Fact check: Minority leader Kevin McCarthy made false claims during Marathon House speech

The House of Representatives passed the bill on Friday morning. It is currently awaiting consideration in the Senate.

McCarthy’s speech contained too many claims for us to try to examine them all; He talks about everything from the war in Afghanistan to menu at McDonald’s. But here are some statements that are incorrect or lack key context.
First event: This is wrong. Democrats have not undermined the Iron Dome; in September, Democratic-controlled House Approves $1 billion in Iron Dome . funding in an overwhelming and bipartisan manner 420-9 votes. (Among Democrats, 210 votes in favor, 8 votes against, 2 votes “Presents. “) The Democratic-controlled Senate is Also planning to approve Iron Dome funding. In October, a Democratic attempt to get the Senate to quickly approve the funding was derailed by a Republican senator, Rand Paul of Kentucky, who opposed the way the US government planned to cover this spending.
Due to opposition from some lawmakers on the left of the Democratic caucus, House Democrats Take the Iron Dome sponsorship off your September bill need to pass to prevent government shutdown. But Democrats later approved funding for the Iron Dome in a separate bill the same week. That just doesn’t qualify as “destructive”.
“I understand we’re in for a particularly partisan season but that’s not an accurate or fair feature,” McCarthy said. Bradley Bowman, a former adviser to Republican senators, is now senior director of the Center for Military and Political Power at the Foundation for Defense of Pro-Israel Democracies. Bowman criticized the stance of left-wing Democrats, who oppose the funding, but he stressed that “their views are not the same as the controlling majority in the House or the Democrats.”

McCarthy’s office did not respond to our request for comment for this article.

Democratic Party and Energy

Blaming Democrats for high gas prices, McCarthy announced that they “banned oil and gas exploration.” Moments later, he narrowed his statement to “They ban oil and gas drilling.”

First event: Both of these statements are not true. It’s clearly not right that Democrats outright ban oil and gas. And the narrower statement, that Democrats “ban oil and gas drilling,” would be a huge exaggeration even in the weeks after Biden signed a bill. NSexecutive order january suspending new oil and gas leasing (not banning all oil and gas activities) on public lands and offshore waters (not all inland areas in the country). The statement is even less true now:
Biden’s January executive order directed the Secretary of the Interior to halt new oil and natural gas leases on public lands and offshore waters, “to the extent consistent with applicable law,” for until the federal rental policy review is completed. Like the Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasize at the time, this order did not affect existing oil and gas leases; American oil and gas drilling has never been banned and has never stopped. (The Energy Information Administration has guess that U.S. natural gas production for 2021 will set a new record.)
Then, in June, a federal court issue a preliminary order block Biden’s ban on new leases. Although the authorities have appealed the decision, they have said their hands are now tied – and on Wednesday it Opens 80.9 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico auction to drill, proceeding with a move originally planned by the Trump administration. (The auction leads to 1.7 million won of the 80.9 million acres being leased.)
We won’t go into depth here about McCarthy’s attempt to blame Biden for high gas prices. As we wrote prior to, price at the pumps are driven by a complex array of global economic factors, not by the policies of any one president.

Pipes and work

McCarthy repeatedly attacked Biden for Decision in January to revoke permits for Keystone XL . pipeline that would bring oil from Canada into the US. (The company behind the pipeline later announced in June that it would be terminating the project.)

At one point, McCarthy said Biden’s Keystone decision cost “thousands” of old-school workers their jobs. But at another point, he claimed that “more than a million people lost their jobs after President Biden was sworn in for shutting down a pipeline” – where McCarthy did not name the pipeline – while “allowing ” Russia to increase production.

First event: McCarthy’s claim of “more than a million people” is false. Simply no decision on the Biden pipeline resulted in a million job losses; Construction of the Keystone XL pipeline is expected to involve thousands of people by 2021, not even close to a million. (Also, overall job growth under Biden has averaged more than 600,000 jobs per month.)

It’s not clear what McCarthy is even talking about here, and McCarthy’s office has not responded to a request for an explanation, but we can still safely say that this statement is incorrect.

Maybe McCarthy is referring to a 2020 analysis was made for the American Petroleum Institute, which represents the interests of oil and gas companies. Analysis expected about one million people would lose their jobs by 2022 if the government would not only lease new oil and gas on federal lands and offshore waters, but also develop new oil and gas on designated lands and waters. to rent.

