Leo gift ideas for their birthday


Welcome to Leo Season! Warm, loving, loyal and wildly creative, Leos are known for being a ton of fun. Born between July 23 and August 22, Leos offset their well-earned reputation for showiness with a surprising amount of focus and determination, and often possess a strong sense of personal responsibility.

When asked to describe people born under the zodiac sign Leo, Annabel Gat, the senior astrologer at Vice, says, “In a word: radiant!”

“Leo rules the heart,” Gat explains, “and you can tell, because they put their whole heart into what they do! It’s been said that Leos can be attention-seeking, but with so many talents to show off, why wouldn’t they search for an audience?” Claire Comstock-Gay, an astrologer and the author of “Madame Clairevoyant’s Guide to the Stars,” echoes that: “The stereotypical Leo is confident, maybe even a little dramatic, and loves being the center of attention. Even quieter Leos who don’t love performing in front of a crowd still need (lots of!) attention and appreciation to thrive.” Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of The Love Deck, agrees. “The lion is bold, daring and passionate — this doesn’t mean a physical gift per se, but a big declaration is meaningful and pivotal for their birthday.”

When picking out a birthday present for a Leo, Comstock-Gay offers some sage advice. “Everyone loves to feel special,” she says, “but Leos even more than most.” As a Leo myself, I can confirm that to be true! Ahead, with the help of Comstock-Gay, Gat and Stardust, I’ve picked out 33 gifts that are sure to delight the Leo in your life.

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Canotier

“With their regal nature, love of attention and connection to the warmth of summer,” Comstock-Gay says, “all signs point to gold. You can’t go wrong with gold-toned jewelry, gold nail polish or a glittery gold phone case.”

Personalized Rhinestone Tumbler

Not every Leo is attention-seeking! (Just most of us.) Comstock-Gay offers some gift ideas for the mythical creature she calls “the less overtly flashy Leo.” She suggests picking up on the gold theme with something like “an elegant gold fountain pen or water bottle.” This blinged-out personalized water bottle is, perhaps, not the greatest example of an understated gold gift idea, but it is marvelous!

Post Eclipse by Spacefrog Designs

“Born in midsummer, Leos thrive in the sun and can wilt a little in the short days of winter,” Comstock-Gay notes. “They’ll appreciate anything that can brighten up their life with color and drama year-round like a bright and beautiful art print — maybe even in a gold frame!”

Let's Watch The Sunset Beach Hoodie

“Leo’s astrological ruler is the sun,” Gat says. “Why not whisk them away to a place where they can view a gorgeous sunset on their birthday?” To elevate the gift with a touch of thoughtfulness, wrap up a “Let’s Watch the Sunset” beach hoodie for them to open in case it starts to get a little chilly.

Buffy Cloud Body Pillow

Now, you didn’t hear this from me but … Leos, for all their passion and focus and determination, tend to have a bit of a lazy streak. (Think of the lion, that king of the jungle, lazing in the sun after a long hunt and you’ll get the picture.) Presents that encourage the Leo to indulge their lazy side, such as a cooling body pillow, make a surprisingly great gift for these all too often high-strung lions.

Fullentiart Beach Round Towel

“Unique, fun, attention-grabbing gifts are great,” Comstock-Gay says, “but ones that show that you’ve been paying attention to your Leo’s particular tastes and desires are even better.” For the Leo who loves a picnic or a day at the beach, this round beach towel is an eye-catching way for them to lounge.

MyBougieBabe Out All Night Crystal Sunglasses

For flashy Leos — ruled by the sun, lovers of attention-grabbing gifts, as Comstock-Gay puts it — a pair of statement sunglasses is a perfect present. This isn’t the time for traditional styles! Go for something with an oversized frame, or an eye-popping reflective colored lens, or a pair that’s really out there like these encrusted “Out All Night” shades.

Metallic Iridescent Leather Card Holder Pouch

“Leos love glitz and glamour,” Gat says, “so it’s hard to imagine going wrong with gold, backstage tickets to a show or a table at a popular restaurant.” To elevate the presentation of a gift card or tickets, try putting them inside a reusable card holder pouch — in gold, please! — that serves as a gift all on its own.

