Every Nintendo Switch Online SNES Game Rated

Update: Now includes EarthBoundmost recent appearance on the Nintendo Switch Online SNES app.

Remember, this list grows as users rate the games in it, so head over to the game profiles and rate them out of 10 if you’d like to see the changing rankings below. Interesting!

The library of SNES games available on the Switch as part of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service currently hits 50 titles, and although it may have a way to match the number NES game on service, yes a lot of of the Super NES gem to enjoy on Switch.

But which SNES service is the best? Well, we asked Nintendo Life readers to rate the SNES games available on the Switch, using our User Rating system. Time to reveal the results!

The following list is compiled using ratings (out of 10) for each game in our database. However, it should be noted that this list is not made of stone and will automatically change over time, reflecting changing ratings (and new additions to the NSO library). If you look below and see a game that you think deserves a higher rating, click the ‘Profile’ button and rate it yourself – your personal rating can enhance the game’s position in the overall rating.

So sit back and enjoy the best SNES games available on Nintendo Switch Online…

Warriors of the Apocalypse (SNES)Warriors of the Apocalypse (SNES)

Publishing company: Innovative products / Developers: Soft laser

Release date: March 1993 (USA)

Doomsday Warrior is mostly junk, with a few redemption elements. The character lineup is pretty silly, but it’s fun to get into the role of characters that might be considered villains in other games. There’s not a lot of setting, but some of them are pretty cool, like the stage consisting of floating colored bricks, or the rooftop stage that seems to lean to one side, seemingly defying gravity. Overall, it’s about what you’d expect from Telenet; some neat ideas, put into a game beyond minimum playability, all to tap a hungry market.

SuperValis IV (SNES)SuperValis IV (SNES)

An action platformer and final installment of the Valis series released in the West, Super Suits IV is a heavily modified version of Telenet Japan’s PC Engine game without the word ‘Super’ in its title. You take control of Lena, a warrior who uses the sword of the same name to hide the bad guys. It’s not bad but the PC Engine version is superior.

Tuff E Nuff (SNES)Tuff E Nuff (SNES)

Publishing company: Jaleco / Developers: Jaleco

A surprisingly solid fighter in Street Fighter II mold, maybe Tuff E NuffThe biggest problem is it Not Street Fighter II. Then again, perhaps its biggest problem is a terrible Western name (it’s called Deadly Dance in Japan), or its grisly North American canning art. We think – We think – this game could have been made in the early 90’s.

Psychological Dreams (SNES)Psychological Dreams (SNES)

Publishing company: riot / Developers: riot

Release date: February 17, 2021 (USA) / December 11, 1992 (JPN)

Psycho Dream’s stature in the classic game world is perhaps artificially enhanced by the fact that we almost had it in the west back in the day, under the name Dream Probe. As such, it’s one of those lesser-known Japanese games that got a foothold in Western magazines that actually reviewed it before being cancelled. However, unlike titles like Dracula X: Rondo of Blood and DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure – both are imported titles that were released in the West on the Wii – Psycho Dream is not completely Classic that some of you will believe. It’s still worth playing for purely historical reasons (and, since it’s on Nintendo Switch Online, it’s not like it’ll cost you extra to experience it), but just go in with low expectations; then you can enjoy the quirks of it.

1,000 Super Baseball Simulator (SNES)1,000 Super Baseball Simulator (SNES)

Publishing company: Cultural brain / Developers: Cultural brain

Release date: December 1991 (USA) / May 26, 2021 (United Kingdom / EU)

Known as Super super baseball in Japan, this is the sequel to a NES game same name (minus ‘Super’ of course). 1,000 Super Baseball Simulator simulates the hottest pastimes enjoyed on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, though with features like ‘Ghost’ that causes the ball to disappear into thin air, this is probably not a simulation. serious razor you can expect from the name. Obviously, it’s a good game – we can’t say we got through the day, although we’re working on a way to fix that. See this base.