This analysis doesn’t tell us what happened in 2021 – Biden never actually introduced a moratorium on development – and, again, it’s not an analysis of the impact of the shutdown. pipeline.

Before Biden revoked the license for Keystone XL, the company behind the project announced by the end of 2020 that it predicts that the pipeline will employ “more than 11,000 Americans by 2021,” most of which are under construction. It’s unclear how many of the 11,000 people are thought to have actually lost their jobs because of Biden’s cancellation of their license in 2021, not simply the loss of the opportunity to work on that particular project. Also, this is not a permanent job. Before being canceled, Keystone XL was expected to only generate dozens fixed position.

Biden and the FBI

McCarthy said, “Biden used the FBI to target parents who were domestic terrorists. Can you imagine that? Use your own FBI. To track down parents, call them thugs. domestic terrorism. Without any evidence. Simply for the purpose of silencing their First Amendment rights. A whistleblower just confirmed it.”

First event: At the very least, this statement lacks primary context. McCarthy may refer to News that the FBI’s counterterrorism division was engaged in the creation of an internal “threat tag,” the phrase “EDUOFFICIALS,” to help FBI personnel track investigations and assessments related to violent threats. force on school board officials, teachers, and staff. But McCarthy did not provide even minimal specifics, much less mention that the insider tag is intended as a method of organizing for cases involving those who have made threats. And it was the National Association of School Boards, not the Biden administration, that invoked “domestic terrorism” amid threats against education officials.
Republicans in the House of Representatives have public an October joint memo from the FBI’s counterterrorism and crime division – Republicans said it received from a “whistleblower” – explains the creation of the new threat tag . But nothing in the memo is evidence that any parent being treated as a domestic terrorist is simply criticizing school policy. (It’s certainly possible that the FBI will target some of the parents without solid evidence; the “whistleblower” just doesn’t provide evidence that this is currently happening.)

In an emailed statement to CNN, the FBI said that “the tag is merely a statistical tool to track information for review and reporting”, the tag is used to group different types of related incidents, The counterterrorism division is involved in this matter because it shares responsibility with the criminal investigation department for dealing with threats of violence and that “the FBI has never been in the business of investigating abusive parents.” express opinions or control speech at school board meetings, and we won’t start now.”

“We are fully committed to upholding and protecting First Amendment rights, including freedom of expression,” the FBI said. “The FBI’s focus is on violence and threats of violence that potentially violate federal law.”

This controversy erupted in September, when the National Association of School Boards sent a letter to Biden, in which speak that “acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials” may be classified as “equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes” and are required Federal review includes looking at whether to “take action against these crimes” under various laws, including the “PATRIOT Act related to domestic terrorism.” (NSBA Board of Directors has sorry for the language in the message.)

A subsequent public statement by the Justice Department vowing to take action on threats against educators was also criticized by many Republicans as evidence of federal extremism. But that statement, unlike the NSBA’s letter, made no mention of domestic terrorism. Republicans also note that the NSBA contacted White House officials prior to sending the letter to Biden, but they have not shown any indication so far that the White House is responsible for the NSBA’s release of the phrase ” domestic terrorism” or refer to the Patriot Act.

Biden and his family separated

McCarthy criticized the Biden administration for “considering paying illegal immigrants $450,000 per family.” He said, “You’re going to reward people who come here illegally $450,000 from hard-working American taxpayers.”

First event: The Biden administration is not considering payments of $450,000 to every undocumented family or a large percentage of undocumented families, as McCarthy’s broad wording may have led some to hear the news. thought. Than, to deal with a series of lawsuits against the government – not part of a bill the House passed – the Biden administration is looking into reparations, on an undisclosed scale, to families separated at the US-Mexico border under the US-Mexico border. Trump administration controversial and ultimately abandoned”zero tolerance policy.
It is not clear how many people may be eligible for compensation, but the number is certainly a fraction of the total undocumented population of the United States estimated at around 11 million. More than 3,000 children were separated from their families under Trump policy.
McCarthy didn’t invent the $450,000 figure; The Wall Street Journal report at the end of October that the Biden administration was considering payments of about $450,000 each person for separated families. However, the Biden administration has publicly disputed the number, saying it is indeed looking at a financial settlement but the $450,000 figure is too high.
Biden speak at the beginning of November: “If, in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you crossed the border, whether legally or illegally, and you lost your child – you lost your child – then it’s gone. loss – you deserve it, no matter what the circumstances. What that would be, I don’t know. I don’t know.”


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