1976 Forever Bracelet

“Just because Leos love pizazz that doesn’t mean they don’t want gifts with meaning,” Gat says. “Personalized items, or gifts that reflect an inside joke between you two, are a great way to go; Catbird has many options for personalized jewelry.” If you’re lucky enough to have a Leo BFF, treat her to one of Catbird’s forever bracelets.

Wimbledon Cufflink Company Golden Lion Cufflinks

Another way to honor a Leo birthday with jewelry is with a set of cuff links adorned with a lion motif like this set by Wimbledon Cufflink Company that punches way above its modest price point.

YellowPaperHouse Junque Journal

Leos often have a creative, theatrical bent — Mick Jagger, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez are all Leos, just to give you a sense! A great journal like this multicolored Junque Journal that has lined, dotted and blank spaces gives creative Leos space to jot down all their ideas and dreams.

Karaoke Microphone

Encourage the Leo love of performing with a karaoke mic. “A karaoke machine is great for Leo, who likes to show off their talents and take center stage in front of their friends,” Stardust says. Though they love to be the center of attention, Leos also love to share the spotlight with the people they love most, so ask them to duet with you and watch them light up.

Emart 10-Inch Standing Ring Light

“The Leo in your life likely already has a ring light (and a tripod, and maybe even a full photo kit),” Comstock-Gay says, “but if they don’t, they’ll appreciate the tools to let their inner movie star shine.” The Emart ring light is our pick for the best ring light. It comes with a fully adjustable tripod, giving users a lot of flexibility, and it has three light modes along with 11 brightness levels.

Anthropologie x Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser Starter Ki

Scents can be very tricky to pick out for someone else — one way to go is to stick with a classic like citrus or to opt for a scent that evokes a quality found in the person you’re shopping for. Pura partnered with Antrhopologie to create a diffuser set that offers a selection of scents, including a Sol Tobac fragrance that’s practically perfect for Leos

Leo's Paw The Original Pet Hair Removal Massaging Shell Comb

“Some signs love a practical gift,” Comstock-Gay says, “but give Leo a good pair of socks and they may just take it as a sign you think they’re boring!” With that said, for the Leo pet owner — or for the Leo pet (please do not forget to buy your Leo pet a birthday gift; they will notice and pee on your things if you don’t) — the Leo’s Paw pet hair remover is a cheeky turn on a practical gift that won’t disappoint.

Coola Classic Body Piña Colada Sunscreen Set

While Comstock-Gay is correct to caution against buying a hyper-practical gift for a Leo, this Leo just happens to be responsible for compiling our popular practical gift guide series! In my official role as our Resident Practical Leo, I have a few practical gift-giving tips to share: Go for either a big-ticket item (maybe a Vitamix to blend up those fun summer drinks?!) or pick out an elevated version of an everyday item close to the Leo’s heart like some fancy sunscreen.

Bonai Portable Charger

Chatty Leos are at constant risk of losing power on their cell phone due to overuse. This brightly colored tubular portable charger, practical though it may be, will keep them in extra juice so they can call you to say thank you for the great gift.

San Diego Hat Ultrabraid Floppy Sun Hat

“When you think of Leo,” Comstock-Gay says, “think of the sun, the regal lion, summer fun — rooftop drinks, pool parties, the beach!” A fantastic beach hat with a touch of leopard, to evoke the Leonine love of all things catlike, makes a great gift for these summer babies.

Drybar The Double Shot Oval Blow-Dryer Brush

“Leos are all about their hair,” Gat says, “so luxury hair products or shaving tools may be great gifts.” We think Drybar’s sunny yellow colorway makes a perfect Leo gift; if you’re looking for a lower price point, the brand’s detangling brush is an excellent practical gift that won’t leave your Leo feeling disappointed to receive an everyday item.

Acqua Di Parma Barbiere Essential Shaving Kit

The bearded Leo will love this super-luxe Acqua Di Parma shaving kit — especially because it comes in the brand’s signature bright yellow! The three-piece kit includes eau de cologne, shaving cream and aftershave in a reusable travel bag.

