Inside Kim Kardashian’s War to Wear the Marilyn Monroe Dress to the Met Gala

Remember how it felt back in December 2012, when everyone was pretty sure the world wouldn’t end as the Mayan calendar “predicted,” but we can’t be 100% certain? That’s what it feels like to watch Kim Kardashian’s lead Marilyn Monroe Met Gala Moment on this week’s episode of The Kardashians.

Only one strange tension in the air as the sisters begin to look their best for the biggest fashion night, and Kim has an idea in her head that she just can’t seem to let go of. She wants Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday” dress and she will stop at no to achieve it, go as far as to say to the camera, “I will not accept the answer”. Kim seems to have an incredibly superficial idea of ​​what Monroe’s life really is like, outside of her status as an iconic sex symbol (we guess Kim didn’t see it). Yellow or) —which leads to some really funny scenes where she tries to explain Monroe’s career.

In this episode, Kim’s journey to the Met Gala was as long as Monroe’s the actual dress was when Kim tried it on. In the meantime, Khloé turned down thousands of dollars in grants from Tristan Thompson for their daughter’s birthday party; Kourtney and Travis combined their flesh to become a dual person (just kidding, but something like that); and Kris Jenner wandering around looking as if she’d just stepped off a $15 Frontier Airlines flight to Florida. So just your typical week at Kardashian Kompound!

Kyndall: Before we learn all about Marilyn Monroe, we start this episode off with True’s 4th birthday party, which Khloé has explicitly scheduled for the day Tristan will have a basketball game. That can’t be a coincidence, can it?

Coleman: Definitely not, especially when we think that Kris told Khloé that Tristan told her he took care of the entire cost of the party. A rough estimate, that’s up to $200,000. (The expensive cakes thrown away cost at least $10k.) Of course, Khloé says it’s a nice gesture, but she won’t let that happen. “You should,” Kris replied. Personally, I think Khloé shouldn’t accept a big part of the change from her cheating boyfriend, as it’s used as any kind of leverage. I’m surprised Kris, the manager, doesn’t see it like that.

Kyndall: These women are obsessed with making the bad men in their lives feel loved and welcome for the happiness of their children. So I’m not surprised that Kris wanted to record Tristan seem like a good father and a life partner. However, everyone knows that paying for things you can’t appear to be physically or emotionally is classic deadly behavior. I’m proud of Khloé for not loving it. Taking money as comfort for all the humiliation he caused her would only add to her shame. And True doesn’t care who pays for what.

Coleman: Thankfully now she knows it. However, Kim doesn’t know the party dress code (crayons) and appears ugly Balenciaga motocross uniform, which Kris also later wore while Kylie was trying on outfits for the Met Gala. It’s amazing how this family’s outfit choices will play out in one scene and, in the next, Kris will look like someone’s belligerent drunken uncle shuffling around the oven. after one too many Dos Equis before someone put him down for a nap. I was amazed until we settled down with Kim to begin the never-ending story of Marilyn’s dress.

Kyndall: This behind-the-scenes look at Kim’s journey to the Met is as bland and cliché as I had hoped. Thankfully, I don’t a haunting Monroe, otherwise, I think it would be heartbreaking to watch Kim discuss her relationship with Marilyn in the most understandable terms. At some point throughout the episode, I was curious if Kim knew any of Marilyn’s profession other than “beautiful, curvy woman”. I think my favorite insight from her is, “When [Marilyn] sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to JFK, she was like – woof –Americas. “

Coleman: Kyndall, I was. Screaming. Kim’s idea of ​​Marilyn’s career and legacy was, and I quote, “I liked that she did things her way. She has transformed herself into this complete icon, and now everyone on the planet knows who she is. Very respectful. “I’d love to give Kim credit, but I’ll bet Singer Ramona knows more about Marilyn Monroe than she does. My three-year-old niece does.

Kyndall: This is where Producer Danielle should have stepped up and tested Kim’s knowledge of Marilyn. The producers may have scanned Marilyn’s Wikipedia page and tried several answers to make Kim seem a bit interested in this woman as a multidimensional person. Instead, the editors play same archive footage Marilyn approached the podium to sing “Happy Birthday” to JFK maybe 50 times.

Overall, I’m more confused when Kim thinks she can fit this outfit with her cartoonish proportions. I’ve always been confused about Kim’s size and whether her butt is really “big” or just looks big on her because she weighs only a dollar and some change. We learned from Khloé that she has to sew her underwear, which is… something. But Kim also says she can magically fit into things like “shape-shifters”. Someone explain this living, breathing optical illusion to me!

Kim at the Met Gala on May 2.

