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About every week brings something new Fate 2, whether it’s the story rhythms, new activities, or exciting new combinations of elements that allow players to wreak havoc on each other in Crucible. Iron Banter is our weekly look at what’s going on in the world of Destiny and a recap of what’s holding our attention across the solar system.

Between Witch Queen and Elden Ring, there are many mysteries to solve in video games later this year. I missed last week’s Iron Banter because I’m still rolling around in Savathun’s throne world, trying to find everything I can. I’m taking a breather this week because we’ve discovered so many things.

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First, there’s the Witch Queen story campaign, which throws wrench after wrench into key concepts that could be seen as the foundation for Destiny 2. The twists and turns have been excellent. , and although the complaints I have about the Sorceress Queen still boil down to a bit of information about how some story moments go, it’s absolutely the best expansion, from a story standpoint, that Bungie is not yet in production.

This is also the best extension from a campaign standpoint. The Legends campaign in particular is excellent – if in-game challenges are your thing, I highly recommend you check it out. You can read more in-depth impressions in Witch Queen reviewshas now been completed as our team completes our new raid, the Disciple’s Oath.

And if you want to learn the story of the Witch Queen and what it means, spoilers and all, you can do so with Explain the story of the Sorceress Queen. Fair warning, yes a lot of going on. Several members of GameSpot’s Destiny team also left our impressions of a GameSpot After Dark podcast special episode we recorded it in two halves: first with no spoilers and then with spoilers. Listen and remember to back out if you haven’t approved the campaign.

In addition, we also created a lot A guide for different things to discover in the world of thrones and beyond.

Speaking of spoilers, though: The things that really stick with me are the long strings and unanswered questions the Witch Queen has raised. Destiny 2 story will go through some change right away. We’re in a morally appealing gray area, as exemplified both in The Witch Queen and in the Season of the Risen story. If previous seasons consider the possibility that our enemies are more nuanced than we’ve noted, it seems this season’s focus is on the hint that maybe our fellow Guardians aren’t. must be clean good people as we always assume they are. I think Destiny 2 wants us to see how easy it is for the bad guys.

In addition to the question of the theme of good and evil, there are many legend stories that have been stirred. So again, spoilers – this sequel will be full of them. Let’s talk about everything I’m wondering about from The Witch Queen.

The Witch Queen’s lingering questions

Is all of this Oryx alluding to the return of the King's Autumn raid, or even the stolen King himself?
Is all of this Oryx alluding to the return of the King’s Autumn raid, or even the stolen King himself?

Some people have started a Elden Ring Magazine last week–I have begun a list of questions about the legend of the Sorceress. It becomes extend, and if you haven’t dived into everything that lurks in the world of thrones, from the quest Of Queens and Worms to the lore book Mars Missives, you absolutely should. We’re in some strange territory here, with the Witch Queen finally facing the Darkness, adding some re-textualization of Hive’s plot and hinting that the Traveler’s nature may not be what we think. It’s all an excellent development of the story, but I really can’t wait for more answers. Like, it’s bugging me. A lot of.

Here’s a bunch of things I’ve been thinking about. This list is certainly not exhaustive and was also expanded as we entered the Pyramids during the raid, but that’s another whole article.

What is the deal with Fynch?

Our foray into the world of the Sorcerer Queen’s throne sees us largely guided by Fynch, a Hive Ghost, who is seen as a “dedicated opponent” to the war we’re fighting. fight Savathun. He claims to regret siding with Hive, but his presence, let’s just say, convenient. We now know that we were sent to the world of thrones to serve Savathun’s purpose in helping her regain her memory, and in fact, lured by Glaive, we should go back to wondering how reliable Fynch really is. Yes, he’s been incredibly helpful – but helping us out seems to be part of our (obvious) adversaries’ plans. And by the way, who killed his Hive Guardian?

How does Immaru escape?

So Savathun has somehow lured or somehow brought the Traveler into the throne world and she is planning to use a Hive ritual to tie it there. Her exact motives are still in doubt, but regardless, we said “no” to that plan and killed her. But before we could finish off Immaru, her Ghost, and put Savathun down for good, he escaped – along with Traveler. That means tourists helped Immaru escapes, or specifically chooses to remove him from the situation where we can destroy him? And if that’s the case, that doesn’t mean that Traveler is explicitly siding with Savathun, or at least, very on purpose. would like her to retain the possibility of being resurrected? What is happening there?

Isn’t Savathun a different person now?

Being a Guardian doesn't change everything we think we know about the person we call
Wouldn’t being a Guardian change everything we think about the person we call “Savathun”?

The theory about the Guardians is that, once they are resurrected, they are not the same people they were in their previous lives. We see this in the Crow example – even though he is Sov Uldren resurrected, and even when Savathun has recovered his memories of Uldren, he is still alive. Not Children. So, after resurrecting, Savathun will be like a different human, unburdened by the life she lived as a Hive. And if It’s a case, isn’t our decision against her border, uh… murder? And if Savathun really was another person, what if she had strayed from or rejected the path that had been mapped out for her by her dead self?

What is Immaru’s agenda?

If Savathun doesn’t remember who she was before she came back to life, that shows a lot of things about the Witch Queen’s story aren’t immediately clear, because she has no memories meaning that, once she’s brought back as a Guardian, she’ll need guidance to execute the plan before death. Thus, it seems Savathun must have interacted with Immaru prior to he found and revived her. That raises the question of whether Ghosts can choose who they associate with (it seems they can, even if it’s a subconscious choice), but also raises a bigger question: Can Immaru What skins in this game? He’s basically the leader of the Lucent Brood we see, both during Savathun’s time as Guardian and in her absence. So what is he trying to do now, and why? And if Savathun relies on Immaru to help her with her plan, what if he manipulates her to his ends after she’s resurrected, since she’ll have no way of knowing. was he there?

Immaru is also still commanding Lucent Brood in the world of thrones and he seems to have a goal in mind. Furthermore, he’s probably commanding the Lucent Brood members who are attacking Earth – so what is he then? Why would a Ghost want to lead the Hive?

What does Savathun gain by continuing to guide us?

Savathun is still in contact with us, even after her death.  But why?
Savathun is still in contact with us, even after her death. But why?

The quest Altar of Reflection shows us Savathun’s memories, where she directly communicates with us through messages she left before she died. The question is, why? What does she gain from helping (or hindering) our foray into her throne world? Why is she planning these messages, not only before we kill her, but also prior to Did she have light? And if Savathun leaves us a message, that doesn’t mean killing her is part of her plan?

I have a lot of more questions, so much so that I’ll probably compile them somewhere to go even deeper. But for now, those are a few of the biggest ones. Feel free to drop your own in the comments section below.

In the meantime, I hope to write more about the Sorceress Queen because that’s all I can think of. Our adventures in the Pyramids have immense changed the story of Destiny 2, so much so that I won’t even go into it here – it would double the length of this column, easy. if you maybe I recommend playing raid, because it’s super fun. In the meantime, stay tuned for more discussion of what’s found inside and what it means for Destiny’s future as we begin our road to its next chapter: The Light.

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