Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Definitive Tera Raid Guide

To enter the endgame Tera raid In Pokémon scarlet and Violet, there’s quite a bit to know beyond “bringing back only one strong Pokémon”. Five- and six-star raids can be tough, especially if you don’t have the right opponent.

If you want to catch Pokémon with perfect IVs, grow Herba Mystica, or collect rare items like Bottle Caps, you’ll need to join the high-level Tera Raids, but how would you do that? Time is the most valuable resource in Tera Raids, and every time an allied Pokémon faints, the timer is significantly reduced. You’ll need strong Pokémon to get through these attacks successfully.

Below, we talk about how to build Pokémon for Tera Raids and how to farm Herba Mystica quickly using raids, along with outlining some of the most popular meta builds.

Building Pokémon for Tera Raids

While lower tier attacks are easy enough to complete with whatever Pokémon you have on hand, higher tier attacks can actually be quite challenging. That said, you should consider Super train your IV, electric vehicle trainingand set your Pokémon nature to match their statistics. You may also want to avoid using Pokémon with lower defense stats, as you don’t want to waste time by fainting.

Your Pokémon must also be of the right level depending on the raid. The levels of Pokémon in Tera Raids are as follows:

  • A star: level 12
  • Two stars: level 20
  • Three stars: level 35
  • Four stars: level 45
  • Five stars: level 75
  • Six stars: level 90
  • Seven stars: level 100
    (Note that seven-star raids are limited to events and do not appear under normal circumstances.)

Although your Pokémon fight will have a high level, the Pokémon of your choice grasp will join your party at a lower level (i.e. a six-star raid Pokémon at level 75 instead), so don’t expect to take home a level 90 Pokémon just after completing a six-star raid .

You won’t even have access to six and seven star raids until you beat it Academy Runner-up Tournament and do some higher level raids.

That said, you should bring along Pokémon that are the same level or higher than the Pokémon you’re fighting. No one wants your level 25 Pikachu in a six star raid. Sorry.

Use type combinations to your advantage

You need to pay attention to kind of advantage in higher level attacks (five, six and seven star raid). This is not a recommendation. It’s a necessary tactic that you’ll need to use to win. Even if you use high level Pokémon that excel in the meta, they will only faint if they are weak against your opponent’s moves, costing you time.

You should have a Pokémon that deals normal damage or is super effective for the Tera-Type of the raid Pokémonwhich you can identify by the icon in the top right corner of the raid screen. The Pokémon you selected will also take reduced or regular damage from the raid Pokémon.

Which says, you also have to pay attention to that Pokémon’s usual typing. If you are facing a dragon Tera type Charizard, it can still know fire and flight-type moves. While you may want to use your very powerful Froslass against dragon-types with ice-type moves, Charizard will use fire-type moves against your Pokémon to wipe it out.

For further assistance, has a complete list of raid targets and moves they can make.

Be smart about your choices. The main reason you run out of time and lose a raid is because your Pokémon (or your teammates’ Pokémon) fainted too many times.

Growing Herba Mystica from Tera Raids

Five- and six-star raid targets on the Paldea map.  Gengar, Glalie, Drifblim and others are under five stars and Vaporeon, Blissey and others are below six stars.

Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image source: Game Freak/The Pokémon Company, Nintendo

If you want to farm Herba Mystica from Tera Raids with purpose shiny huntingyou should watch out for some specific attacks. Herba Mystica only drops from five and six star raidsand some Pokémon drop certain types of Herba Mystica.

Not every Pokémon in five-star attacks will drop Herba Mystica, but if they do, they will drop it at a rate of about 10% per Herba, according to Every six-star raid Pokémon has a chance to drop Herba Mystica at a rate of about 13% per Herba.

Notably, the Pokémon below have a chance to drop all types of Herba Mystica, meaning you can get up to five Herba Mystica in a single run if you’re lucky.

In five-star raidsearch Gengar, happy, Glalie, Drifblim, Amoonguss, Eelektross, Palafin, Cetitanand dondozo.

In six star raidsearch steam, happy, Amoonguss, Cetitan, dondozoand Farigiraf.

High Level Ditto Raid

If you’re organizing a Ditto attack, choose a weak Pokémon, as Ditto will turn into the host’s Pokémon. Magikarp is a popular choice, but it can be anything weak. This will allow you to complete the raid with ease—and in the end, you’ll win Ditto with a couple of perfect IVs, which is great for breeding.

Pokémon meta selection

Iron Hands, Azumarill and Chansey on the Paldea map with their respective hold items

Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image source: Game Freak/The Pokémon Company, Nintendo

In fact, with a good mix of type and your Pokémon are properly trained, you can successfully use most Pokémon in high-level Tera Raid. However, some players prefer specific builds to help them actually destroy raid targets.

