Do you still compare Bitcoin to the tulip bubble? Stop! By Cointelegraph

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To match (BTC) to the Dutch tulip bulb bubble is to perpetuate a fallacy. Know-how evolves extra quickly than nature, and decentralized networks have extra monetary utility than a bouquet. Bitcoin is a know-how, tulips are crops, and no discerning individual would take the comparability a lot additional.

Tulipmania, a Seventeenth-century market bubble wherein the value of the flower bulb elevated as a result of hypothesis by Dutch traders, resulted in a serious crash. Costs exceeded the typical annual revenue of the time by six occasions. The rarest of bulbs turned among the many costliest gadgets on the planet.

Jonathan Libby is the CEO and founding father of Regular State. Between having fun with memes and researching the worldwide alternatives that crypto has to supply, Jonathan is actively constructing a brand new customary for DeFi insurance coverage. After spending the higher a part of his school profession on the College of Maine researching crypto protection and yield farming, Jonathan has additionally hung out aiding and educating the USA Senate about crypto and various options sometimes.