Benefits of Dream Diary & How to Get Started

Benefits of Dream Diary & How to Get Started

Have you ever thought about keeping a dream journal?

Dreams are crazy, it’s hard for you to understand what dreams really are. But, what we do know for sure is that we dream for a reason. Dreams are how we process everything that goes on in our lives, but on a subconscious level.

For those of you who don’t know what a dream diary is…let’s start from scratch.

A dream diary is a diary or notebook in which you record what you remember about your dream, as soon as you wake up. Believe it or not, dreams are often a reflection of what we are thinking about in our subconscious, and they are completely different from person to person. This makes dream journaling the perfect opportunity to see what’s going on in your brain.

So let’s take a look at the many benefits of dream journaling & how to get started.

Benefits of a dream journal

♡ Improve dream recall.

Have you ever woken up and immediately forgot about your dreams? Most people do. Keeping a dream journal can help train your brain to remember dreams longer and help you better remember the small details of your dreams.

♡ Helps you process your emotions.

Because our dreams are a reflection of what is going on around us and in our subconscious, keeping a dream journal can definitely help you better process your emotions. The dreams we have can help us to better understand our feelings and emotions towards certain events, people, etc and help us change our perspective on the problems we face during the day. .

Benefits of a dream journal

♡ Promotes creativity.

When we dream, our creative sources run free; There is no limit to the wonders & miracles that can happen in our sleeping mind. By writing down these crazy and creative dreams, you can bring that creative energy into the real world. In fact, some of the most amazing and creative ideas come from dreams.

♡ Reduce stress & anxiety.

As we mentioned earlier, recording your dreams can help you process your emotions more effectively. Just as journaling during the day can help release those emotions and help you process them, so can journaling in your dreams. Record your recurring dreams & stressors you encounter in the dream world… what do they represent in your real life? Can you make a connection between your dreams and your daily stressors? Now that you are aware of these stressors, can you eliminate them from your real life?

♡ Increase self-awareness.

As you record and reflect on your dreams, you will gradually begin to learn more about yourself. You will start to see trends & patterns in your dreams that tie into your daily life. And, with this information, you can start making changes in your life to reduce stress, worrysymptoms of depressionand more.

♡ Learn to dream lucidly.

A lucid dream is a dream state in which you are aware that you are dreaming. In some cases, with practice and determination, you can even learn to control your dreams. How wonderful would it be to control the action in your dream? Dream journaling alone won’t teach your brain how to dream fully lucidly, but it’s an important part of the process. If lucid dreaming is what you’re hoping to achieve, then dream journaling is the perfect way to start.

How to start a dream journal Benefits of keeping a dream diary

How to start a dream journal

♡ Write a diary.

First things first, get a diary or notebook and keep it by your bed. This way it’s ready for your first journaling in the morning. If you’d rather type or use technology than actually write, there are also apps you can use to journal and track your dreams. Including Somnio: Dream Diary, Dream: Diary of your dreamsAnd Awakening: Lucid Dreaming Tool.

♡ Slowly wake yourself up.

For most of us, when the alarm goes off, we literally jump out of bed. Jumping out of bed can make you forget about your dream almost instantly. When keeping a dream journal, it’s best to try to wake yourself up slowly and immediately try to remember as many details about your dream as possible. Try setting the alarm a little earlier and hitting the snooze button once. This will give you a few more minutes to reflect on what you dreamed and try to recall as much as possible. Many phones also have a gradual wake-up option in the alarm settings.

♡ Write as much detail as possible.

Journaling doesn’t always mean full and complete writing. Experiment with different types of text. You can make lists, write random sentences, or just scribble some words. If you are an artist, feel free to draw what you see in your dreams. The main point here is you Write what you can and as much as possible. Try to write every morning, or after every dream, that you can remember every little bit. If you wake up in the middle of the night because of a dream – make sure you write it down as well. you don’t Have to wait until morning.

♡ Reflect on your dream.

Okay – this part is super important. To make a connection between your dream and the real world, you need to spend some time reflecting on your dream diary entries. Take a few minutes each day to re-read your journal entries and try to really think about these dreams that may be trying to speak to you subconsciously. Don’t be afraid to read the same items over and over again – your brain will make new connections the more you repeat the process.

♡ Share your perception (Only if you want to).

And finally, share your insights with those around you. By sharing your obvious with friends and family and telling everyone about the real results you are seeing, you can inspire others to start journaling. And therefore, self-improvement is good. But, of course, only if you want to.

Your dreams can tell you a lot – so listen to them.

All in all, daily reflection is extremely important for your mental health. Reflection can help you better process your emotions, find clarity in difficult situations, and learn to avoid stressors. When you think about your dreams, more and more will be brought to light.

Also, is it nice to remember your dreams? Isn’t it very annoying when you forget details of a wonderful dream? As you begin this process, your dream recall will get better and better over time, which means you’ll have more fun, crazy, and creative dreams to remember and think about. think.

Okay guys – now that’s how to write a dream diary. If you try this, please let us know. Or if you’ve been journaling your dreams for a while, let us know what differences you’ve noticed. Would love to hear.

x, Skinny Secret Group

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