India vs Leicestershire, Match, Highlight of the Day 3: Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja hit 50 points as India lead 366 away legs

India vs Leicestershire, Match, Day 3 Highlights:The partnership between Shreyas Iyer and Ravindra Jadeja for the ninth stick was broken by Kamlesh Nagarkoti when he returned Iyer to the dugout. Prior to that, Jasosystem Bumrah surpassed Virat Kohli with a personal score of 67 of the latter. The match is important from India’s point of view as it will prepare them for the rescheduled fifth test match. Earlier, India announced on August 246 before offering Leicestershire county for 244.

Here are highlights of India vs Leicestershire, Match, Day 3 from Uptonsteel Cricket Ground


That will be the roots on Day 3. India leads with 266 runs. High chance to claim their turn overnight.

09:50 PM IST: ONLY! JADEJA’s husband and wife!

Beating for the second time in this round, Jadeja reached the age of 50.

09:38 PM IST: FOUR!

Four more for Ravindra Jadeja. He failed to get it from the middle of his stick but managed to hit it mid-game for four.

IND 353/9 (87.4)

09:36 PM IST: FOUR!

A short ball from Navdeep Saini and Ravindra Jadeja hit it with a powerful club. Southpaw had a touchline and the ball ran to a touchline.

IND 349/9 (87.2)


Shreyas Iyer is gone! It was thrown by Kamlesh Nagarkoti at Iyer’s pad and the hitter threw it directly into the mid laner’s hand.

IND 343/9 (86.1)

09:17 PM IST: FOUR!

A friendly throw from Kamlesh Nagarkoti to Ravindra Jadeja and the subsequent throw left it on the sidelines for an easy four.

IND 330/8 (84.5)

09:14 PM IST: FOUR!

Shreyas Iyer is having some real fun in between. He received a half-hearted volley from Abidine Sakande outside the stump and played a powerful cover for four.

IND 322/8 (83.5)

09:12 PM IST: FOUR!

Shreyas Iyer took one outside the stump and intelligently guided it to the third-person boundary for four.

IND 318/8 (83.2)

09:07 PM IST: FOUR!

A number four from Shreyas Iyer. He received the ball at driving length outside the stump and made a nice shot to find the touchline.

IND 313/8 (82.2)

08:56 PM IST: 300 For India

Shreyas Iyer a few runs and India got 300 runs for losing eight hooks.

IND 300/8 (79.4)

08:45 PM IST: Excellent shot!

Here are some shots of Ravindra Jadeja. It was swarmed around the stump by Roman Walker and Jadeja drove it for four.

IND 297/8 (77.1)

08:37 PM IST: FOUR!

A half volley outside the stump and Shreyas Iyer piloting it with supremacy for four. India currently leads with 292 runs.

IND 290/8 (75.2)

08:34 PM IST: FOUR!

Ravindra got the first four innings. Jasipino Bumrah threw the ball out of the tree to the hitter, who had just opened his clubface to lead the ball to the third man’s boundary.

IND 284/8 (74.4)

08:31 PM IST: FOUR!

The short outer shadow from the stump by Roman Walker and Shreyas Iyer cut it from the hind legs for four. Aside from that line, it was a really good pass from Walker as he made it difficult for Iyer with his stretch and length.

IND 280/8 (74)


Jasosystem Bumrah caught the big fish. Virat Kohli out 67 out of 98 balls. Shreyas Iyer comes next.

IND 275/8 (70.5)

08:10 PM IST: 3rd session in progress

Two people have crossed bowling so far in the third session of the ongoing third day, and India has scored five runs without losing any matches.

IND 269/7 (70)

07:29 PM IST: Tea Break

Umpires called Tea on the third day of the match. Virat Kohli is undefeated 58 out of 87 while Ravindra Jadeja is undefeated in two games.

IND 264/7 (68)


Cheteshwar Pujara headed down to beat Sai Kishore, but bounced the ball and was out. He departs on the 22nd.

IND 255/7 (65.4)

07:24 PM IST: FOUR!

Another scoring opportunity for Cheteshwar Pujara and he won’t shy away from grabbing it. It was placed on his pad by Kamlesh Nagarkoti and Pujara guided it towards the dominant foot on four occasions.

IND 250/6 (64.2)

07:20 PM IST: Fifty for Kohli

Number four and with it, Virat Kohli ran to his fifty. This is essential for the former India captain, who hasn’t had his best runs with the cane. Kohli’s hit today was really impressive. What was different was his confidence when he played his shots.

IND 246/6 (63.2)

07:10 PM IST: Kohli Nears Fifty

Virat Kohli is currently beating 45 with 62. He was knocked out of 33 in the first inning but this time he will get 50.

IND 237/6 (61)

06:54 PM IST: FOUR!

Easy choice for Cheteshwar Pujara as Navdeep Saini served him on cushions. Pujara hit the ball for 4 convenient legs.

IND 227/6 (57.1)

06:46 PM IST: FOUR!

