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10 Surprising Health Facts You Won’t Want To Miss

The state of your health depends heavily on the type of health-related information you have access to. With millions of sites now on the internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult to trust different sources of health advice. In this section, you will be exposed to potential customers not commonly found on the internet.

Too many people live their day-to-day with old health information. They do not update themselves with health related advice. And with the rate at which new findings are made daily, keeping up to date with information is becoming more and more demanding.

But here are ten health facts you probably didn’t know. And they will surprise you and help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Your hands and feet have more than 100 bones

Surprised? Maybe not. But notably, your hands and feet alone contain more than 50%
the total number of bones in your body. The average adult bones are 206, and 106 are found in the hands and feet.

Would you like to know another interesting fact about this part of your body? Their bones
break more often than other bones in the body. And they get hurt very easily
and broken bones.

Your sweat is 99% water

The composition of sweat in an average adult is 99% water, 1% salt and other compounds.
However, everyone’s sweat rate varies according to their age, gender, and activity
levels. But if you analyze everyone’s sweat, the compositions will be roughly the same.

You can tell a person’s Cholesterol level by looking at

Right. Xanthelasma, also known as xanthelasmata, are lumps found on the skin of people with
from high cholesterol. They often contain cholesterol and can also be pointers to
conditions such as diabetes or heart abnormalities.
Xanthelasma is often seen in the elderly or those with a predisposition to developing diseases
mentioned above.

Exercise is the best remedy for fatigue

This fact may not seem feasible to you at a time of fatigue, but exercise is the best way to
fatigue management. Here’s how: when you exercise, you speed up blood circulation
around your body. As a result, the flow of oxygen also increases in your body. This has increased
circulation keeps you energized and refreshed.

Bananas make you feel better

You heard, right! Eating a banana can help you get rid of depression and restlessness. Vitamin B6 is
vitamins that promote the body’s production of serotonin (also known as mood)
operator). Serotonin is also responsible for digestion, sleep, and enhancing emotional functions and motor skills. And the best part? Bananas give you about 30% of the RDI of vitamin B6.

Cholesterol-free foods can raise your cholesterol levels

Don’t let the food tag fool you.
Not all cholesterol-free foods contribute to lower cholesterol levels in your body – some only
Make it worse. In this case, the real culprits are substances like trans fats.

Trans fats have no cholesterol content, but they are known to raise cholesterol levels in the body
blood. They are saturated fats and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and are commonly found
in baked and fried foods.

Your health loves cold weather

Typically, you always find a way to cover up and limit going outdoors.
environment in colder seasons. But then, if you know how beneficial the cold season is to
health, are you still resentful of the cold?
First, when temperatures are cooler, you’ll have less inflammation and allergies. For a long time
running, you can perform your daily activities efficiently. You are also less vulnerable
some diseases during the colder season. For example, mosquitoes cannot thrive in cold weather
temperature and will not transmit diseases such as malaria and Zika virus during such seasons.

There are two super muscles in your body

Maybe not as indestructible as Superman, but you have two sets of muscles in your body that can
develop powerful forces. The muscles in the jaw put a lot of pressure on the body. They can generate nearly 900N pressure when you clamp your teeth. On the other hand, soleus, ie,
The muscles in your calves are known to use the most force in the body.

Positivity prolongs your life

Cheerfulness and cheerfulness are strongly associated with a longer life. Reliable studies have shown that
deaths from stroke, cancer and infectious diseases tend to decrease with improvement
Studies have also found that cardiovascular diseases are also improved by continued optimism. Friend
40% less chance of heart disease when you stay optimistic.

Feeling hot? Sip on a hot drink to cool off

Strange isn’t it? Yes, absolutely, but it’s a fact. But aren’t you used to longing for a
cold soda cans whenever you feel hot? Well, that won’t do you much good
down – try a hot cup of tea instead.

The results of stress studies have shown that you help your body cool down significantly by
drink hot sunny day. It’s actually the heat from the drink that makes you sweat, but
This sweat cools you down as it evaporates. The more you sweat, the colder you are
body becomes. In short, you need more than a cup of hot Chinese tea to cool off
on a summer afternoon.

Drinking a hot drink to cool off may not seem to work at first. It will definitely make you feel
hotter than you felt before. But in the long run, you’ll be glad you got it.


Well, you’ve got it – 10 health facts you probably didn’t know. Now you are in better
advantage to stay healthy and even help those around you appreciate and care more about their health.


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