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[This story contains spoilers through Hawkeye episode five.]

Secrets revealed, betrayal made, arrows fired, and Big Man looming all over. The last episode of Hawk Eye, “Ronin,” directed by Bert & Bertie and written by Jenna Noel Frazier, wastes no time looking at the revelations fans have been speculating about the whole season, and even before, with the impact of How is Cate Shortland? Black Widow (2021) illustrates what was going on in Manhattan in the days leading up to Christmas. Momentum of Hawk Eye keep building and do so without sacrificing character moments. While this episode may have been a bit less action-packed than the previous two and saw Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) and Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) separated for most of its run, the stage was is set and parts are set for an end that will leave a big impact on the MCU for years to come.

Because it wouldn’t be a Marvel show without a few theories, some safer bets than others, I’ve got five predictions for the finale of the show. Hawk Eye.

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Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez and Fra Fee as Kazi in Marvel Studios’ Hawk Eye.
Marvel Studios

Echo Rises

Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) is finally shot to face Clint, who disguises herself as Ronin to confront her. She fights well but not a match against Barton. Just when she thought Ronin was going to kill her, Clint revealed himself to her, along with the revelation that he had been revealed by Kazi (Fra Free) about the location of the Mafia Tracksuit 5 years ago the night her father was killed. He tells Maya that the man she and Kazi are working with, “Uncle,” wants her father, William (Zahn McClarnon) dead. Although Maya doesn’t believe him at first, trying to kill Clint before Kate saves him, the seed of suspicion is planted in her head.

The Kingpin’s betrayal of William, and the use of Maya as a weapon, set the stage for Echo’s first comic book appearance in David Mack and Joe Quesada’s. Daredevil arc, Parts of the hole, in which Maya discovers the truth and results in Kingpin’s blindness. While I don’t expect her to get revenge on her father’s killer here, I do think we’ll see her confront the man responsible for his death in the finale. Even if Maya doesn’t come to Clint and Kate’s aid in the final battle, she won’t go against them. This will set the stage for her redemption and rise to heroism in her previously announced spin-off series, Echo. Maya Lopez won’t be an issue for Clint and Kate anymore, but I think she’ll end up wearing the Ronin suit, with a few tweaks, and echoing Barton’s mission to destroy the organization. crime, starting with the underworld of NYC.

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Vincent D’Onofrio in Marvel’s Daredevil.
David Giesbrecht / Netflix

In the sights of Kingpin

We knew it was coming, but Vincent D’Onofrio is back as Wilson Fisk, the King of Crime, reprising the role he lived for three seasons of Daredevil from 2015 to 2018. It has been rumored that this version of Kingpin will be a light reboot of the character, with the character appearing in the Netflix series existing as a Variant. This may explain why Fisk is always in the dark, not wanting to draw attention to himself, a fact that Mafia Tracksuit has noted many times. With the level of publicity that Kingpin has finally become Daredevil, rewriting that continuum might allow him to act without raising red flags, at least until the superheroes get involved.

But regardless of whether this is a reboot of the character or like the one we’ve met before, Kingpin is sure to be a major character in the MCU going forward, giving NYC’s heroes a headache. Without a doubt, Kate will draw attention to his activity, which will lead to him putting targets behind her back. At the end of Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawk Eye, Fisk assembled a group of crime leaders, The Owl, Madame Masque, Mr. Negative, Hammerhead, The Ringmaster, Tombstone, and Derek Bishop to kill Clint and Kate, with Kingpin saying, “Looks like we’re on the Avenger killing business.” I expect a similar blood call at the end Hawk Eye along with a few surprising faces to establish NYC’s underworld.

Swordsman as Kate’s Advisor

Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga) is revealed to be allying with the Kingpin, throwing all her credibility aside, not that she has much to start with. All signs point to her being the actual CEO of Sloan Limited, and the killer Armand Duquesne III (Simon Callow), with Jack Duquesne (Tony Dalton) rigged as a red herring. and he fell. While Jack, better known in the comics as Swordsman, has played both villains and heroes in Marvel lore, I think this iteration will actually be the romantic that we used to be. I believe he is just pretending.

