Gautam Gambhir on the huge gap between Team India and Sri Lanka

Gautam Gambhir believes it will take a considerable amount of time for Sri Lanka to close the huge gap between them and Team India in the Cricket Test.

Team India beat the Lankan away team in one play and 222 runs in the First Test in Mohali. Winning also helps Rohit Sharma the best possible start to his tenure as Team India Test captain.

During a discussion on Star Sports, Gautam Gambhir was asked about how Rohit Sharma registered a strong win in his first Test as captain. He responded:

“There are too many differences between India and Sri Lanka. If we talk about Test cricket, there was a time when India and Sri Lanka played in the subcontinent, there was not much difference. But if you look at it today, India India has dominated. Sri Lanka will take a long time to close this gap.”

The former Indian cricketer points out that a one-way win is the best Rohit Sharma can expect as a first-time skater. Gautam Gambhir observed:

“When you captain your country for the first time in this format, you want to start with a win and there can’t be a more convincing win than this. You won the pitch, did everything one by one. precisely.”

Gautam Gambhir added that it was purely a team performance by the Indian side. He say:

“You score your runs, your lower-average scores the runs, and then your fast spinner and pitcher – so somewhere or another that’s a performance team fit.”

India is too good compared to Sri Lanka. It was a very good throw to win but it was still a pretty good game on day 3. This Indian team is hard to beat at home.

All of India’s players started in the First Test against Sri Lanka, although only Ravindra Jadeja (175 *) and Rishabh Pant (96) can make it big. It was an all-out effort by Indian bowlers, with only Jayant Yadav failing to pick up the wicket.

“Ravindra Jadeja – there can’t be a better test match than this” – Gautam Gambhir

Ravindra Jadeja featured with both bat and ball in the first test against Sri Lanka [P/C: BCCI]
Ravindra Jadeja featured with both bat and ball in the first test against Sri Lanka [P/C: BCCI]

While observing that the test match belonged to Ravindra Jadeja, Gautam Gambhir added that it could have been even better if he had taken another stick. He further explained:

“Ravindra Jadeja, there’s no doubt – there can’t be a better match than this one. It’s going to be icy if he takes 10 blob with 175 runs. I don’t remember when someone did. would have done last time – scoring over 150 runs and winning 10 championships.”

Jadeja misses 10-fer but he can relax as he is the first player in history to make nine goals and score more than 150 runs in a single test #INDvSL

Jadeja will become the first player to score more than 150 runs and win 10 batting in a Test match. Unfortunately, the last two snaps of the Sri Lankan second round were taken by Mohammed Shami and Ravichandran Ashwin, and he was stuck in a nine-rattle match.

Edited by Sai Krishna

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