Bitcoiner Claims to Have Found ‘Long Lost Bitcoin Satoshi Code’ With Personal Symbols According to Cointelegraph

Bitcoiner claims to have found ‘long-lost Bitcoin Satoshi code’ with personal symbols

Cryptocurrency enthusiast Jim Blasko has claimed to have unearthed “the oldest known officially uploaded copy of the Satoshi code”, originally uploaded in August 2009.

In an October 7 Facebook post (NASDAQ:), Blasko speak he found code that dates back to the early days of Satoshi going public with Bitcoin BTC by “using some browser hacks” on the open source software development platform SourceForge, where the cryptocurrency was registered in November 2008. He included the statement that it get BTC creator six months to mine 1 million coins” because block 20,000 won’t come until July 22, 2009 and others like Hal [Finney]“Also mining.

Source: SourceForge
Source: SourceForge