Elden Ring Dung Eater Quest Guide

The Elden Ring The Dung Eater quest puts you in the service of one of the most evil creatures in the Middle Lands, the lovable Dung Eater. It’s a scavenger hunt with a secret variation on Lord Elden that ends up waiting for you in the finale, ushering in an age of plague, death, and suffering. If that sounds like your ending, you’ll need a little patience. Most of the items you require are locked in the late game areas.

How to start Dung Eater quest in Elden Ring

The Dung Eater quest got off to a pretty good start, starting during the Roundtable and being carried out later in Leyndell, the capital city. Dung Eater appears in the room outside the Husk Maidens at some point after obtaining your first Great Rune. It’s easy to miss unless you explore Forbidden after each major event, but when Roderika Spirit Tuner says she senses a great evil, it’s your sign that Dung Eater has arrived. Talk to him in his room, and he’ll basically tell you to go away because you’re not drunk enough.

You need a Seedbed’s Curse to get his approval. The first one is in Leyndell, near the East Rampart Site of Grace. Exit the room and follow the ramparts until you reach a dim room with a few candles. Go down the stairs and take the elevator at the end of the road. Keep moving forward until you reach a room with cloaked enemies. Quickly climb the stairs, then the stairs, and you’ll find the Seedbed Curse on a rather tortured looking corpse.

Your first Seedbed curse is on a body tied to a chair in the capital.
Your first Seedbed curse is on a body tied to a chair in the capital.

Showing this to Dung Eater in the Hold. He will order you to drop his body into the sewers under the capital and deliver the Key of Gaol Drain to help you.

Dung Eater’s location in Gaol Drain

The Leyndell sewers are a nightmare maze, but the path to Dung Eater’s cell is fairly straightforward. Travel to Grace’s Balcony Site in the capital. Turn around and go down the steps, turn left, and jump over the balcony. Jump into the manhole.

Now, just keep going straight. The location tag “Miniature Underground Base Zone” appears when you reach the stairs. Instead of turning left to go down, go through the door, which opens into a large hall. Drop off, turn left, and enter the first large doorway, also on your left. This is Grace’s Underground Roadside Location and a good checkpoint should something bad happen up ahead. (You will also come back here later if you want Lord of Frenzied Flame to end)

Go back into the tunnel, turn left and run ahead until you see a net. Drop down, turn left and keep moving forward. There are mice in this first tunnel, but they are slow and don’t follow you. Continue moving forward through the trees and climb the ladder. You will enter a large, flooded room. Turn right, and approach the cell door. Bao Dung Eater leaves his cell.

Dung Eater does not penetrate Outer Moat

The next step is to visit his room in the Roundtable Hold again, where he leaves a message asking you to meet him in the Outer Moat. However, before doing this, be sure to talk to Blackguard Boggart, the thief stole Rya’s necklace at Lung Cu House in Liurnia. Buy shrimp from him, then you’ll find him near the moat, south of the road leading to the Draconic Tree Sentinel. Talk to him again, then reload the area. Dung Eater will invade when you enter the water.

Some players reported that Dung Eater invasion won’t trigger unless you talk to the thief first. Either way, you’ll find another Seedbed Curse on his corpse after defeating the Invading Hero.

Seedbed Curse locations in Elden Ring

Talk to Dung Eater again at the Roundtable Hold, and he will ask you to bring his real body more Seedbed Curses. You need five to get his Mending Rune.

  • Leyndell, Fortified Manor: In what is considered an alternative Roundtable, you’ll find it on a chair in the Dung Eater room
  • Volcano Manor: After capturing the portal to the war with Rykard, turn around and go up the stairs. Use the Stonesword Key to unlock the door of the fog, then descend through the giant metal cages. The Curse is at the bottom.
  • Halitree, Prayer Room: Exit the Prayer Room to the right of the altar, and follow the ramparts past the crossbowman. Jump on the masonry at the end of the balcony, then jump to the square with the gazebo and some candles. Use the masonry at the other end of the pedestal to reach the upper balcony, and follow it around until you find another body strapped to a chair.
  • Halitree, also the Prayer Room: Exit the Prayer Room on the right again, but before reaching the crossbowman, drop onto the balcony on the right. Do the same thing again, and then at the doorway with the corpse, drop to the right again. Go left under the archway, down off the right side of the stairs, and you’ll find the Last Curse on a body strapped to a chair.

If you get rid of the Thieves’ Curse after the Dung Eater invasion, you can skip one of these. Bring your Curses back to Dung Eater’s body and give them to him. After the fifth one, you will get the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse. That’s all you need from Dung Eater, so feel free to finish him off and collect his armor if you like. Use the Fell Curse Rune on Marika’s remains after the final boss battle to usher in the Age of Despair.

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