How to reduce stress and anxiety in everyday life with Kimberly Snyder

If anyone knows how to reduce stress and anxiety in their daily lives, it’s Kimberly Snyder. Holistic nutritionist known for his plant-based approach with a generous love and kindness (if you haven’t read it yet). Beauty Detox Solution, it’s time to get on that train!). From supporting supplements to her famous glowing green smoothie, we’ve turned to Snyder for years of total health and wellness guidance, both physical and mental. . So we’re hardly surprised to learn about her latest book, You are more than you think: Realistic enlightenment for everyday life that brings all these tenants together.

For this book, Snyder wanted to help others on their journey by sharing what has helped her the most. “It has always been my guiding light,” she told me. “In my previous books and works, I have shared about different aspects of my lifestyle, like nutrition and diet, but in this book, I am sharing for the first time. to your full potential to truly live your best life and reach your full potential. areas — vitality, confidence, abundance, excess love, peace, etc.” The inspiration for this book came when she was 34 weeks pregnant with her second son, Moses. “I tried to reduce the speed, but the download was so obvious that I had to act,” she recalls. “I wrote a sample chapter and presented it to my publisher, and signed on to buy my book three days before the baby was born. It was clear to me that this book, and all the ancient teachings and practices it contained, wanted to come out at this time. ”

With several bestsellers, celebrity clients, a successful supplement line, and two beautiful children, it’s no surprise that Synder is often asked how she can do it all. “What you will read in this book will teach you exactly how I can approach the real me and then apply what I have learned to create all the best things in my life, ‘ she noted. “Once I realized that I was more than I ever thought I was, I was able to create the life of my dreams — and so can you.”

Read on for more inspirational words of wisdom from Snyder plus an exclusive excerpt from the book with tips on how to let go of past anxiety and access peace and quiet in everyday life. your day.

How does the timing of this book’s release fit with the current world situation?

As I look around, I find that the teachings in this book are more essential than ever. Perhaps there is more anxiety, confusion, and discontent in the world than ever before. Also, with people’s attention spanned where they are, and with most of us getting our information and looking for answers on the news and social media, I feel like This real treasure, buried in dense books and texts that are not part of the news cycle, will outshine most people and I can’t let that happen.

That is why I have gone through thousands of pages of text to present the core teachings in a form that is accessible and useful to you. I want to dig deep to introduce you to the real gems of these teachings, which are not only helpful, but truly life-changing.

You will discover that you are the embodiment of attributes that give you the power to effect change and create a life of great happiness, excitement, fulfillment, and fulfillment. You just have to learn how access these qualities that you will learn in each chapter of this book.

It is not about “receiving” any of these qualities, or enlightenment, but discovering that you have We and let them move forward.

Move the past nervous

Yogananda goes on to say that “Anxiety is the disease of civilization.” And this was decades before the anxiety pandemic of modern society! Your nervous overload is exhausting from constantly reacting to stimuli from the outside world all day, every day, noisy, erratic, insane, and attracting your attention. If you focus too much on the ever-changing external world, your energy accordingly becomes ever-changing and restless. You become like the surface of a lake with rocks thrown into it, day in and day out.

Your sympathetic nervous system begins to go into overdrive, signaling your adrenal glands to activate, enter
fight or flight mode, and secrete stress hormones like cortisol. Your body is increasingly out of balance and inflamed, as this is not your normal resting state. Feelings of discomfort, confusion, and restlessness abound. These are all signs that you are definitely on the path to enlightenment!

Instead, when you are calm, your energy can flow back to the central nervous system in the spine. Like an electrical circuit, when you return your energy, it will not be depleted or used up. Instead, it is built in capacity. And that energy can be used to perceive new breakthrough ideas and solutions, and boost your vitality. We become shepherds of our own energy, carefully directing it in the right direction. The more peaceful we are, the less excited we become by what’s going on outside – positive or negative – and our overactive mind begins to settle.

The center of anything is where everything is most stable. It is a place of concentration, a place of strength. It’s a place of pure potential, where anything is possible. Like the sun, which radiates intense light and heat in all directions, it is from your peaceful center that the presence and energy of the Self radiates. Be like the sun. Up.

Practical tips to get peace in your life

First, make your resolve to be more peaceful.

It sounds basic, but intent is everything. First, you must make a clear decision about what you want to create in your life. To find your center, as Yogananda says, “Resolve to stay calm no matter what.” Don’t worry, the “no matter what” part is a work in progress for all of us, because to be honest, a lot of things can still make me feel a little out of sorts (you you know, kids screaming at 4 a.m., a virus that deletes all your e-mails….), but I’m still seeing progress. And it is important to commit to this intention. Right now, just decide to be as calm as possible. You can even use the phrase “Be at peace” as a mantra that you can say throughout the day.

Stay in the center and surrender.

Mentally, trusting means that if you do your best right now in the present moment, your life will work out the way you want it to. The Buddha taught that the only way “not to be attacked by the past and the future” is to be mindful of the present moment to moment in your life, not attached to the results of your deeds. Life is always changing, but if you can be present in the now and in the present, you will feel free no matter what. In this way, trust will help you become less attached to things that have to be a certain way. So stay present, that’s where your power comes from.

Notice how powerful you feel when you are calm and in your center.

Sometimes we go through our day without paying attention to what we’re feeling. Today, pay attention to your body and how it feels during the day. Maybe traffic makes your heart race, or you notice a tight shoulder before a scheduled Zoom call with your boss. Attention. You don’t have to write anything down. Just notice. It’s like tuning in to be more aware of how certain foods feel after eating them. Also, notice how your body feels when you’re mentally at peace. In this case, your goal is to be more aware of your state of being
you move in your day.

Speak kindly.

Yogananda said, “Another major cause of anxiety is poor speech. Never gossip or talk against others”. The more you get caught up in the whirlpools of everyday life, the more you lose focus
your center.

So less worry and less comment on what others are doing. It only takes away your power when you focus on it. It’s another way to distort your attention and energy. Consciously avoid gossip magazines, angry news websites, and negative conversations from your life, and notice how you begin to feel clearer. Kindness is a nice quality that will make you feel self-centered.

Divide your time on media and social networks into defined intervals.

It could be from 8–8:30 a.m., midday at 12–12:30 and from 6–7: 00 depending on you. Decide when you will come and explore. The rest of the time you stay away from it. That way, you have the space to get back to your center of the day instead of constantly having alerts interrupting your flow to let you know what’s going on with everyone else’s lives. It’s great to connect with the community! But you can do it in a more intentional way, allowing you to know what’s going on out there when you need to, while remaining calm and focused inside.

Schedule less so you have more downtime.

Packing so much into each day that we are constantly running from one thing to another is not conducive to calm. It is beneficial for anxiety! Ironically, you’ll be more productive when you slow down because you can put all of your energy into one thing at a time, given the distance from your recent self.

We’ve all been through this or something similar: you arrive late for a meeting and you look around for your car keys. You start to panic a bit and start searching in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom. You can’t find them. You panic a little more and go back to the same places because maybe you missed something.

Finally, you stop, take a breath, and whisper a short prayer to yourself: Help me find these weird keys or I’ll explode! Something in you suggests that your keys are in your pocket. And so are they. Turn
outside, that little bit of silence in the middle of your weirdness is where you find what you’re looking for.

This article is adapted from the book, You Are More Than You Think: Realistic Enlightenment for Daily Life by Kimberly Snyder (Hay House, 2022). Books are available everywhere they are sold.

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