Brawl Brothers (SNES)Brawl Brothers (SNES)

Publishing company: HAMSTER / Developers: Jaleco

Release date: March 11, 1993 (USA) / 1993 (United Kingdom / EU)

Despite having all the right ingredients, Jaleco’s Brawl Brothers can’t serve a slice of the delicious beating action. It’s not the worst game in the world, it just falls short in practically every area. With unsatisfying controls and bland design, it’s a tough proposition for anyone, except perhaps genre cultists.

Super Soccer (SNES)Super Soccer (SNES)

Publishing company: Human entertainment / Developers: Human entertainment

Release date: May 1992 (USA) / June 4, 1992 (United Kingdom / EU)

A human portal Super Formation Soccer, Super football Place the camera behind the target and follow you from top to bottom of the pitch, showing off the console’s fancy aspect ratio 7 Mode effects in the process. It’s not a bad game, but running towards the screen feels a bit awkward and there are better 16-bit soccer titles out there.

Natsume Champion Wrestling Tournament (SNES)Natsume Champion Wrestling Tournament (SNES)

Publishing company: Natsume / Developers: Natsume

Release date: June 1994 (USA) / February 18, 2011 (United Kingdom / EU)

In multiplayer, Natsume Champion Wrestling Tournament is a passive diversion game, but in the population of wrestler titles, it’s not one of the best games of all time. Wrestling fans may find something to like, but you should avoid playing this alone – CPU opponents are boringly predictable and things get dull Fast.

Active Logic Bomb (SNES)Active Logic Bomb (SNES)

Publishing company: Jaleco / Developers: Jaleco

Release date: September 1993 (USA) / 1993 (United Kingdom / EU)

Also known as Operation Logic Bomb: The Ultimate Search & DestroyJaleco sequel with Solid area Game Boy titles are a fun top-down game that sees you shoot down enemies with a variety of futuristic weapons. It’s pretty short and certainly not complicated, but if you’re into the market Smash TV16-bit playstyle, you can do much worse. With expectations set low enough, this can yield a surprisingly enjoyable hour or two.

Super EDF Earth Self-Defense Force (SNES)Super EDF Earth Self-Defense Force (SNES)

Publishing company: Jaleco / Developers: Jaleco

Release date: January 1992 (USA) / October 29, 2010 (United Kingdom / EU)

Trivial. Is there a more cursed adjective in the English language? That’s the perfect word to describe Super EDF, although. This Jaleco shooter doesn’t do enough wrong to elicit strong negative emotions, but its engaging presentation and mechanics do almost nothing to get your adrenaline pumping. Like Brawl Brothers, it’s not offensive, just utopian. Very… trivial.

Ignition Element (SNES)Ignition Element (SNES)

Publishing company: HAMSTER / Developers: Jaleco

Release date: January 1995 (USA) / Apr 29, 2011 (United Kingdom / EU)

It’s not action packed like the classic little hit movie Firefightersbut Ignition element Enjoy being one of the very few fire fighting games that is quite realistic. It might have a bit of an unorthodox gameplay style, but you’ll be hooked before you know it’s trying to complete each of the game’s eight standard levels and try to unlock the bonus levels.

Bombuzal (SNES)Bombuzal (SNES)

Publishing company: KEMCO / Developers: Pictures in action

A fun puzzle game that sees you manually place a bomb on an isobaric grid without getting entangled in the inevitable explosion(s). Clearing bomb dumps (well, they’re not mines, are they?) is easier said than done because you’re not only against various environmental complications, but also a timer.

If the name Bombuzal did you get it, it could be because it was renamed Ka-Blooey in North America.

The Peacekeepers (SNES)The Peacekeepers (SNES)

Publishing company: Jaleco / Developers: Jaleco

Release date: March 17, 1994 (USA)

Jaleco’s Peacekeepers is the final entry in the Rushing Beat trilogy that includes Opponent turf! and Brawl Brothers. This unmistakable beatdown takes place in the grim, distant, corporation-run future of 2015 and sees you take down roads that are bad and often painful for those who deserve it. hate.

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