How to Turn Your Titan into a Thunder Bomber in Destiny 2: Arc 3.0 The Loot Build

Each Guardian class in Fate 2 there’s a specific idea behind it, and when it comes to Titans, that archetype is all about crushing enemies and scattering their ashes into the wind. With Subclass Arc 3.0 alive and active in battle, the Titans are now deadlier than ever thanks to their lightning-fast mobility and aggression they can take advantage of with that element.

While the builds focus on The season of lootingNew Exotic Titan’s, Braces cannon contact point, has not been fully implemented since the item is currently unavailable, there are other pieces of equipment that can help generate a strong load. Here is one such example, prioritizing flexibility, agility, and turning into a shooter as you roam the battlefield.

Useful Exotics

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The heart of the innermost light once again a popular choice of Titans in Season of Plunder, because when it’s paired with the right mods you can essentially spam an amplified array of abilities to destructive levels. Deadly. If you don’t have it, this Exotic chest armor will power up your remaining two abilities after you use one of your layered powers. Feel like beating a Vandal captain with a Thunderclap melee? Then your grenade and class ability will get a buff bonus. Want to kill some hive birds with an arc grenade? Congratulations, your melee and obstacle (or dodge) are now buffed.

Enhanced means skills heal faster, melees and grenades deal more damage, and obstacles have more hits when you pop them to hide from attacks. enemy’s work. If you don’t already have this Exotic, you’ll need to dig into Legend Lost Sector for a chance to add it to your collection. Remember, these Lost Zones are much more challenging and you will need to equip some seasonal mods to be able to defeat the powerful champions that lurk within them. For a more detailed analysis, see the Warlock Exotic guide Fallen Sunstar.

As for your exotic weapon, Thunderlord is a reliable pick this season. Its Lightning Rounds skill allows it to deal extra damage by creating lightning bolts, its fire rate increases when you hold down the trigger, and it has an passive skill that is very useful against enemies. General Overload. Great for clearing rooms and setting fire when dealing with bosses, the machine gun’s Return Stroke catalyst will partially reload its magazine after it mounts a flash attack. Basically, more heavy bullets are fired, more lightning strikes your enemies, and more destruction to look forward to.

As for your legendary weapon, Season of Plunder’s pirate-themed gear would be great if you get one with the Right Hook attribute – dealing melee damage gives this weapon increased pick up and range micro-target for a short amount of time – or the Voltshot ability that overloads one gun and causes it to apply Jolt to the next target.

Arc 3.0 Aspects and Fragments

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For shards, you can equip Touch of Thunder and Knock down on this build. Touch of Thunder will make your Storm grenades more deadly and persistent, while Knockout will bolster your melee attack with beneficial summoner spells, such as a heal. fast as you ground the attack. Each Fragment has two slots for Aspects, so you’ll be able to maximize your additional Arc 3.0 perks with these two.

For aspects, take Spark Resistance, Amplitude, Magnitude and Impulse. Sparks of amplitude will make your Storm grenade last longer and fire more Arc rays, Sparks of Resistance will power up your Titan to withstand more punishment when they are surrounded by enemies, Sparks of amplitude will generate power orbs after quickly defeating enemies while you are Amplified, and Electric sparks so that your grenade can hit the target.

Useful capabilities of Arc 3.0

While it’s tempting to equip the Titan melee Thunderclap with a new punch, it doesn’t work too well for a build that focuses on speed and power. Seismic tremors works well here, and along with the ability to blind surrounding targets after you’ve encountered an enemy, it’s great for plunging into battle and creating a path forward for your Titan. Linking to that mobility theme, use a Thruster class skill so you can keep moving and dodging danger.

Storm Grenade is a must-have here, as that special ability can turn enemies to ash when used properly thanks to all the settings made here. It rained down lightning bolts and it chases opponents, making it great for dealing with nasty Overloads and other nimble enemies. Once you’ve found your groove and have done the basics with your mods and abilities, you’ll be amazed at how much damage a grenade can do. Plus, you’ll be constantly receiving energy sources and rebuilding your abilities almost instantly.

For your Super you should go with Fists of Havoc or Thundercrash. I’m personally picking Thundercrash for its one-and-done approach and because nothing beats seeing themselves a Titan enamel directly in front of a amazed Captain.

Useful armor modes

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For your helmet (solar affinity will work best here) slots in two Property ashes mod so you have more energy when you kill grenades and Element so you can make a good Arc with each grenade kill. On your arm (No Affinity) use two Enhance Detonation mods so you can keep generating grenade energy when you get a kill blast. Throw in another Elemental Ordnance mod for good measure.

With Heart of Inmost Light (Arc affinity), equip Seeking Wells mod and throw in Seasonal electroplating mod for that extra layer of protection. Resistance mods still seem to be eavesdropping at the time of writing, so make sure you use whatever space is available to equip dedicated defense mods here.

On your boots (Relationship with solar energy), it’s time to start your troubleshooting. Equip two Restore health mod for you to start recuperating whenever you get a power orb, which you’ll be able to create a lot of thanks to the perfected weapon and the Amplitude Spark. Don’t forget to attach a Bountiful Wells mods so you can stack all your Elemental mods so you can generate a large number of elemental wells with each kill.

Finally, your Titan (affinity for the Sun) mark can be marked with Bomber plane mod to reduce the cooldown of grenades when using your class skills and Lightning strikes twice from seasonal artifacts so you can increase your recharge rate after using the Arc grenade or the Arc’s final hit.


With all (or most) of those items and mods, you’ll be using a ridiculous amount of explosive power with your Titan. Heart of Inmost Lights will boost your abilities as you use them, so stack up perks and make sure you use the last grenade to get the most out of your Arc buck. At Empowered x 2, your Arc grenade will deal significantly more damage, Jolt targets to create lightning chains on anyone near them, and you’ll regenerate your ability’s energy fast. much more thanks to the element wells that have been created.

With grenades also scouring the environment for more enemies to kill, that just enters a loop where an ability always strengthens and empowers your Titan’s unused powers. You’ll hit harder, launch more deadly grenades, and dodge damage while reducing mass cooldowns. You also earn Super Energy much faster thanks to the Ashes to Assets mods. If you’re missing a few of the mods listed, check with Ada-1 in the Tower as she stocks new armor mods every day.

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