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Improve your driving experience with the leading 2022 brake fluids that keep your car’s brakes working efficiently and effectively. The saying “better safe than sorry” is always true, especially in the case of us riding. Brakes are an essential part of any vehicle. And brake fluid is like their lifeblood. Changing it every year or two will save you headaches and maybe even prevent accidents! Confused? Well, we’ve made this guide that will tell you all about the best brake fluids in 2022 and how to buy this essential hydraulic oil for your car.

Brake fluid is a chemical fluid that most modern cars use in their brake systems. These vehicles can range from cars and motorbikes to trucks and even trucks. You see, stopping your car will take longer than just putting your foot on the brake pedal without this fluid. But brake fluid can get old and dirty over time, just like your car’s oil.

As it gets old and unlucky, a lot of problems start to appear. For example, your brakes may become mushy or your vehicle may start to take longer to come to a complete stop. This can be quite annoying and even downright dangerous. Therefore, you should change the brake fluid of your car or motorcycle regularly.

What is the top brake fluid of 2022?

Prestone Brake Fluid: Recommended

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First up is this bottle of brake fluid from Prestone, which you can purchase in 12-ounce and 32-ounce variants. You can also opt for a six-pack if you want to stock up or have a lot of cars to load up. This option has a combination of polyglycol. Prestone brake fluid will last you a long time, thanks to its fluid life of 50,000 miles. It also features anti-corrosion to protect metal components in a car’s brake system from corrosion. This product is compatible with all vehicles requiring DOT 3 fluid. The higher than average dry boiling point and long fluid life have earned this product the first place on our list. .


  • Has a high dry boiling point of 460°F
  • Has a roving life of 50,000 miles


  • Packaging could be better

Bosch Brake Fluid: Universal Compatibility

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Next we have this Bosch brake fluid, which is globally compatible as it can be used to replace any DOT 5.1, DOT 4 or DOT 3 brake fluid. This option has a dry boiling point of 520°F and a wet boiling point of 360°F. The high boiling point provides longer liquid life, giving you value for money. Unlike most other options, you don’t have to change this brake fluid for up to three years. In addition, this option features excellent lubrication to help reduce noise from your vehicle and prevent wear on brake system components. This option comes with 32 ounces of brake fluid in a metal bottle that helps prevent any leaks or contamination during transit.


  • It is universally compatible because it exceeds the DOT . standard
  • Only need to be replaced every three years


Lucas brake fluid: Best for blending

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This 12-ounce bottle of brake fluid is one of the best brake fluids available on the market, and for good reason. It is manufactured using a blend of polyethylene glycol ethers and several additives, allowing it to meet DOT 4 industry standards. This option is also compatible with other brake fluids allowing you to mix and combine if needed. Plus, it features protection against corrosion and rust to keep your car’s brakes in optimal condition. This product also works well with all rubber components in your system, preventing them from degrading. You can use it with any compatible disc, drum or clutch brake system. You are also protected from hardening and softened with this brake fluid, providing a better overall driving experience.


  • Prevents corrosion and rust
  • Can be used with other brake fluids


  • May benefit from a wider selection of bottle sizes

Castrol Brake Fluid: Best for racing cars

Castrol brought us this amazing brake fluid that exceeds the specifications of both DOT 3 and DOT 4. It has a wet boiling point of 518°F and a dry boiling point of 590°F, providing longevity. of good oil. Thanks to its superior braking ability, this option is well suited for racing and racing vehicles. You can also get this brake fluid in packs of 12 if you want to buy in bulk. Each bottle contains 33.8 ounces of brake fluid, which is quite high for the price. Speaking of the bottle, it is wonderfully designed to be able to pour the oil as conveniently as possible without making a mess.


  • Two buying options: pack of 1 bottle and pack of 12 bottles
  • A great choice for rallying and racing
  • Meets DOT 3 and DOT 4 . specifications


  • It’s only available in one bottle size

Genuine Honda Brake Fluid: Great Value

Honda has been around since 1948, and it can be said that this brand is the one that most people know and trust. Their option features two bottles of high-quality brake fluid to keep your brakes as responsive as possible. Each of these bottles contains 12 ounces of brake fluid. So, by some quick math, you’ll get 24 ounces of high-quality brake fluid in this pack. This option can be used with cars compatible with DOT 3 brake fluid. The bottles have a familiar shape and are easy to use. They are also great for storing leftover brake fluid.