Cheteshwar Pujara headed down the track to Sai Kishore and hit his shot in the deep mid-range and long-range in four points.

IND 220/6 (55.5)

06:41 PM IST: What A Shot!

It was a beautiful short ball from Bumrah but Kohli’s long shot couldn’t have been better. The ball bounced to Kohli’s chest but he quickly adjusted and played an upper cut into six.

IND 212/6 (54.3)

06:35 PM IST: India leads by 207 runs

An event occurred from Jasearch Bumrah but he still did not fall into the trap. Even so, he troubled Cheteshwar Pujara with a game of bowling. Meanwhile, India’s lead has increased to 207.

IND 205/6 (53)


Shardul Thakur was cleaned up by Kamlesh Nagarkoti. Leicestershire is really back in the game.

IND 203/6 (48.4)

06:16 CH IST: FOUR!

Another cross for India and this time Virat Kohli headed home with the help of a nice punch from the back foot. Its best class. India’s lead is now over 200.

IND 202/5 (48.2)

06:15 PM IST: FOUR!

Shardul Thakur used his foot to tackle Sai Kishore’s ball. He failed to gauge its length accurately and got an outside edge of it, but the ball ran to four points.

IND 198/5 (48)

06:12 PM IST: Reach potential customers 200

India’s lead lasted until 193 and they still have five championship trophies in their hands. While Shardul Thakur has been solid on one end, new smasher Virat Kohli has so far also looked solid.

IND 191/5 (47)

05:59 PM IST: SIX!

Virat Kohli crossed down the track to Sai Kishore and hit the ball for a six. His life span was extended and this gave him a good chance to hit the shot without fear.

IND 177/5 (44)


Shreyas Iyer is out. He departed with a personal score of 30. Virat Kohli was next.

IND 164/5 (41.5)

05:49 PM IST: Second half is underway

Sai Kishore started the second half with the ball.

05:06 PM IST: Lunch break

It’s time for lunch. India lost three points in the session but they ended the session well in the end. Given that this is the penultimate day of a four-day game, the team will be happy after getting some quick runs in the session. Leicestershire, on the other hand, had a good start to the day but they were unable to hold the noose for long.

IND 160/4 (41)

05:00 PM IST: Shardul hurts Leicestershire

Shardul Thakur is now playing his shots freely. He hit Kamlesh Nagarkoti in two innings.

158/4 (40.3)

04:56 CH IST: Bad bowling

Abidine Sakande throws two balls in a row down to her feet and both use all fours.

IND 148/4 (40)

04:47 PM IST: Iyer On Fire!

Shreyas Iyer’s rear blows. He has now hit 5 rounds in 24 kills.

IND 134/4 (37.4)

04:38 PM IST: What is a ball!

It was a peach of a delivery from Navdeep Saini to Shardul Thakur. He threw it around and the ball got some great bounce from the surface. Luckily for Shardul, he managed to keep his bat away from it.

IND 121/4 (36)


Second goal of over for Navdeep Saini. There were several more returns outside the tree and Ravindra Jadeja set it to miss.


KS Bharat is out! It was a short ball that Bharat tried to pull out from his back foot but Navdeep Saini’s bouncing ball finally made him touch the hand of Jasosystem Bumrah at close range at short range.

04:21 PM IST: FOUR!

These are Iyer’s third four innings. He takes the breadth and uses it to his advantage in a great way.

04:18 PM IST: FOUR!

Four second innings for Iyer. It was a short run from Davis and Iyer leading the ball from the back foot within four points between a second slip and a swallow.

04:12 PM IST: Good Comeback!

After Vihari’s push, Leicestershire got things under control with some good lines and lengths.

04:07 PM IST: FOUR!

Shreyas Iyer went out of the way. He made a short serve from Navdeep Saini from the back foot to four on the flanks.


This is the end of Vihari’s knock. He departs on the 20th. Will Davis gets his wicket when the right-hander gives the ball to Sam Bates.


Walker provided width for Bharat and he hit him four goals before adding another touchline on the next ball.

03:47 PM IST: Bodyline Attack

Leicestershire bowlers are aiming for the body while bowling with Vihari and Bharat. Meanwhile, both players have played very well so far to play all of that comfortably.

03:35 PM IST: FOUR!

A lousy ball of Jasearch Bumrah as he sprayed it on the pad of Hanuma Vihari, who accepted the offer with both hands. Just one sweet snap and the ball ran for four points.

03:30 pm IST: Tight bowling

The runs have not been easy for India as the Leicestershire bowlers have performed well so far on race day.


The rain has stopped and the action resumes!


After Vihari makes two runs away from Walker, the rain will stop!

03:01 PM IST: 3 STAR DAY!

Srikar Bharat and Hanuma Vihari are in the final stages!


Day 2 was marked by a brilliant half from Pant, who scored 76 of 87 balls playing for Leicestershire.


Srikar Bharat (31*) and Hanuma Vihari (9*) were the overnight beaters.



Welcome to the live broadcast of the match between India and Leicstershire on Tuesday!

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