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You would be forgiven for thinking that playing physical board games can be difficult to survive in this digital and always mobile age, but traditional collectibles and board games are arguably more popular than ever. Great digital versions of home staples sit alongside completely original products providing a complete desktop experience with added digital convenience. Playing online can be a real lifesaver if you’re stuck indoors and can’t make it to your friends’ houses, and not having to carry around a heavy collection of cards will also do wonders for the pose. your.

Below, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best Switch card games, deck building games, and traditional board games. While giants of this genre like Hearthstone and Magic: Gathering currently unavailable on the Switch, the console boasts a wide selection; some are pure card games, some other matching role-playing games or completely board based, but they all have something in common in terms of quality. The Switch’s hybrid nature makes it the ideal home for CCG and board games, with the option to play on your TV at home and continue in handheld mode when you’re out and about.

If you like strategy, tactics, and puzzles (and not having a card isn’t a solver), check out our picks for the best strategy games on Switch and the best puzzle games on Switch for more mind-blowing digital experiences.

So we can feature – in random shuffled order – our picks of the best deck builders, card and board games on the Switch…

Dicey Dungeons (Switch eShop)Dicey Dungeons (Switch eShop)

Publishing company: Distracting software / Developers: Distracting software

Release date: December 15, 2020 (USA) / December 15, 2020 (United Kingdom / EU)

Terry Cavanagh’s Dicey Dungeons easily one of these best roguelike game you can play on Switch. The wide variety of games, great music, high skill ceiling, and friendly visuals make this a fun and engaging experience you won’t want to miss. If you like roguelikes or card games, we highly recommend picking this up as soon as you can – and even if you don’t, we encourage you to give it a go regardless.

Armello (eShop Conversion)Armello (eShop Conversion)

Publishing company: League of Geeks / Developers: League of Geeks

Release date: September 27, 2018 (USA) / September 27, 2018 (United Kingdom / EU)

Although this turn-based event may look like a real board game, Armello is indeed a completely original creation – and one that does not simply push its limits in the world of board games. From the profound tactics of the lively board game to the sheer charm of the animal character design and world building, it’s a quest filled with backstabbing, power play. Politics and aggressive monsters are different every time you play. It’s at its best when played in multiplayer, the human element making for an even more unpredictable battle for the ruined throne. You will be disappointing yourself by not adding this human story to your wish list.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales (eShop Switch)Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales (eShop Switch)

Publishing company: CD Projekt Red / Developers: CD Projekt Red

Release date: January 28, 2020 (USA) / January 28, 2020 (United Kingdom / EU)

While using the rule set of a more traditional CCG system might upset some players, the trademark approach to turn-based combat in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales remains a positive addition to the world. Because with an intricately designed and involved story – and such a fun world to explore beyond Geralt’s confines – Thronebreaker offers the opportunity to get lost in the Continent like never before.

Clubhouse games: 51 worldwide classics (Switch)Clubhouse games: 51 worldwide classics (Switch)

Publishing company: Nintendo / Developers: Nintendo

Release date: June 5, 2020 (USA) / June 5, 2020 (United Kingdom / EU)

Synthetic games like Clubhouse games: 51 classics from around the world There’s always plenty of hits and misses depending on your personal taste, but there’s a wide range of board, card and action games here that you’re sure to find a number that will appeal to you. Texas Hold’em, Solitaire, Majong, Blackjack, Dominoes, eh… bowling; every game out of the 51 is presented with charm and warmth (ignoring the horribly written cutscenes) and there’s a huge amount of content on offer, whether you’re going to play solo or with the others. The perfect game for if you’re stuck in the house with family? Entirely possible.

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Talisman: Digital Edition (eShop Conversion)Talisman: Digital Edition (eShop Conversion)

Publishing company: Nomad games / Developers: Nomad games

Release date: March 9, 2020 (USA) / March 9, 2020 (United Kingdom / EU)

Talisman: Digital Edition is a worthy, content-rich adaptation of a great board game. It offers loads of unbalanced characters to choose from, hundreds upon hundreds of Adventure Cards with something new to see in every play, and spell battles that lead to crystal salt from the ultimate loser. . It’s an absolute classic and also features cross-platform online play in the Switch version, so you’ll be able to play with friends on Steam, Android, and iOS. The only real caveat is the excess of DLC and – let’s face it – the rather unbalanced gameplay of the original Talisman, but we loved it.

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech (Switched to eShop)SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech (Switched to eShop)

Publishing company: Thunder / Developers: Images & Forms

Release date: Apr 25, 2019 (USA) / Apr 25, 2019 (United Kingdom / EU)

Especially sure and satisfied, SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech is a card player with an abundance of charm in its art, mechanics, and writing. Smooth presentation, witty dialogue and addictive gameplay. It’s not quite like that special feel that SteamWorld Dig 2 did, but it was still a thoroughly enjoyable time in that universe. As long as you’re not expecting anything revolutionary, we recommend anyone who enjoys turn-based combat or who has enjoyed any of the previous games in the series check out SteamWorld Quest.

Faeria (eShop Conversion)Faeria (eShop Conversion)

Publishing company: Compared to evil / Developers: Abrakam Entertainment

Release date: August 13, 2020 (USA) / August 13, 2020 (United Kingdom / EU)

Along with the expected multiplayer modes (ranked and casual battles), Faeria offers an extremely fun, exciting and straightforward card battle experience. While not the easiest game to explain, it is an impressive teaching tool in and of itself, but it never feels too exhausting or exhausting in the aforementioned education. Of the card games we’ve come to love on the Switch, Faeria is easily the bright spot of the bunch and deserves to do well. It’s a fully featured pack and stands out as a great card/board/strategy experience. If you want to play a fantasy card game on Switch, we recommend playing this first.

Hand of Fate 2 (eShop Conversion)Hand of Fate 2 (eShop Conversion)

Publishing company: Grow in spite of / Developers: Grow in spite of

Release date: July 17, 2018 (USA) / July 17, 2018 (United Kingdom / EU)

The result is virtually unclassifiable but utterly fascinating, The hand of fate 2 is a unique RPG experience. Combining the basic premise of a deck building card game with the heart of an action role-playing game, there’s a lot to enjoy here; The rewarding premise of its deck building, the endless depth of quests, the simple joy of fighting. This is a handheld port practically indistinguishable from the version you can play elsewhere. Do yourself a favor and get this fantasy game in your digital library right now.

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