Review – Warcry: Heart of Ghur is Warhammer at its best

Warcry made a big surprise when the Game Workshop announced it in 2019. But after the release Warhammer 40,000: Kill TeamThe community is ready for another miniature skirmish, this time set in the fantasy world of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. The appeal is the same – an engaging game that requires only a handful of miniatures to play, and a system with the potential for strong narrative campaigns and a bustling competitive scene. The result was a success with both fans and critics. Warcry: Heart of Ghur is monday Warcry box set, released for retail in August, and it marks a simple yet effective revision of what has been Games Workshop’s best set of rules.

Heart of Ghur Set in Gnarlwood, a rugged marshland twisted and possessed by the bleeding life force of an extraterrestrial ship. Its treasures lie hidden in wicked lands, guarded by wicked beasts, carnivorous plants and other chariots that crave blood and fortune.

The box includes a thick board for combat, enough terrain to fill the area, and two complete battle bands for head-to-head play. The Rotmire Creed are a group of psychopathic plague alchemists who are committed to defending their territory from the ferocious Horns of Hashut, a merciless brute force intent on incinerating the land and pouring waste discharge everything they encounter. While these two loathsome Chaos-worshiping factions appear in this release’s main storyline, other warriors from the Games Workshop lineup can also enter Gnarlwood in search of alien artifacts .

The distinct setting is a big part of the charm with Heart of Ghur. One of the strongest features of Games Workshop’s fighting games – Murder squad, Necromundaand even Blood bowl To some extent – is the ability to create smaller battle bands with just a handful of characters from your favorite army. The cost of a full fat Age of Sigmar military can reach a minimum of a few hundred dollars, but in Warcry you can build four or five different battle bands for the same price. Almost anything and everything from Age of Sigmar product line is provided here, with all statistics and rules available Free online.

Picture of a man wearing a bamboo conical hat standing on a stilt house.  He wears a green cloak, and holds a syringe under the primitive skin.  His companion, a skull-faced man with skin lesions, aimed for a shotgun.

Two figures of warriors with bronze sails.  They wore bronze helmets shaped like bull heads, and their boots shaped like capes.

What elevates? Warcry However, what sets it apart from its competitors is its excellent flow and speed of play. It’s a very dynamic game, as the scenarios and terrain layouts are randomly generated. Some decks are shuffled and cards are revealed to designate the battlefield setting and objective. Each procedurally generated encounter also boasts a twist, providing an unexpected rule change and strategic wrinkle. Twisting is one of the most interesting aspects of Warcry. Some resulted in improvements common to all participants, such as boxers getting an extra point in endurance, while others changed the standard move or fight rules. This promotes tactical considerations in a way that causes players to change their strategies and adapt to the evolving situation.

Play is similar to dynamic, as each player in the round rolls the dice and separates their results into groups of singles, doubles, and triples. While the participant with the largest number of singles wins the initiative for the round, doubles and triples are reserved for faction-specific abilities. This provides a large degree of asymmetry beyond the fighter configuration, allowing for unexpected combat enhancements or aggressive maneuvers. I really like the system Murder squadTactical cards, which require more research. In Warcry you just need a small chart that is easy to refer to and understand.

Triggers in an individual pattern, with players alternating back and forth. The tactical considerations are huge despite the very simple activation and combat system. Texture is provided by interactive terrain, objective-based gameplay, and a battlefield where warriors leave and enter during combat.

Figure of a tree that has grown into a giant skull.  The terrain piece comes with two smaller images showing the barriers made of rocks and reeds.

Warcry Also a tall vertical game in which your troops can climb structures and jump over gaps. This supports the cinematic feel of fast-paced conflict. It also rewards innovative terrain modeling.

At its core, Heart of Ghur close to the present Warcry set of rules. But it does move the game forward in two key areas.

Most notably is a new reaction mechanism. This allows fighters to trigger unique breaks with double and triple power dice. It’s an elegant system that evokes the override mechanism common in many sci-fi themed miniature games. The player can react to an opponent’s attack by attacking them first, or using a ranged attack when someone moves into their field of vision. Each faction has their own unique response informed by their particular context and fighting style. It’s a great addition to the game as it enhances the dynamics and flow of conflict, integrating perfectly into the interlaced trigger structure. It’s surprisingly smooth and feels like it’s always belonged.

Heart of Ghur also increase active play. The system now more closely mimics the Road to Glory campaign system in Age of Sigmar. Warband story objectives are integrated into existing scenarios as an additional consideration, allowing players to progress on their personal narrative path and gain mission points. The mission is finally completed, giving rewards for such enhanced fighters or a powerful artifact to use. The good thing about this is that it’s an extra layer to the game that sits on top of the simple combat structure and provides a richer and more satisfying experience.

WarcryIts new territory management system is equally great. You can send warriors from your force out to explore and seek their fortunes, risking their health. This has the nuances of the grass system in Necromundaand feels like a more mature and dramatic fusion that helps accentuate the Gnarlwood scene.

Overall, much of what’s presented in this box is simply amazing. The system has not been modified too much, still keeping the core spirit of what was created Warcry especially. However, it has been significantly improved in an elegant and sophisticated style.

From a cost perspective, the value of this set is sufficient; isolated, maybe even powerful. However, it’s hard to ignore how great the original is Warcry core box has been. While the groups of warriors here are just as engaging as the previous one, the original terrain set is one of the best contained sets that Games Workshop has ever released, so it’s difficult to figure out. Heart of Ghur to measure. Gnarlwood is still a great environment to pour blood into, and it comes to life admirably with its scrawny trees and glittering skulls.

Heart of Ghur is also an introduction to Gnarlwood, an environment that will continue to be explored with additional terrain and box sets in this new installment of the series. Warcry. This setting is very important and goes beyond the confines of this skirmish. Both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer Underworlds is releasing titles in this language, as this topic will relate to all Games Workshop fantasy productions.

This is a great start to Warcry‘S second age. My imagination and passion are the basis for upcoming additions and for Games Workshop’s best games to continue to dominate.

Warcry: Heart of Ghur was reviewed using a retail copy provided by Games Workshop. Vox Media has an affiliate partnership. These do not affect editorial content, although Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased through affiliate links. You can find Additional information on Polygon’s ethics policy can be found here.

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