Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’ Is a Chaotic Mess of a Scammer Series on Anna Delvey

The TV series Invented Anna either about a mysterious scammer who scammed her into high-class social circles and allegedly scammed millions of dollars in clothing, luxury travel, and huge loans from several The most powerful person and financial institution in the world, or so damn it, the captivating story of the first alien to ever walk among us on Earth.

That journey of discovery is an incredible but unstoppable one. It was a well-deserved trip. It was a pleasure. It is not clear if anyone is involved in this new series, from Shonda Rhimes and dropped on Friday Netflix, has a clear direction. But maybe that’s the point. It’s also unclear if Anna did it herself.

Anna Delvey, also known as Anna Sorokinposing as a German heiress and using her wealth legend to facilitate her passage through the life of a 1 per cent, a world that never questioned her her or the fact that she never left her credit card when operating the tab due to her pedigree/extraterrestrial status.

Hers irreplaceable European accent—The German way the Russian way the Count from Sesame Street—Works as a hypnotic enchantment. Her ruthless inner bluntness — ordinarily, just by subverting her ego — reflects the kind of close human-to-human behavior that attracts and destabilizes people, and which allows her to manipulate people to do the bidding/transport them to her UFO where she will probe and convince until they agree to give her the money.

Don’t let this be too misleading. Invented Anna not a sci-fi movie genre, and odds are Delvey/Sorokin isn’t in fact a Martian. Probably. But she’s otherworldly in a way that exposes anyone who has had a close encounter with her, not to mention those who read about her plot after she was caught in the act. search. New York magazine feature inspired a new Netflix series, and now we’re all watching a movie directed by Shonda Rhimes herself.

But there was something about the constant restraint that surrounded everything Anna Delvey, even then— “Who To be she ??? ”- and now-“ How did she get out of it? ”- that signifies someone who defies human logic. Combine that with the performance of Ozark Emmy Award Winner Julia Garner in the role. Garner’s voice was so outrageous, so purposeful. So does Anna’s. It’s a phonetic miracle. She’s an inventor of brand new vowels; fluent in an international dialect that until now did not even exist.

Delvey is a shapeshifter, but not just aesthetically. Sure enough, the hair was dyed. The wardrobe is tailored to make her his next go-to. But her personality is also malleable and unpredictable, often in contrast to the mood of the room or the interaction. The blurred line of performance and authenticity created a cover for the woman known as the “Soho grinder”. Her shield was not normal at all. And, being a TV series, both Invented Annathe greatest gift and the most insurmountable obstacle.

The attraction of Invented Anna without controversy — emphasis on Candlestick.

A story this bullshit and mined into the extremism’s obsession with cons and scams is the perfect recipe for an online hit. That’s what makes this story so confusing and ultimately a bit disappointing. Taking perhaps a cue from the Anna Delvey phenomenon itself, it has only a superficial understanding of what it should be, or at least what audiences might want it to be. And at every major turning point, it seems to be trying to forge a new identity, until the bitter end of its unforgivably long episodes.

What Invented Anna It’s true for sure, perhaps rudely, to appreciate how fun these wild stories can become. As Meghan Thee Stallion’s song “Rich” plays, Garner-as-Delvey recounts, “This whole story, the story where you’re about to sit on your fat ass and watch like a big lump of nothing, is about me.” That’s how the series started.

The storm of tweets that came after her arrest, with shock and awe at the details of her case, flashed across the screen. A build of news stories centered on the play “Soho grifter”. Singer Anna continued: “You know me. Everyone knows me. I am an icon. A legend.” “Anna Delvey is a masterpiece, you bastard!” “Attention. Maybe you can learn to be as smart as I am. I do not belive that thing. But you can dream.”

