Is dead space scary? 6 tips to take advantage

If you read the title of this story and think to yourself, “Why would I want to do this? Dead space remake less scary? The whole point is fear! Just leave. Close tabs — this guide is not for you. Some of us love the horror genre but are also a bit too invested and tense with it, or we have nightmares, or we just want it to be a horror movie. small scarier than super scam scary. If that describes you, read on for my list of tips and tricks for creating something terrible Dead space turned into a slightly spooky but pleasant experience.

Put the sound on – and the music too

This sounds counter-intuitive. After all, the screeching violins and the horns and wails that sound every time the Necromorph attacks are a big part of what makes up the game. Dead space into a high-stress thrill ride. Wouldn’t it be a more calming experience if you turned off the music? Absolutely not! Those musical cues are the only thing that warns you of the presence of danger; When the siren-like screech of the soundtrack goes off, get ready to shoot down some thugs. And when that music finally turns off, it means you’re done fighting the enemy – for now anyway.

Turning off the game’s music is really a great way to do it Dead space much scarier, if that’s your thing and you’re still reading this guide for some reason. If you leave the sound effects on but turn the music volume down to zero, all you’ll have are footsteps guiding you through the tense, dimly lit corridors of USG Ishimura. If you turn off the sound effects, the game gets even more difficult, as you’ll rely entirely on visual cues — and Necromorphs simply love to sneak behind you, meaning you’ll let your guard down often more often.

All that said, I’d recommend turning the sound and music down a bit. You don’t have to shout loudly to hear the necessary signals that a Necromorph is near. Listen to your heart rate and let that guide you as to how much volume you need in-game.

Choose the correct difficulty setting

In general, I’m good at third-person shooters, but when I’m stressed, my skills drop. If a Necromorph sneaks behind me, my aim won’t be good. For that reason, I playing Dead space on “Easy,” as recommended by my colleague Jeff Parkin. Even if I miss the first (or few) shots due to panic, I still have plenty of time to kill before the Necromorph takes me down. I haven’t gotten to the point where I need to mark the difficulty down any further for the “Story” setting, but you know what? It’s good to know that it’s there for me if I need it.

Adjusted game content warnings

The Dead space the remake includes the option to blur some of the more graphically violent scenes in the game, and I chose to enable that option (here’s instructions for adjusting warning content). Honestly, the gore doesn’t bother me much; those bloody disgusting moments didn’t make me particularly scared or nervous. The main reason I turn on the blur effect for the more violent scenes is because I personally think it looks funny, meaning it breaks the tension in those crucial, high-stress moments.

The Dead space the remake looks so realistic that it’s easy to get completely caught up in its world of horrors—which means I appreciate the occasional big blur on the screen, reminding me that this is just a video game, for what the hell. (I also played the original game in 2008, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on important plot points or visually impactful scenes. I don’t need to watch a guy bang his head against a window. again. I’ve seen it. I’m fine.)

Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of Dead Space, looks down at a small doll on the floor.  The wall behind the doll has the words

Image: Visceral Games/Electronic Art through Polygons

Call a friend — or several people

Just as it’s easier to watch a horror movie or show with a friend by your side, so is it with playing a horror game. My favorite place to invite friends to tag along is Discord, where I can stream Dead space with them and hear their amusing comments (and their sarcasm about how often I get lost, that would be the really stressful part of the story). Dead space if there is no Positioning button of the game).

Listen to a podcast

Sometimes friends aren’t willing to hangouts or Discord calls but you still want to receive Dead space ABOVE. I recommend turning on a comedy podcast in the background to add the feeling that you have some friends nearby, always with you. I also like to imagine that the game’s protagonist Isaac Clarke is listening to a podcast as he wanders those abandoned corridors. Of course, he still needs to be able to hear Necromorphs nearby, and so should you — so keep the music and game volume up while the podcast plays.

The reason I recommend a comedy podcast for this, rather than an audiobook or news show, is that you won’t pay much attention to the content of the show. You will be quite focused on the actual game, paying attention to visual and audio cues as well as fighting against the Necromorphs. But having those friendly jokes in the background will help clear your mind a little bit and be less confused, which is (again) why I assumed Isaac Clarke himself would listen to a podcast. Just think of it as a more engaging game sound.

Take a break… maybe forever?

I love Dead space, and I’ll probably beat it. I love how Isaac’s shadow stretches across doorways, almost looking like a Necromorph if you see it in your peripheral vision. I even love the violin music. But sometimes, it’s just too stressful to play a horror game, no matter how gorgeous and well-made it is.

If you try all these tips and still can’t play this game without worrying, then I spare you from having to complete Isaac’s quest. He’s a fictional man in a video game, and you should only wear his big metal boots if you’re comfortable wearing them. After all, even the game’s technical director said that playing it with headphones at night is “so scary.” So I won’t judge you if you bail, and neither should anyone else.

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