Investing for Beginners: 6 Steps to Grow Your Money and Show Your Millions

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If you think investing is only for a) men b) rich people, you’ve come to the right place. It’s no secret that women around the world are lagging financially behind men, and one of the reasons for this is that women are investing less.

Research shows that when we invest, we actually outperform men.

Typically speaking, we tend to save more, preserving what we already have than increasing our money. We’re all wrong on the prudent side when we make crazy financial moves but that doesn’t mean we’re not good at investing – research shows that when we invest, we actually outperform than men (Honest) – we just lack the confidence to do so.

Impostor syndrome 1, Women 0.

Starting your investing journey can be intimidating but contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a stock market expert to get started. Everyone can invest, you just need to know the basics and that’s where Female investors come in.

A social e-learning platform that makes personal finance and investing more understandable and inclusive by providing women with a dedicated space to learn, grow, and connect with women who have like-minded.

Created by women, for women, Female Invest is on a mission to bridge the financial gender gap by empowering women with the tools, guidance, and community to achieve financial success and get where they want.

They are committed to explicitly educating women about money, so that we can enjoy the same financial freedom as men and have an equal opportunity to build wealth. Finally, someone is talking about money and include us in the chat. We love watching it!

In a male-dominated industry with a disproportionate number of female advisors, Female Invest empowers women to not only understand their money, but *grow* it too. With over 25 e-learning videos including in-depth articles, quizzes and downloadable materials, and live webinars covering everything you need to know about investing, you’ll be well prepared. for a brilliant financial future.

Whether you want to master your personal finances, plan for retirement, improve your negotiating skills for your next promotion, or start your investing journey (stocks don’t have to be scary), you can have An incredible portfolio of resources at your fingertips.

So if ‘becoming financially better’ is on your vision board for 2022 then allow Female Invest to make it a reality, use the code: ZOELLA40 to get 40% off Female Invest Annual Membership!

Why should women consider investing more?

According to a study by Merrill LynchWomen are still more reluctant investors than men, with 41% of women stating that not investing more is their biggest financial regret, while 7 out of 10 (69%) women Wish they started investing money sooner.

Faced with issues like parental leave/retirement, state pension disparity (by stage of £29,000 clear. We’re very upset) and gender pay disparities – full-time female employees are currently paid 7.9% less than full-time male employees (ONS) – It is more important that women take action and invest in their future to accumulate the same amount of long-term wealth as men.

While giving away a significant portion of your paycheck every month to get it back is a great habit to work on for short-term goals, you can set yourself up for failure by leaving long-term cash to pay off. save money thanks to historically low interest rates. and inflation. Of course, keeping cash for emergencies is always a good idea, but when it comes to long-term savings, investing can make your money work as hard as you do.

There is also a common misconception that you need to earn big money before you can invest but starting with a small amount of £25 to £50 a month can add up to a large sum over time. time. You don’t need to deposit at the start but you must understand the potential risks and feel comfortable with the investment concept.

There’s a lot to learn – and not to learn (society, that’s up to you) – but with the help of Female Invest you can take control of your financial well-being and achieve lasting financial results , better.

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to get started investing and make sure you never have to miss out on potential earnings again.

How to start investing

first. Let go of the ‘fear’

If the desire for knowledge is there, that’s half the battle. Sure, investing may not be the hottest topic but it’s just a case of getting started, educating yourself and getting familiar with the jargon. The biggest barrier to financial investing is fear – the fear of not knowing how to invest but klaxon: you can always learn.

2. Do your homework.

Learn about stocks, risk & time and mutual funds. Once you’ve learned the basics of the stock market, you’re ready to take the leap and start investing. Here is your 101 guide:

  • Shares are bought and sold on the stock market.
  • Companies raise money to build their businesses by issuing shares.
  • You have access to trade stocks through an online trading platform.
  • Simply put, stocks are a way to build wealth. They are an investment which means you own a share in the company that issued the stock. By buying stocks, ordinary people can invest in some of the most successful companies in the world. For companies, stocks are a way to raise money to fund growth, products, and other initiatives.
  • But the main reason investors buy stocks is to make a profit, which usually comes in two forms: The share price goes up, which means the stock goes up. Stocks that pay dividends.
  • Over the long term, the stock market’s average annual return is around 8%. That means £1,000 invested in stocks 30 years ago would be worth up to £10,000 today, due to compounding.
  • Risk and time horizon. Every investment involves some degree of risk and it is often said that risk and return go hand in hand. This means that low-risk investments tend to offer smaller and more stable returns, while high-risk investments typically have greater volatility and higher returns.
  • Consider your risk profile: never invest more than you can afford to lose. Investment yours way – we all have different long-term goals and needs. Make sure that whatever you’re investing in is right for you, your goals, and your risk tolerance.
  • Consider your time horizon: when do you need money?
  • Diversify your portfolio: invest across countries, regions and industries.
  • Mutual Fund – when a group of investors join forces and invest in each other, it is called a mutual fund. In this way, the proceeds from many investors are used to purchase securities such as stocks or bonds. In this way, the value of a mutual fund depends on the performance of the securities it purchases.

3. Create a trading account.

To invest, you need to create a trading account. Therefore, choosing an exchange is the first step in your investment journey. Different countries have different dominant trading platforms, which makes it difficult to compare cross-border platforms. However, three things you need to consider are:

  • Fees: how expensive is the transaction? Do you pay to create an account?
  • User-friendly: How easy is it to navigate the platform?
  • Reach: How many markets and products can you reach?

4. Transfer money

How much money should you invest? Your answer depends on how many letters’. It depends on your trading fees, your strategy and your financial situation. It is often said that you can start with a few hundred pounds, depending on the platform’s fees.

5. Investment!

Now you are ready to make your first investment! It goes like this:

  • Type the name of the stock or mutual fund you want to buy into the search bar.
  • Click ‘trade’
  • Status ‘amount’ and ‘price’
  • Quantity: The number of shares you want to buy.
  • Price: The price you are willing to pay.
  • When you press ‘buy’, your order is already on the market and it will be completed when someone decides to sell. Large-cap stocks often have many buyers and sellers, and often take seconds or minutes for a transaction to take place. In contrast, small-cap stocks typically have fewer investors and can therefore take longer for trading to take place. The shares will appear in your account as soon as the transaction is completed.

6. Join the conversation.

Join the Female Invest community and seek help from their large community to talk to other members about your investment journey. Attend Female Invest’s free webinar About Investment on May 1st and they’ll guide you through everything you need to start your investing journey! Use code: ZOELLA40 to get 40% off Female Invest Annual Membership brings you one step closer to financial freedom. Huzzah!

This article is part of a paid partnership with Female investment.

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