The disclaimer — which will run in every episode — plays, stating that everything you are about to watch is the truth, “except for the fabricated parts.” The next 10 episodes, nearly all of which are over an hour long, recount the reporting journalist Jessica Pressler created. New York magazine article”How Anna Delvey tricked New York“Flash back to Delvey’s glory days, remove her social climber, and most fantastically push the story through the current state of Delvey affairs.

The tangled details of what Delvey did and the devastating, real impact it had on those too eager to buy into her falsehoods, intoxication, and most of all, her unusual personality She never stopped being amazed.

The tangled details of what Delvey did and the devastating, real impact it had on those too eager to buy into her falsehoods, intoxication, and most of all, her unusual personality She never stopped being amazed. That’s a hugely egregious tagline for achieving those revelations is a chore – and, frankly, the bogus promise based on a flamboyant, cheeky opening seems to make a series ready to go. received a lot more camp than what we were given.

A lot of Invented Anna The focus is not on Delvey, but on Vivian Kent, the reporter in charge of Pressler by Veep‘S Anna Chlumsky. Her promising tenure at Manhattan City In her mind, the magazine is clouded by an unfair media scandal. A compelling story like Delvey’s is her chance to save her journalistic reputation. She’s also pregnant, so she’s on a deadline to prove herself, a blown-out washer in contrast to the flawed, more assured heroines Rhimes has given us in the process. past, from Meredith Gray to Olivia Pope.

Playing things like a true crime story, with Vivian piecing together how Delvey manages to get away with things in the long run, should be fine and should be content with the hottest TV storytelling trends right now. But the press’s description here leaps ahead of a long line of pop culture examples that show Hollywood completely unaware of how journalism works — or, at least, assuming the smartest level of the press. reporters worth doing content.

There is a whole piece of advice to be taken on this. The first moves of the press are clearly described as dramatic eureka moments which are absurd. (In investigating a social networking site of a younger generation obsessed with how the world sees her, Vivian probably shouldn’t start by looking at her Instagram.) Research Anna and provide it. a treasure trove of breakthroughs for Vivian — exasperated (several colleagues said they had to stop watching the series because of this).

But for someone skilled at lashing out emotionally brutally, grounded in the madness, absurdity, and absurdity as Rhimes certainly once was, there is a difference between living far away. fantasy flower in which Anna lived, as we see it on screen, and her quest to piece together the puzzle of crime. This is never successfully bridged in the way that you are fully invested in Vivian or Anna, or even fully understand their respective motives. Perhaps that is to be expected with Anna, who is considered a quiz about a person. However, it’s odd to be between the extremes of these two characters and feel empty about both.

It goes without saying that this is a bigger-than-life story, and Rhimes gives it over-the-top treatment: a massive piece that screams “we got the money from Netflix!” and, to harp it again, cumbersome runtime. But maybe the reality is this To be really life somehow gets in the way of things.

In Shondaland, characters have sex with ghosts, murdered Supreme Court justices hospitalized by strangling them with pillows and demanding to know why your penis is on someone’s phone dead girl. These same characters tap into some of the most intimate parts of who they are to create powerful universal moments. Invented Anna too honest buzzes along the lines between those extremes.

Is that important? Obviously, not at all.

Invented Anna will be a resounding success that will be devoured by massive, stubborn audiences so engrossed in the search for deceptive content that it seems like a real dam has broken in the genre. (The Dropout, Super Pumped, Joe vs. Caroleand WeCrash all will come, satirize anyone who has passed every series about Fyre Festival, LuLaRoeand Tinder scammers has been launched.)

The series kicked off that popularity, with one of your favorites falling from grace getting a name-check in various episodes, such as a famous guest guest Hall of Shame. The more of these services we get, and the more twists and turns toward the stylish narratives of the central characters’ misdeeds – not to mention the interplay between the real impact of people in these sensational stories with the desire to be entertained by them – more crises of conscience ensue.

Invented Anna deals with important topics of deviance, privilege, consumer culture, toxic aspiration, and media sensationalism. But, ultimately, it’s not as discoverable as our central alien image.

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