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How to use an anti-theft device on your car

The car’s anti-theft system is like the body’s immune system. They’re great when they work and stop the bad guys. They are terrible when they are deranged and hinder good people. On a car, the second situation can arise where it doesn’t recognize the owner as a nice person and refuses to start or run the car even with the factory key.

Anti-theft electronics can work on fritz for a number of innocent reasons. If the car
the batteryHas been replaced, sometimes the system forgets to connect to the car key. Or the transmitter in the car’s anti-theft can properly communicate with the transmitter in the key. Or a real theft attempt may have activated the immobilizer, so you’ll need to do the automatic equivalent of double-factor authorization and Captcha to prove you’re not the thief as well.

If your car won’t start and you suspect it’s the vehicle’s immobilizer, here are some tips to get the show back on the road. Our first three pieces of advice are under the heading, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

First: Google it

In the US alone, there are hundreds of millions of cars on the road. Unless you’re driving a one of a kind hypercar, someone ran into the situation you’re in and discussed it in a forum or uploaded a video of it on YouTube. Internet can be much faster than roadside assistance. The 2000 Ford F-150 for example, which responds to a combination of pressing the driver’s electric door lock button between powering the vans turn it on and off, or use the panic button on the fob and toggle the ignition three times to reset the system.

Second: Know your important fob

Automakers pack a lot of features into key features, including some that may not be explained in the owner’s manual. Example: You can starting a Chevy Tahoe in 2021 with a battery-free key fob by placing the fob in the driver’s side compartment. You can scroll all windows up and down on Honda Accord 2012 When you’re outside the car if you learn the proper buttons and key placement, it’s the same thing for a 2018 Honda Pilot.

Find out what a key fob can do and learn how to get a physical key out of the fob. This also means learning where the mechanical lock is on your door and how to access it. The padlock is usually hidden behind the visor to keep the doorknob quite nice.

Yes, it’s homework, but it’s better to do it on your couch than in a cold parking lot in town. 2 to be

Third: Keep the fob battery in the car

Any major grocery store or pharmacy will sell batteries that come with the main batteries. Put one in the glove compartment, replace it, or check it’s still good every two or three years. The first time you press a button and don’t feel secure about “clicking!” from the door lock, you can get a spare battery and quickly rule out a problem easily.

If you’ve taken precautions and your car still won’t start, here are a few strategies to get you anti-theft devices.

Method 1: Unlocking the door with a mechanical key, Part 1

If the vehicle does not respond to the fob command, remove the mechanical key from the fob and use it to open the door. That can tell the car that the key you have has been cleared for security. Depending on the vehicle type, you may be able to start the engine with the mechanical key; On some push-button start cars, the button cover can be removed to reveal the traditional ignition cylinder lock. On other vehicles you will need to locate the spare fob holder slot. The slot will contain a transponder that can recognize the key.

Method 2: Unlocking the door with a mechanical key, Part 2

This is a more involved way for the car to recognize the key. Try putting the mechanical key in the door lock first, then unlock the door, lock the door and unlock it again. Try starting the car.

If that still doesn’t work, put the mechanical key in the door lock, but when turning the key to open the door, hold the key at the end of the turn for 30 seconds before returning the key to the neutral position. Try to start the car. If this doesn’t work, get out and lock the car with the key, then repeat the unlock and hold method, then try to start the car.

Some vehicles need a “cheat code” for this method to work. Sure Honda fit for example, models require the key to be turned to open, lock, re-lock, then unlock before starting and let the vehicle run for 10 minutes to reset the anti-theft system.

Method 3: Turn the ignition switch to “On”

If your car has a keyless ignition cylinder that still won’t start, flashing or flashing anti-theft system lights could alert you to the problem. You can try giving the car time to re-identify the key. Putting the key in the ignition and turning it forward two clicks to the “On” position causes the dashboard to light up, but don’t try to start the car. Leave the key there for 15 minutes; It doesn’t always take that long, but it can.

After that time, check if the anti-theft light is off, the light is on. Turn the key two places back to the Lock position, then wait another three minutes. Once that has passed, try to start the car.

Method 4: Check the fuse

There is usually a fuse associated with the fixture, and like all fuses, it can blow. Check your owner’s manual to locate the fuse and assess its condition. Another useful precaution is to always carry a few fuses in several amp ratings. Fuses can be very painful when they blow, and they are easy to repair. This step is much faster than the previous method, but depending on the location of the appropriate fuse box, you could get dirty.

Method 5: Disconnect the battery terminal

If you have the right tools (and why not?), disconnect one of the battery terminals to do a kind of factory reset on the electronics. Wait a few minutes, reconnect the terminals and try to start the car.

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