Eleanor will probably go down because of what she did, Kingpin using her as his own fall to go to jail, which will leave Kate with no parents to lean on. And with Clint sure to return home in time for Christmas, Kate seems to be all alone. Except, the dynamic between Kate and Jack is too good to end in the span of just a few episodes. Credit to my colleague Brian Davids, who predicted that Jack would become Kate’s new mentor and made sure her fencing skills were as sharp as her archery skills. This would also be a good play on comic book history since it was Jack who coached Clint Barton. Transferring this mentoring and patronizing relationship to Kate Bishop creates a unique dynamic, especially since Jack is much more flashy than Clint. And I bet he won’t have a problem wearing a purple outfit that Kate’s LARPer friends can put together.

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Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova in Hawk Eye
Marvel Studios

The best enemies

The highlight of the latest episode is a conversation between Kate and Yelena (Florence Pugh), in which the latter expresses her displeasure with Clint Barton on the table as the two share a pot of mac and cheese in the apartment. Kate’s burnt. Once again Kate’s preconceptions are proven wrong when Yelena turns out to be not quite what she expected. Back and forth between the two, in which Yelena exudes eccentricity and childlike excitement for the freedom she has made. Black Widow, which serves as an interrogation scene, with both women sizing each other up for comfort food, softening the discomfort and awkwardness in the conversation they’re having about the blood trail that Clint left as Ronin again. While Kate believes Ronin was a mistake Clint made in her grief, because he told her he was determined to atone for his past, Yelena told her, “We’re all right. determined by what we do. Not with nice words or ideas.”

Interestingly, Yelena, blinded for revenge, cannot see that those words apply to her as well. Now that she’s out of the Red Room, she’s fully responsible for her choices, and despite her “kind words” to Kate, she’s no hero in the situation. With the revelation at the beginning of the episode that she’s been captured, her mission is to free the other Black Wids from her hands, and would probably have ended without her, she’s a widow. female has no mission, a mission she always considers to be the end. with her reunion with Natasha (Scarlett Johansson). This loss of time, and the happy ending she witnessed herself, leaves her with Val (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) to use as a weapon, as we see in the post-credits scene in Black Widow.

While Clint is not responsible for Natasha’s death in Avengers: Endgame (2019) and did her best to sacrifice herself instead, the only person who could verify that information was Clint herself, and Yelena couldn’t believe his words because of her entire character. was built around betrayed trust, with a single person she spoke to. completely learned to trust from her. With the redemption make the rounds in Hawk Eye, with Clint and Maya at the receiving end, I think Yelena will miss. I don’t necessarily believe she’s going to be a full-blown villain, but her connection to Val is certainly far from over. In contrast to Clint and Natasha’s relationship, I think the new Hawkeye and Widow will be villains with mutual respect, and possibly the leader of two competing teams of costumed adventurers , a team that seeks to maintain the legacy of the Avengers, and another attempt to remind them that they are not gods: the new Avengers and the Thunderbolts.

Hawk Eye Season 2

Much as Loki, it feels as if Hawk Eye perfect for lasting more than a season, even if that doesn’t include Clint getting into the action. Kate Bishop: Hawkeye sounds like a pretty cool title for a second season. That title is also the name of Kelly Thompson’s Hawkeye series, which follows the adventures of Kate Bishop, mostly without Clint, in California, and is as much a part of her comic history as the series. by Matt Fraction. Kate’s adventures in California don’t eliminate the goals Kingpin set for her, with Madame Masque positioning herself as Kate’s nemesis, and Kate’s parents becoming frequent threats as well. Regardless of whether Kate comes to LA for a fresh start or stays in New York for season two, she still has a lot of ways to go to define herself as a superhero in her own right before becoming an Avenger.

And speaking of Avengers, Kate’s story is definitely one that will run through the movies. While a Kate Bishop solo movie seems unlikely, given the fundamental and multi-episode nature of the manga, it’s easy to imagine her joining the Avengers sequel alongside Captain America (Anthony Mackie), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), and Spider-Man (Tom Holland), or even the center of the Black Widow sequel as her relationship with Yelena is growing day by day. Whatever the future holds, “Kate Bishop will be back,” and Marvel Studios will likely only say that in the credits of next weekend’s season. Hawk Eye.

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