SameTech Pineapple Corer Slicer

If fruits had corresponding zodiac assignments, pineapples would definitely be Leos — they have a fancy hairdo and everything! This pineapple corer and slicer makes quick work of hollowing out the flesh of a pineapple into rings, leaving the exterior intact so you can serve those fun summer drinks that Leos love so much in it.

Personalized Crazy Straw

If you’re going to serve drinks in a pineapple, why not go even bigger and add a personalized crazy straw to sip from? Big, bright, showy, totally their own — honestly, a crazy straw is a practically perfect Leo birthday present.

The Astrology of Love & Sex

Every sign is associated with a body part or parts. “Romantic Leo rules the heart,” Gat says. She would know; she literally wrote the book on the astrology of love and sex, which is a perfect gift for the sexiest Leo in your life.

The Love Deck

Love, and the heart, are big themes for Leos. Unlike their fire sign counterparts, Aries and, to a lesser extent, Sagittarius, Leos are lovers, not fighters. “Leo rules the heart chakra,” Stardust explains, “which is why a gift that helps them exercise this muscle is key.”

You're My Favorite Leo Birthday Card

Skip birthday cards with snarky messages about the Leo ego and go for something with a genuine sentiment like “You’re My Favorite Leo.” Ruled by the heart, Leos are known for being big-hearted, but it’s important to remember that Leos are also tender-hearted, and our feelings are easily hurt by people who mistake our natural confidence for outsized toughness. Please don’t be mean to a Leo on their birthday!

Kylie Cosmetics 24K Birthday Collection Pressed Powder Palette

We must say a birthday blessing for Kylie Jenner, a Leo living in a sea of water signs. (Both her parents are Scorpios, as is sister Kendall.) Is it any surprise that the little Leo of the “KUWTK” clan launched a successful beauty empire? After all, Stardust says, “Flashy Leos love glam — a makeup set that is full of metallics and sparkles is essential.”

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

“Leo’s element is fire,” Gat says, and she points out that gifts related to fire are likely to be a big hit with these fiery personalities. “A fire pit or a new grill may make them smile.” The Weber Original is our pick for best charcoal grill, so if you’re shopping for a Leo who loves outdoor cooking, this classic is sure to please.

Amagabeli Garden & Home Outdoor Cast Iron Fire Bowl

If a fire pit is more your Leo’s speed, this cast-iron fire bowl is an excellent choice, what with its sleek lines and black or bronze colorway — the bronze is a great way to incorporate Leo’s signature color into the gift.

Mystical Fire Flame Colorant

Leos love flair! If there’s a way to adorn literally anything, from themselves to the most mundane household object, you can be sure the Leo will find it. These flame color changers are a fun way to add extra flair to a night around the fire, making the gathering feel extra festive.

Breella Vera Ice Globes Face Massager

As the lone fire sign ruled by the sun, Leos can get a bit too heated at times! We love an ice roller for cooling down quickly, both literally and metaphorically, and this set of gold ice globes for massaging the face makes an excellent Leo birthday gift.

Lime Crime Double Your Shine Kit

Not that Leos need any help shining, but this Lime Crime “Double Your Shine” kit is a perfect way to deliver a compliment, along with a great gift, to a Leo. The set includes a tube of Wet Cherry Lip Gloss and a can of Unicorn Hair Rainbow Mist, which will leave a glittery sheen on the Leo mane.

Kevyn Aucoin Molten Gems Lip Color in Fire Amber

Mouthy Leos are also big on romance, and what better way to get them to pucker up (and, ahem, quiet down) than by giving them a fancy lip gloss for their kisser? Fire Amber is the perfect shade for these fire signs.

MoKo Glitter Rose Gold Heart Inflatable Pool Float

“[Leos are] known for their dramatics, as they love to be seen and heard,” Stardust says. “They like to make noise and a splash — so go big or go home.” One way to help them make a literal splash is with a fanciful pool float in the shape of their ruling chakra, the heart.

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