Cindy Ord / MG22 / Getty for The Met Museum / Vogue

Coleman: “Shape Changer” is a fun, mystical way of writing that says you’ve had surgery to perfect your body and can throw money at personal trainers to do the rest. Kim’s figure is similar to pictures where you look once and you see a vase, then you look closer and you see two people kissing. It is always changing with the naked eye.

Kim slips right into Ripley’s fake dress, it’s okay. But of course she’ll never get it really Wear on people without some body modification. It was silly to think that she would. And besides, she went on to say that this dress is “a story, a total vibe”. It cannot…at all! It’s a stunt performer. I wish she would become a stunt queen.

Kyndall: I didn’t get any “vibrations” from this dress up game. The dress was gorgeous, but it was Marilyn’s sex appeal that really made the look. Yes, Kim is a “sexy” person, as she dresses loosely from time to time. But she lacks the effort and improvisation of a true sex symbol. There’s nothing glamorous or provocative when the queen of beige, antiseptic fashion walks around in another nude gown. We also know that Kanye West also blasted Kim as the Marilyn Monroe of the 21st century, so it all just happened to be very calculated.

Coleman: Also very true. What’s fascinating about this when Kim wears nude 98% of the time? Kim is not a person with many ideas — i.e. plural, because she has only one idea and rolls around with it, with no creative input because she is surrounded by “yes”. It’s also very confusing how Kim could show up at a power luncheon with her sisters to discuss. the case of Blac Chyna looked absolutely stylish in a flame print dress and fur Balenciaga sunglasses, and then appeared at the biggest event in fashion looking like the human distillation of narcolepsy.

Kyndall: Oh my God. I’m so happy when Kim showed up looks like a villain from The Incredibles. Where is this ingenuity at the Met?? But yes, the sisters have another conversation about Blac Chyna’s lawsuit, where they once again don’t seem to be deeply vandalized. Khloé tries to add some stake to this plot by reminding her sisters that their fates lie in the hands of a group of strangers who may hate them bitterly. Arguably, this is probably The 50th lawsuit during their public appearances, so I got Kim and Kourtney’s indifference. Kourtney was also not sued. LAUGH.

Coleman: Can’t think of something bigger than laughing in your sisters’ faces and then flying to Milan to try out a range of Dolce & Gabbana’s. I know I said it in the museum ad, but do Kourtney and Travis have to wear matching red leopard pajamas on the plane? They’re in some 1950s, Don’t worry, baby reality.

When they arrived in Milan at the Dolce tailoring, Travis and Kourtney – the only entity they were – continued to talk about the extent of their anxiety. And I was like, for what? A fit? You are giving some controversial designers a little more influence, I think you’ll be fine. And then they continued to order Italian coffee as if the caffeine combined with their talkative nerves wouldn’t spoil those old Italian pipes. Guys, be reasonable! But I suppose asking for any sensibility from these sisters is not worth wasting my breath on.

Most Comparative Siblings

The strongest sister: Our top weekly award goes to a Khloé Kardashian this week. The fact that she denied that Tristan Thompson personally organized the birthday party for her daughter was a very nice move. And she not only refused, but maintained a completely equal head after Kris took Thompson’s offer to her camera. Just a simple smile, “That’s fine, but I won’t let him do it.” She brain scan was correct: She’s so resilient!

The most negative body moment: Unsurprisingly, there’s no strong emphasis on Kim’s weight loss journey to fit in Marilyn’s dress, given how much she came under scrutiny when it was revealed she’d lost 13 pounds on the carpet. red. However, we do see her telling an assistant she’s going to lose 10 pounds, and a brief workout video feels great. By Beyoncé Come home, but sadder. Health and fitness journeys can be inspiring when done right. But this has nothing to do with health. It’s someone who mindlessly treats their body like a Play-Doh ball.

Funniest Childhood Anecdote: We finally get to know Khloé’s origins as the self-proclaimed “funny” Kardashian as Kris shares the story of when she identified as a dog when she was 4 years old. Kris told us she would bark at people and lick strangers’ feet while the editor zoomed in on Khloé’s childhood pictures. There’s no fun or wacky soundtrack — just the silence — that makes the entire segment seem like it belongs in a serial killer doc. But it’s good to know Khloé’s comic sensibilities are organic!

Most Buckwild Photoshop fails: In one of the most shocking events of the show’s 235 seasons, Kim confessed that she had photographed her daughter Khloé’s True face onto daughter Kylie’s Stormi body in pictures from Disneyland. Apparently, Kylie doesn’t want any pictures of Stormi exposed to the public. Simple needle have to do this because there’s some pink poppin’ in one of the pictures, and Kim necessary, needs a photo with pink on her grid to match the color story she created herself. So we are choosing to accept that we were right about Khloé and Kris take pictures of hell from their kids holiday campaign.

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