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[This story contains spoilers from the finale of Succession season three.]

The conversation leads to HeirThe December 12 season finale seems to focus almost exclusively on actor Jeremy Strong and the long-term prospects of ego-changer Kendall Roy. However, after the episode wakes up, the individual causing the most buzz is arguably Sarah Snook. The actress, who plays Shiv Roy, ended the third season being disturbed by her mother, her father, and most notably, her husband. Before the credits cut (and an undetermined hiatus), viewers get a glimpse of Snook’s perplexed, albeit shaky, face.

Snook talked to CHEAP on Zoom on Tuesday about various attempts to find that final shot, ongoing debates over whether her show is a drama or a comedy – suggesting: That does not matter! – and if one really needs to like Roys to derive them.

So you are in Australia at the moment. Is there as much speculation between episode 8 and the finale as in the US? Because it feels like everyone is talking about Heir last week.

Yes, everyone thinks that Kendall [Jeremy Strong] dying or something! There are many, “How are they going to end this? What can they do in that episode? “There’s been a lot going on. It’s an interesting thing when you get a show released every week. You get that amount of time for those conversations and speculations.

I wonder how the show would exist differently in the culture if the episodes were scrapped at the same time.

There’s something about the density of language and all that happens – kind of fleeting, really funny lines – that I think you’ll miss. It’s like digesting a delicious meal, not a protein shake you take and then move on.

One of the longer, most eventful scenes of the finale is between you, Jeremy, and Kieran Culkin outside the wedding, when they start to realize they’re being played by their dad. Can you tell me a little bit about that filming?

That was a long time. We did it in a day in Italy, and it was really close to where we filmed the wedding – in the back bin area. I like that about what Mark [Mylod] as director. He likes to place Roys in base, primitive areas. Just because you’re a billionaire doesn’t mean you can get away with trash spilling out, or seafood getting dumped in the second season. In particular, that scene was quite difficult to film. It was a 100 degree day with the sun overhead perfectly reflecting the white dust. I wore heels, slanted shoes, Spanx, and a tight skirt. The wind blew so much dust into my eyes that at one point I had to sit in a cold dark room with a cold compress on my face. I can’t see anymore. [laughs]

Even the rich sweat at summer weddings.

Regardless of wealth, you are still schvitz. You can see that we are all dying. And it was so hot in the little little chapel with the light and all the people. But that’s also where I get my favorite clip from episode 9, in terms of lines, when Shiv leans behind Roman and tells him that their mother is the only one who “makes bed-wetting” of her son exploded.” Like… what the hell is she talking about? I like it.

Having made the show three seasons now, have you noticed that Jesse Armstrong and the writers are currently writing for your talent or interest?

I do not know. I think they have. I know that they write on Kieran’s strengths. It’s a kind of “chicken or egg” scenario. Reading the script, I was always impressed by how I could hear Kieran speak that line, or way Matthew [Macfadyen] sound will do this. There are multiple voices for each of these characters and the actors portray them in the text. I guess that will happen to me too.

Are you surprised to see anything lost in this season edit?

There is a very good scene between Marcia [Hiam Abbass] and Shiv in the finale where Marcia was just… excellent. She has a bit of this backstory and talks about how spoiled kids are. I understand it can get clipped because of momentum, but it’s cool. I love any scene I play with Hiam or J. Smith-Cameron or any of the other women in the movie.

There’s a lot of talk about “likability” in TV characters, especially on this show where everyone is morally bankrupt. In your experience, do actors even talk about it the way audiences do?

I mean, it’s always great to have your audience root for your character – but it’s even more fun when you can get them to originate from a morally questionable character. It’s more fun to play. I think for Shiv, it’s a joy that she grew up in this family where you are programmed to reach or connect with power – to constantly vie for position. In the past, she was more forceful when she said, “Well, I’m going to make my own career out of the family business. I will have a successful marriage. I will do all of this to set boundaries and be strong on my own terms. “But they were all captivated by their father’s liking.

This season, both working with her husband and having to support the family, it’s too much. Then, having to choose between her brother and her father, when her brother is more in line with her values ​​and beliefs… But, is he even? Isn’t he narcissistic? Probably. Then her with her dad, this dinosaur. It was a cup of poison she got drunk on, and so I don’t know if she has the ability or the courage to be able to stay out of it.

Some of the scenes between you and Matthew this season have been… incredibly dramatic to watch. What will your relationship be like between the times you spit all this stuff at him?

To be honest with you, most of the time we laugh about it To be horrible too. When Shiv comes home drunk after that talk with her mother, every time we do that scene it’s like “Ha ha ha.” It leaves a really bad taste in your mouth because you’re saying these things so painfully, but the fun of it is just to go, “Can we say this and is it believable? ?” You just have to understand the truth and any inner reasons for saying these things, and it works.

Another thing that comes up a lot when people discuss Heir It’s up to debate whether it’s a comedy or a drama and how different actors play it. Do you think of it with one or the other?

Is not. In any case, you have to play it with a degree of honesty and commitment. Reason Parks and Recreation It’s funny because they’re committed to their characters. They commit to the moment their characters are in. That’s why it works. I think it’s the same with Heir. The text is there. It gives us funny lines to talk about, but those are funny moments because you’re doubling down on who the characters are.

Tran is the last face we see in the season finale. Can you talk a little bit about how you were told to play it?

The scenario is like… “Logan leaves. We see the kids come back. Shiv sees Tom, and then she falls apart. Tom came in and said, “Shiv, are you okay?” “When Tom entered the room, it was improvised. There were different endings. There was one version where Roman kept calling for help with the top floor. There’s a scene where Kendall gets really angry and comes out to confront him. with Logan a bit more Shiv is just in shock of what just happened Her mother abandoned them Her father did dirty things to them and then she sees her husband doing the same thing. It was like, “Fuck me. I can’t trust anyone.” So when Tom’s closeness came, I had to play with, like, “What do I have to show?” We all have a mask of privacy and publicity. What do I show Tom about the knowledge he thinks I have? It seemed wise to hide that I knew he did it. Also, that’s the scenario where I didn’t say anything.

So when we did that, I remember Mark coming in then, like, “Yeah, I think we’ve found the end of the season.” It’s a pleasure when you are trusted by the director to naturally empower your creativity. I love how they do this so often with Heir. The scene may end, but it doesn’t end until the director calls it “cut”. So keep being your character, invent, do something else, live in it until you hear “cut”. Some really cool magic can come out of that.

I talk to a lot of writers and actors and when asked if they could work on another show for a few episodes, the answer is almost always. Heir. So, as someone on that show, what would your answer be?

Hacks. Jean Smart is amazing. Maybe I just want to be her when I grow up.

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