Here are some popular choices that we’ve also tested and used:

Belly Drum Iron Hands raid build

Iron Fist, captured in Sector 0 as a Purple Pokémon to exclude, to expel, is a type of combat and powerful electricity that you often see in online raids. It can solo some six-star attacks if built correctly. Set it up with the following:

  • Nature: Adamant
  • Ability: quark drive
  • Tera Type: combat or electricity
  • EVs: 4 HP/252 Attack/252 Special Defense
    (Alternatively, you can also put 252 on Defense, or you can divide the EV by two defensive stats.)
  • IV: Max HP, Attack, Defense, Special Defense and Speed
  • Item held: punching gloves or energy boost
  • move: Belly Drum (learns at level 84), Thunder Punch (learns at level 21), Electric Terrain (hits memorized), Drain Punch (TM68)

Using this strategy, you use Belly Drum for the first turn, which will reduce your HP by half. Then you spam Drain Punch to get your HP back. Drain Punch deals a lot of damage (especially with the Punching Glove item) and can fully restore the Iron Fist’s health. If the target Pokémon is weak against electric attacks, you can use Thunder Punch, but you should still use Drain Punch to ensure that Iron Hands don’t faint.

If you have a lot of other Iron Fist in your raid (which happens often if you play online), then you can use the Electric Terrain to increase its stats even further, thanks to the Quark ability Drive of the Iron Fist. You only need to do this if you and your Iron Fist teammates don’t have an Energy Boost item.

Do not carry the Iron Fist against opponents of the spiritual, elven, or terrestrial type.

How to build a powerful Azumarill raid

This is another fan favorite that you will see in countless raid battles online. Set it up with the following to create a fearsome water and fairy-style destroyer:

  • Nature: Adamant
  • Ability: colossal power
  • Tera Type: fairy or water?
  • EVs: 252 HP/252 Attack/4 Defense
  • IV: Max HP, Attack, Defense, Special Defense and Speed
  • Item held: shell bells
  • move: Belly Drum (reflective egg move), Rough Play (learns at level 25), Liquidation (TM110), Helping Hand (learns at level 1)

To teach Azumarill Belly Drum, you need to have it hold a Mirror Herb item (buy from Delibird Gifts) and delete one of its moves, giving it an open move cell. Then put it on a picnic with Hariyama with Belly Drum. After waiting a minute, Azumarill will learn Belly Drum.

This strategy is the same as that of Iron Hands: Use a Belly Drum and then use Liquidation or Play Rough to kill the target Pokémon. Unlike Iron Fist, Azumarill doesn’t have an HP drain move, so you’ll need to rely on HP recovery cheers or the item holding its Clamshell Bell to heal it.

Note that, as of this writing, something is amiss about this Azumarill build. When using Play Rough, it seems to deal a lot of damage, but the target Pokémon will “regain” some of its lost HP. While we’re not sure what’s going on, the damage is still massive despite this bug, so don’t worry if it looks like you OHKO the target but then the target gets 25% HP back. The Pokémon Company has admitted this error and indicate that a fix will be available in a future update.

Do not use Azumarill against poison, grass, or electric-type Pokémon.

Eviolite Chansey raid build

This is a personal favorite of mine to use when you have a party full of Iron Fist and Azumarill. You can run support with Chansey by setting it up like this:

  • Nature: Bold
  • Ability: Healer (Hidden Ability)
  • Tera Type: does not matter
  • EVs: 252 HP/252 Defense/4 Special Defense
  • IV: HP, Defense, Special Defense and Max Speed
  • Item held: Eviolit
  • move: Help Hand (learns at level 32), Life Dew (learns at level 12), Heal Pulse (learns at level 28), Soft Boil (learns at level 44)

You can also substitute Soft-Boiled for Thunder Wave (TM84) to help limit raid Pokémon, but make sure to avoid using this with normal type targets that can know the Facades to move. (Facade deals more damage if the user is paralyzed, poisoned, or burned.) If worried about Pokémon raiding using Taunt, you can perform a simple attack on Chansey’s I’m like Echoed Voice.

The strategy here is really simple: Just keep your companions alive. Spam Life Dew continuously and use Heal Pulse if a specific ally is running low on HP. If everyone is healthy, you can use the Help Hand to power up the Pokémon instead.

The Chansey holding the Eviolite, when properly trained, will be bulkier than the Blissey, which is why you should use this setup.

This strategy works pretty well with all Pokémon (even the battle type), but won’t work in battles with NPC teammates.

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