Does Consuming CBD Help Better Than Pre-workout Supplements?


No matter what your fitness goals are, whether you want to get in shape, lose weight or build muscle faster, having the right supplements can help you reach your goal.

So, whether you’re a regular gym-goer or someone who has always found working out just not that interesting, here’s a blog post! Please keep reading to find out how cbdMD CBD supplements can help you and whether pre-workout supplements are worth it.

Pre-workout supplements help support the muscles during strenuous exercise and can enable you to get more out of your workouts. But is it worth the cost? This blog article explores how CBD is more effective than pre-workout supplements in improving heart health mood and relieving pain.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is non-psychoactive cannabis that has many therapeutic benefits. It is effective in treating pain relief and reducing inflammation. CBD is now widely used as an alternative to pre-workout supplements that may cause adverse side effects like anxiety, jitters, and heart palpitations. 

Some people believe that CBD can help them feel better than pre-workout supplements. However, the truth is that it might be too difficult to tell just from taking a supplement or drinking some CBD oil.

In this article, we’ll focus on the most popular pre-workout supplements so that you know when to reach for one or another!

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What Are CBD And Pre-workout Supplements?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating compound present in cannabis plants. CBD has recently grown in popularity as an alternative treatment for several physical and mental disorders, including anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The main medical benefits of CBD in the human body are related to its anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, antipsychotic, and analgesic properties.

Pre-workout supplements contain various ingredients, including caffeine, creatine acid, and BCAAs. They are designed to rapidly increase energy levels by increasing blood flow to muscles during intense exercise and reducing fatigue after sports or physical training sessions. Since it acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body, it helps to reduce pain, boost appetite, and improve mood.

Pre-workout supplements — a lot of these contain additives like caffeine and B vitamins for energy and protein to repair muscles after exercise.

As you know, pre-workout supplements are often full of artificial stimulants like caffeine, amino acids, and creatine, but they are also high in fat, sugar, salt, and carbs. Their primary goal is to increase performance with the help of CBD-based products. 

There are many different CBD oil brands and types with slightly different properties, so it is essential to consult your doctor or pharmacist before you start using this product. It would be great to always speak with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplements.

Does Consuming CBD Help Better Than Pre-workout Supplements?

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CBD is a hugely growing industry making some serious headway in terms of popularity. CBD is one of the most popular dietary supplements out today, and it is available in a variety of pills, drops, and tinctures. 

Taking CBD will help you sleep better without any side effects, improve your mood, get rid of anxiety and depression, cope with stress more effectively, and boost your immune system.

Let us check out how consuming CBD helps better than pre-workout supplements:

  • Reduces Symptoms Of Anxiety

People suffer from health problems because of stress and anxiety. Anxiety is just a state of mind, but it can lead to heart attacks and even death due to physical ailments through focus. CBD oil helps to reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, including restlessness, irritability, excessive sleepiness, and depression. It heals the brain cells damaged by stress and anxiety, reducing these symptoms. It also neutralizes toxins produced by anxiety, thereby enhancing energy and aiding one in keeping calm throughout the day.

It helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and works as a best pre-workout supplement. If you are looking for an effective treatment for anxiety, you should know that some cannabinoids have anxiolytic effects on the central nervous system.

  • Improves Focus And Endurance

Consuming CBD helps improve focus and endurance. It also works as the best pre-workout supplement. Your brain produces more dopamine, enhancing concentration, thinking, and planning capabilities by consuming CBD. This effect is limited to those who consume CBD and anyone experiencing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. 

In studies conducted on mice with neurodegenerative diseases, the mice gave CBD. These studies demonstrated that both mouse models experienced significant improvement in their movement and function; they had better learning abilities while outperforming the control group.

  • Works As A Sleeping Aid

CBD oil as a sleeping aid is now a popular choice as an alternative to prescription medications. It is known to help sleep by reducing anxiety, distressing, and muscle tension. It also helps with pain relief.

The best way to use this supplement for those having trouble sleeping is by taking about 15 – 20 drops of the oil before going to bed. You can take this in the form of gel caps or by inhaling the oil directly from the bottle. Make sure you have your CBD-rich oil in a dark place to get adequately absorbed through being exposed to light. Once you wake up, you will immediately feel more awake and alert than if you had taken a pill before retiring for the night. 

  • Improves Muscle Growth

There are many benefits of CBD, and one of its best qualities is that it helps with muscle growth. It works synergistically with (and supports) the various hormonal systems in your body, closely related to muscle growth.

CBD oil for muscle growth is a spray you use before working out. It is excellent for building both muscle mass and strength. CBD oil helps by reducing the amount of cortisol and testosterone in your body, therefore helping to increase muscle mass without putting extra stress on your joints or muscles. The oil also reduces inflammation and helps with the potential loss of muscle cells. It promotes cell growth, reduces inflammation, and improves muscle recovery time.


A recent study found that CBD helps with mood and energy levels, but the benefits of pre-workout supplements were still present. You can consume CBD in many forms, including a gummy bear, which is a convenient way to get the benefits without swallowing large doses. 

CBD has no side effects and can easily have without fear of addiction or withdrawal symptoms. It is known to help people with sleeplessness, anxiety, and pain. However, some experts say that pre-workout supplements are better because they have fewer side effects than CBD.

In conclusion, CBD is an excellent alternative to pre-workout supplements because it takes the guesswork out of dosage. However, as long as you use CBD and stay under the legal limit, it should be OK to consume.


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