three times, while chain lightning melee will hit more targets.

Warlocks will receive three Arc 3.0 aspects:

  • Arc Soul: Casting a Rift generates Arc Soul that will assist you. Allies entering your Rift will also receive Arc Souls. When Amplified, your Soul Arc fires faster. Your Rift charges faster when allies are nearby.
  • Thunder: Activating your melee attack while sliding will turn you into a bolt of lightning, teleporting you forward, knocking up targets in the area.
  • Electrostatic mind: Kill enemies with Arc damage or kill targets that have Arc debuffs that create Ion Traces. Collecting Ionic Traces also makes you Amplify.

Update Titan

The Titans are getting some big additions with Arc 3.0. Two Titan Supers are returning: Thundercrash (unchanged from the current iteration) and Fist of Havoc. The Arc 3.0 version of Fist of Havoc will get the best of both of its previous plants, with extended damage field and aerial AoE.

Most notably, the Titans are getting a new class skill in the form of Thruster, though it can only be activated while on the ground, like Hunter Dodge. This distinguishes it from the original Lifeof Twilight Garrison Exotic (a suit of armor that Bungie promised would never return, lead to some fans harassing the developers on Twitter), which requires the player to fly in the air. Players will be able to use Thruster to power themselves in a certain direction, acting as an evasion.

In addition to the two original melee attacks for Titans – Seismic Strike and Ballistic Slam – they will receive a third option: Thunderclap. With Thunderclap, Titans can hold down their melee button to attack; they have to stand still on the ground to charge. Letting go of the button will deal a lot of damage to Titan’s opponents in proportion to the amount of time they attack. If it is charged long enough, this attack can instantly kill an enemy Guardian in the Crucible.

Like the other classes, Titans will also receive three aspects of Arc 3.0:

  • Touch of Thunder: Improves Arc grenades depending on their type. Flashbang grenades can also blind enemies on first bounce. Pulse grenades will generate Ionic Trace and increase their damage over time. Thunder grenades will be charged a second time and will hit Jolt’s target. The storm grenade will create a mobile cloud to track and take down enemies.
  • Overwhelming power: While sprinting with your class ability fully charged, you get a front shield that can block damage (and it gets stronger when you’re Amplified). Enemies can break the shield with enough damage, which will drain your class skill mana.
  • Knock down: Killing your melee will trigger your health recovery and make you Amplify. Breaking an enemy’s shield or mortally wounding them increases melee range and damage. Knockout also causes your melee attacks to count as Arc damage.


Bungie also previewed four fragments in Arc 3.0. There will be significantly more shards in the game, but Bungie is keeping the rest of them wrapped up.

  • Spark of Beacons: When you are Amplified, the Arc’s special weapon destroys it to create an explosion of Blindness.
  • Sparks of Resistance: When surrounded, you gain increased resistance to damage.
  • Spark of Momentum: If you slide over ammo, you will reload your weapon and gain melee energy. You will get more energy when sliding through heavy bullets.
  • Electric sparks: Your Arc Grenade will knock enemies back.

Arc 3.0 will be released with Fate 2 season 18, coming out on August 23rd Fate 2 Display.

Update: Bungie updated their post to clarify that Titan’s new Thruster ability requires them to be on the ground, not in the air. This is significantly different from Twilight Garrison Exotic from the original Life.

We updated the language around Thruster in the Titan update section of this article.

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