Elden Ring Fia Quest Guide

The Elden Ring The Fia quest is one of the more involved NPC quests in the game, second only to Ranni’s Mission. It is also tied to one of the multiple endings of the game, though before witnessing the death of at least one other NPC, defeat a tough boss and travel underground. Like Ranni, Fia’s quest ties into the lore of the Elden Ring and unravels the conflicts that have shaped The Shattering. That makes it worth pursuing even if you have your eye on a different ending.

How to start Fia’s quest in Elden Ring

Fia’s quest technically begins the first time you talk to her and let her keep you, although there’s nothing else you can do after that. Just be sure to use the Baldachin’s Blessing item to remove the HP debug penalty as soon as you leave Hold. The next stage will unlock after you get two Great Runes. Seems like any two people would do, even if it’s Godrick and Rennala or Rennala and Radahn for example. Go to the Altus Plateau using the Grand Lift of Dectus or go through the tunnels, and after activating the Highland Grace Site, return to the Hold.

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Talk to Fia again and let her hug you. You should have a new option to continue talking to her. She will give you the Weathering Dagger item and ask you to return it to its previous owner. That owner was D, the Hunter of the Dead, the Punisher, who was sitting hunched over the Table of Grace. Give him the dagger, then reload the area by quickly moving back to Hold.

You will notice that D is gone. The room at the end of the corridor where the blacksmith Hewg worked was now open. Go inside to find Fia standing over D’s dead body. She will speak and explain her motives before leaving. Loot D’s body to get his Bell Bearing, which you can give to Maiden Husks if you want to buy D’s Spell from them, and Twinned Armor, an important item to use later in the quest.

How to continue Fia’s quest in Elden Ring

From here, you’ll want to do Ranni’s quest until you reverse the Carian Research Lab and get the Brand of Death. The next stage of the Fia quest takes you to the Deeproot Depths, which requires quite a bit of travel and victory over Radahn in Caelid. A meteorite fell south of Mistwood after the battle with Radahn, opening a path to Nokron, the Eternal City.

Head to the location, then navigate the underground cliff side path into the city. The road takes you to the Siofra River’s Place of Grace and sees you fight Imitation Tear the enemy. From there, continue north through Nokron until you come to a cliff with several jellyfish. There is a small drop of water at the end of the cliff edge that leads to a tunnel, which eventually opens into a series of towers. Continue following this path until it stops at a fog barrier.

On the other side is a dual boss battle against two Valiant Gargoyles. They are especially weak against magic and fire. Melee characters can imbue their weapons with fire using Fire Grease to exploit a weakness later. Once done, you have a choice to make before continuing.

Where to find D’s brother in Elden Ring

If you finish Rogier’s mission, you’ll find a letter in which Rogier mentions D’s twin brother. Otherwise you can still find the brother in the Siofra Aqueduct, on the balcony just outside the basin where you fought the Valiant Gargoyles. Technically, you can make this choice any time after acquiring the Twin Armor, although it won’t take any effect until you meet Fia again.

Taking the Twinned Armor away to help his brother out of his sleepiness, he vowed to avenge his brother’s murder. Lucky for you, he hasn’t done it yet, so you can still find Fia. Some players report that you can kill D when meeting him outside of Hold, then give armor to your brother and fight him without Fia having to die. We’ve yet to be able to test how this works with Weathered Dagger submissions, though.

Also, you can not give armor to your brother, and he will still sleep. The only meaning we can find in giving him the armor is to get Fia’s unique armor after she dies.

Completing Fia's quest always requires a hug.  Just make sure to use Baldachin's Blessing right after.
Completing Fia’s quest always requires a hug. Just make sure to use Baldachin’s Blessing right after.

Where is Fia in Deeproot Depths?

Once you’ve decided what to do with D’s brother, return to the arena where you fought the Gargoyles. At the foot of the waterfall is a coffin. Jump inside, and it will take you to the Deeproot Depths. Activate Deeproot Depths Site of Grace, then start climbing the roots. You will eventually reach the Site of Grace Everywhere. Rest here, prepare for battle against some invading enemies and move forward.

The Champion of Fia

The fight against the Champion of Fia has three stages and you will be up against five enemies. It seems that the enemies themselves and the order in which they appear are random, but you will always be fighting Rogier and Lionel the Lionhearted at some point. The first two stages involve fighting an NPC warrior. The third stage sees you go up against three people, including Lionel.

Any strategy you’ve used against other invaders, NPCs or humans, will work here. The main thing to keep in mind is not to be greedy with your attacks. Stay out of range and attack time so you can retreat without being overwhelmed, and consider using a weapon with a wide range, such as a katana or haberd.

Give Fia the brand

Activate Site of Grace, and talk to Fia, let her hold you and keep talking until you get the option to give her the Mark of Death. Continue talking to her or reload the area if she doesn’t change her dialogue. In the end, you’ll find her sleeping next to a corpse. Interact with her to enter the Deathbed Dream, where you will battle the Lichdragon Fortissax. Once you get out of the dream, one of two things will happen.

You can collect Death-Prince’s Mending Runes, which are used to unlock one of the Elden Ring’s endings and on your merry way. If you give D’s brother armor, reload that area, and you’ll see his brother standing over Fia’s corpse. Talk to him, then reload the area and you can get Fia’s armor and the inseparable Great Sword.

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