  • Pack of two bottles
  • Meets DOT 3 . specifications
  • Specially made for Honda cars


  • No option to just get a bottle

Buying guide: Brake fluid

You must consider various factors before purchasing new brake fluid for your vehicle. Luckily, we did the research for you and came up with this guide:

Breaking technical terms regarding brake fluid

First, let’s explain what some of the technical terms you’ll come across when buying brake fluid:

DOT Rating

You will come across DOT ratings a lot when searching for brake fluid. DOT rating is issued for brake fluid based on wet and dry boiling point. These ratings must be kept in mind as they determine whether the brake fluid meets the required minimum performance criteria. In general, the higher the DOT rating and boiling point, the better fluid life and performance you get.

The four most common ratings are DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5 and DOT 5.1 brake fluid. DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 are all non-silicone based brake fluids. These three DOT-rated brake fluids are the ones most modern cars use. On the other hand, DOT 5 is made of silicone and is not commonly used in conventional cars.

Life flows smoothly

Fluid life is another commonly used term in the brake fluid world. As the name implies, this number represents how long your brake fluid is used before it needs to be replaced. Fluid life is usually measured in miles, such as 40,000 miles or 50,000 miles.

Some brands may also tell you how many years you should use their brake fluid before replacing it – such as the expiration date. You will usually find these numbers on the label of the liquid container.

What to look for when buying brake fluid?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying brake fluid to get you the big bucks:


You should only use DOT rated brake fluid that is compatible with your vehicle. This is because using brake fluid with an incompatible DOT rating can seriously damage your vehicle’s brakes.

It can even make your brakes less effective. You can check the DOT compatibility rating of your car or motorcycle by going through its manual. You can also consult your mechanic or someone at the local DMV.

Bottle size

Next, you should also consider the bottle size when buying brake fluid for your vehicle. It won’t be fun if you have to order more later because you don’t have enough the first time. So check your vehicle’s manual to determine how much brake fluid it will need and get the recommended amount. You can also buy more if you want some in your spare.

How we choose the top brake fluid?

To ensure that you get the best possible brake fluid for your vehicle, here are a few things we took into account when selecting our top picks:

Easy storage

All the brake fluids we choose are super easy to maintain. These bottles are compact in shape and can be easily stacked in boxes. You just close their lids tight, and you’re good to go. By the way, since we are talking about preservation, always remember to store brake fluid in a dry place as they absorb moisture very quickly.

We also ensure that the bottles we choose provide a spill-free pouring experience, so the possibility of spills is minimized. You can read product reviews to better understand how easy it is to maintain your brake fluid.

High boiling point

Higher wet and dry boiling points mean better fluid life and performance. This is why the brake fluid we chose has a higher boiling point than the minimum required by their DOT rating. This ensures good quality and longer fluid life. You can usually find the boiling point of brake fluid on a bottle’s label or product description.

Things To Keep In Mind When Changing Your Brake Fluid?

While changing brake fluid on your vehicle is fairly easy, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make the process go smoothly and without risk:

Reduce exposure to air

The less your brake fluid is exposed to the air, the longer your brake fluid will last. So it’s best to minimize this exposure by working quickly and closing the liquid container when you’re done. Also, double-check that the lid is properly closed before storing the can.

Prevent spills from entering your vehicle body

Brake fluid tends to be quite corrosive. This is why you should avoid spilling it on the body of your vehicle or its engine. If a spill occurs, wipe up the liquid quickly. You should also wear gloves when working with brake fluid to avoid skin contact.

Frequently asked questions about brake fluid

Let’s answer some of the brake fluid FAQs to address any questions you may have:

Q: Can I mix brake fluid?

Whether you can mix brake fluid or not varies between products. You can check the instructions on the label to make sure it’s allowed. However, keep in mind that never combine DOT 5.1 brake fluid with other grades as it is not suitable for testing.

Q: When should I change my car brake fluid?

You should change your car’s brake fluid if you hear any strange sounds, have a burning smell, or feel like the brakes are a bit mushy. You should also change brake fluid when it is older than the recommended oil life.

Q: How to check the brake fluid level of the car?

You can easily check your car’s brake fluid level by using the markings on the reservoir. Make sure the liquid level is within the min and max marks on the reservoir.

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