It’s Time For Star Wars to Move on From the Jedi

When it comes to Star Wars, even the most casual viewer can tell you that the core of the story is about the balance between good and evil, light and dark. When the balance shifts too far in one direction, the universe can fall into chaos.

Throughout the franchise’s 45-year history, the Jedi’s side has always been seen as the good side – the correct side. While the Sith are certainly evil, fascist regime leaders and certainly villains, the Jedi position themselves as the story’s only hero that overlooks their sizable fault. It downplays the fact that they were involved in some of the worst events in Star Wars history: the fall of the Republic, the turn of Darth Vader, and the purge of most Jedi in general.

The focus on the Jedi’s small but mighty return in the original trilogy only eliminates the hard work, turning the tide of Star Wars’ true heroes: the rebels. On the ground. It is a less sung aspect of the legend that Rogue One hit very well. So that movie once from 2016 has been billed as the only live-action event in which Star Wars has glorified anyone who isn’t a Jedi as a hero.

With the launch of Andor Last week, views on who really won the war at the end of the original trilogy for the Rebel Alliance would change even more. Disney+ series returns to the story of Rogue Onepushes rebellious soldier Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) into the spotlight once again. Andor and its two-season order is a sign that Disney accepts that there’s more to the story than they’ve focused on so far, including lightsaber users.

Jedi are peacemakers – or at least, they should be. They were created to be an alliance of space sheriffs, guardians who keep justice and balance in the galaxy while maintaining the Light side. We even see this with their weapon of choice, the lightsaber, which is only fatal if punctured or beheaded; The lightsaber’s design cools any other wounds, keeping the victim from bleeding.

But while no organization is perfect (especially the pseudo-religious ones), the Jedi are far more imperfect than the eye can see. Their original, well-intentioned mission fell into the fold at the beginning of the prequel’s timeline.

If we look back at the High Republic In the era of Star Wars, those Jedi take the same oath and follow the same rules as the Order did centuries later in the prequel. However, these Jedi are still stuck with their original mission to protect the galaxy and keep the peace. Unlike the original Jedi, those in prequel trilogy—Like Mace Windu, Yoda, and even Obi-Wan Kenobi—Preoccupied with the politics of the Republic. And once the Clone War started, they led the war even to the detriment of civilians. In choosing a faction and becoming wartime generals and commanders, they have blurred the boundaries of their original purpose. These Jedi are political pawns at the end Attack of the clonesand they were completely destroyed by the time the credits of Sith’s Revenge roll.

Domination battle much of the prequel is a careful plan by Darth Sidious/Chancellor Palpatine, a powerful member of the Dark Side. The goal was to create a split between the Republicans and the Separatists in order to capture the Jedi’s attention while weakening both governments. On top of that, it put Palpatine in a position of power as he destabilized the Republic and created the Galactic Empire. As Yoda said in Attack of the clones, the Jedi cannot see or sense the future anymore because the Dark Side is covering up the Jedi’s ability to do so. This makes them even more in the dark and vulnerable to Jedi Purge, aka Order 66.

The Jedi quickly gave up on peacekeeping, becoming soldiers and war criminals. Plus, the fact that they’re recruiting kids to join the Jedi Order now means they have child soldiers in their ranks: When the Clone Wars begin, the kids are sent with their master to the front line. For example, Ahsoka Tano, Jedi’s ex, introduced herself to Anakin and Obi-Wan in the 2008 cartoon. Clone Wars movies while they are in an active war zone. She was only 14 years old at the time, so Anakin adopted her as his woman. During her training, Ahsoka witnessed heavyweight battles that only got worse as the fighting progressed throughout her teenage years.

Ahsoka’s removal from the Jedi Order in Season 5 of Clone Wars cartoon perhaps the best, most understandable example of how the Jedi have lost their way to being the keepers of peace and justice. To save face, the Jedi Council kicked Ahsoka out of the Order for a crime she was accused of so that she wouldn’t be a legitimate Jedi while on trial for it. The Jedi Council, failing to defend one of them, saw itself as nothing more than a faded imitation of what was supposed to be Jedi.

In that storyline, the Jedi are at their worst. While the earlier examples all point to a morally imperfect Order, after that part it became clear to fans that we’ve seen all sides of the Jedi. And while there’s nothing as iconic as the lightsaber swordfight, stories revolving around non-Jedi would be the most favorable move for Star Wars. Rogue One and Disney+’s Mandalorian proved it with their huge successes and now Andor is next.

The upcoming series will be a candid look at why someone joined a radical movement against the fascist regime and what motivated them to do so. Seeing other stories being told in the Star Wars universe is a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to get a closer look at ideas that were introduced to fans decades ago. These titles represent the righteous people who are legitimately helping to protect the galaxy that abounds them—people motivated by their own desire to protect others, not because they’re following a creed. they can easily go backwards when the time comes. Andor is a show about a hero, like all Star Wars stories are meant to be. But this time, it’s a movie without lights and meaningless emotions and attachments around.

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