Capcom Fight Collection – Every Match, and Why You Should Get Excited

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As great as Street fighter Well, pugilism fans with longer memories will tell you it’s good time some of Capcom’s lesser known games are in the spotlight. Coming to Switch on June 24th, Capcom Fighting Collection exhibit not only the whole Darkstalkers but also a succession of obscure things, including a game being released at home first when – spectacular Red earth.

Given the classics of these cash-strapped punches, we think it makes sense to put something of a cheat sheet on the included titles, so that when you get hit by a fan of the genre cornered at the pub or something, you can keep the conversation going without fear of ridicule or reprimand.

Anyway, let’s get on with it. Round 1… BATTLE!

Darkstalkers Series

Image: Capcom

If there’s one Capcom franchise that the gaming giant is constantly begging for a revival, it’s… well, it is. Dino Crisis. But hey, Darkstalker is also quite frequently requested, and fans of the series have been raising hopes and dissipating quite expertly for years.

While it’s not a new game, it’s still a great compilation of every title in the series, starting with Darkstalkers: The Night Warriorswas released in 1994 and impressed from the start with its colorful, expressive, manga-like visuals, far above the perhaps aged images. Super Street Fighter II ‘Turbo. The cast includes yokai, Japanese monsters like Bishamon (a ghostly samurai who possesses his armor) and Felicia (a cheerful nude cat woman), alongside Western monsters like Victor (a character with energy lightning in Frankenstein’s Monster) and Lord Raptor (a zombie rock star, and yes, he’s just as cool). In addition to the fast-paced action, the original Darkstalker made several innovations to the one-on-one fighting genre, such as the ability to block attacks while in the air, as well as move while crouching, adds new tactical depth to the progression.

Next year, the sequel Night Warriors: Darkstalkers ‘Revenge hit arcs with a powerful blow, adding the ability to hoard special moves and an auto block option. Two new characters have been added in the fan-favorite Darkstalker hunter Donovan and Hsien-Ko, a Chinese rope-jumping vampire (Jiang-Shi).

Image: Capcom

Rarely does a game go without a sequel, which Capcom has released Vampire Savior: Lord of Vampires in 1997, adding four new characters to replace the departed Donovan, Huitsil and Pyron. Newcomers here are BB Hood (Little Red Riding Hood with Uzi), Jedah (a powerful demon and the game’s final boss), Lilith (a schoolgirl with a close relationship with the war veteran). Darkstalker and the Morrigan cover girl) and finally Q-Bee (ah, the soul-swallowing bee-man).

In addition to these fresh faces, the game also introduces the ability to partially recover health if you avoid taking damage. However, to deal with this, the new “Dark Forces” system allows you to use special abilities that are unique to each character capable of dealing non-healing damage.

Edited version Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior 2 restore deleted Donovan, Pyron, and Huitsil, although both games delete other characters to do so. Along with numerous gameplay and visual changes, Savior 2 saw the addition of two new secret characters; Shadow and Marionette, both of which require a code to be entered and only take on the appearance of other characters throughout the game.

Red earth

Red earth
Image: Capcom

In Japan known as War-Zard (Honestly, a much cooler name), Red Earth is a bit weird. Unusual for a fighting game, it features only four playable characters who battle against eight “boss” monsters in the Single Player Mission Mode that allows you to level up the character selected as you play, a password system allows you to maintain your progress between game sessions.

In addition, the game has a difference from its contemporaries in the ability to smash coins and treasure chests out of your opponents, collect items to gain experience, increase health and achieve super. attack. This gives the game a closer feel to a reel game such as The last battle rather than a one-on-one battle title, although it’s adamant that. Indeed, Traditional Versus Mode is also included, although at just four characters it’s a bit more limited than most. As a consolation, you can inflict death on your defeated opponents, like Mortal Kombat.

Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness

Image: Capcom

Separated from Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundlegreat Armored WarriorCyberbots sees a bunch of gigantic mechanics that take its absolute seven shades, scrap out of each other; interestingly, the player first chooses one of the six pilots, with Marvel vs. Capcom’s Jin Saotome is the most recognizable of them all.

There is a degree of customization involved in your choice of robot, as each of the four main types can have arms, legs, and weapons formatted in one of three arrangements, each of which allows Different combat approaches. While it’s not Capcom’s best game, it’s still a thoroughly welcomed addition as it hasn’t been seen on a home system since the original PlayStation – that is, if you don’t count the ridiculous, expensive (but gorgeous) Capcom Home Arcade. But we don’t.

Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix

Super Gem Fighter
Image: Capcom

Here totes adorbs Super deformed mash-up fighter brings characters from Street Fighter II and III, as well as Darkstalker and Red Earth. It’s completely packed with Capcom fan service, the visual density is so dense that the characters can and will change outfits. between each hit in a combo.

The big gimmick here, aside from the weird visuals, are the gems; Beat these opponents to level up your special moves and claim victory. Don’t forget about two easy-to-find secret characters, Akuma and Dan.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Image: Capcom

A fun puzzle game not entirely different from Sega Animals Baku Baku, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo allows you to drop blocks all over your friends’ faces with the same cute composition as the one seen in the previous game, Gem Fighter. The more gems you destroy, the more your little warrior will defeat your opponents. It’s essentially arbitrary, and we mean it in a completely unimportant way.

Of course, this isn’t really a fighting game, but it’s a welcome part of the package and a good video game.

Hyper Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition

Hyper Street Fighter II
Image: Capcom

Last seen on PlayStation 2, this game crams every character iteration from every version of Street Fighter II – it’s the original, Champion version, turbocharger, superand Super Turbo. That’s an incredible 65 variants of fighters to choose from, and it’s essentially the “ultimate” version of the game – much more full-featured than the misnomer Ultra Street Fighter IIFor example.

It is one for the fans; like this whole package, which Hyper Street Fighter II beautifully rounded. However, as good as it is, maybe we can get Hyper Street Fighter Alpha sometime?

Capcom Fighting Collection
Full lineup (Picture: Capcom)

So that’s the list. Which ones would you like to see on Switch? Let us know below which of these fighter planes you would like to be taken through its steps.

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