Mission to teach 100 million people about Bitcoin by 2030 by Cointelegraph

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Dušan Matuska, among many others, is an educator and consultant. The Slovak dream is to educate 100 million people about Bitcoin (BTC) by 2030 through talks, podcasts, webinars, seminars, and even a Bitcoin education center in a distant destination (plans are currently being finalized).

Along with his aspirations to teach Bitcoin, he also helps at a small Bitcoin mining facility in Slovakia, co-founded a crypto cafe called Paralelni Polis in Bratislava, and has translated famous books about Bitcoin into his mother tongue, Slovak.

Matuska in her trademark Bitcoin sweater. Source: Dušan Matuska
Paralena Polis, or “crypto cafe”, coffee shop and meeting space. Matuska is on the right, wearing glasses. Source: Dušan Matuska
Elderly women learn about Bitcoin at a market run by a crypto cafe in Slovakia. Source: Dušan Matuska
Slovak students read “Bitcoin Money”. Source: Dušan Matuska