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There are a lot of troubling trends on social media, but one of the weirdest things for me is the complete removal of pores. One thing to know is how to shrink pores with makeup, but — hot apps — applications that smooth the skin so intensely that it’s no longer porous are just weird. Not only does our skin look flawless with some visible pores (part A), but also need surname.

Celebrity esthetician and nurse dermatologist Natalie Aguilar says, “Healthy skin consists of a good balance between water and oil. “Pores help control this balance.”

At the same time, I can understand why someone would want to edit their photo to “Pores? Never heard of her.” Especially in the age of iPhone cameras with extremely good resolution. Tiny holes leaking oily water? Not quite ideal. But knowing that everyone has a last name — yes, even her — helps. And while you don’t necessarily have to change the size of your pores (they’re heavily influenced by genetics), you can absolutely reduce their appearance.

To help us learn how to shrink pores without a filter, we teamed up with Aguilar and SkinSpirit aesthetic nurse practitioner Anne Marie Fombu. Two covers tailored to your morning and afternoon routine, a small nose pore fix, and the best clay mask in the game.

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Why are pores important to our skin?

Pores have always been a skincare target, but lately they’ve become more prominent thanks to social media.

“The pores have been getting a bad rep recently,” says Fombu. “We’re presented with photos of celebrities with pore-free skin, which is undermining our perception of ‘normal’ skin.”

Reality, normally consists of skin with small hair follicles that have sebaceous and sweat glands at their base. The contractile glands secrete oil to lubricate the skin and sweat to detoxify. The balance of oil and sweat is crucial to creating a healthy barrier — pores help maintain that balance. “If our skin doesn’t get moisture from sebum, it cracks and tears with movement,” Aguilar adds.

That’s when the pores are enlarged and they become a minor problem.

“Excess oil secretion combined with dirt and bacteria can enlarge and clog your pores, leading to acne,” Fombu explains. “Pores are the gateway for dirt, debris, and bacteria. Unclogged pores allow your skin care products to be absorbed easily.”

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What steps can you take in your skin care routine to minimize pores?

There are many products out there that work to help you tackle your pore problems, but being proactive on a daily basis will keep them from becoming clogged or enlarged. Our beauticians have shared tips for exactly how to tweak and tailor your skin care routine to shrink pores.

In the morning…

  • Start your morning by drinking a full glass of water. Even a $1,500 worth of ice cream can’t help us if we’re dehydrated. A well-hydrated body means plump, hydrated skin with tighter pores! – Natalie Aguilare
  • When washing your face in the morning with the aim of removing excess oil build-up, avoid choosing a cleanser that is too dry because removing all the oil can damage your skin barrier, leading to more oil production. – Anne Marie Fombu
  • After removing makeup, washing your face with cold water will constrict blood vessels, reduce redness, and help tighten pores temporarily. – Natalie Aguilare
  • Avoid oils, heavy creams, and products that strip moisture as they can dry out the skin and can be counterproductive, producing more sebum. Light and airy is the goal when using skin care products for large pores. – Natalie Aguilare
  • Pore-minimizing serum can be used — I consider it a combination of skincare and cosmetics. – Natalie Aguilare

In the evening…

  • One product that can play an essential role in your overall tone and texture is toner. Toners help balance skin’s pH, remove traces of chlorine from water, dirt or makeup, and prepare skin to receive follow-up products such as essences, serums, and moisturizers. – Natalie Aguilare
  • Supplementing with medical-grade retinol is a must if you’re dealing with enlarged pores. Retinol has been shown to help regulate oil production, increase cell turnover, and improve skin texture. – Anne Marie Fombu
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Are there any treatments that are helpful to minimize the appearance of pores?

When it’s time to call in the experts to learn how to shrink pores, Fombu and Aguilar suggest some in-office treatments.

“The most common treatments are micro pen or microneedlingwhere tiny, micro-needle needles penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production,” Fombu shares.

Another common procedure that Fombu recommends is DiamondGlow FacialA resurfacing treatment that deeply cleanses extracts, exfoliates and infuses skin-nourishing serums.

One of Aguilar’s favorite recommendations is DMK . Enzyme Therapy. “This skin-care treatment encourages the repair and rebuilding of new cells to function more optimally — essentially, it reboots your skin so it works at its best,” adds Aguilar. . “This is a great treatment as it helps to balance and correct anything that might be causing larger-than-normal pores.”

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The nose tends to be a problem pore area for many people. Any tips for how to shrink pores in that particular location?

“The reason the pore area is the most problematic is because we breathe through our nose, the oil on the nose will trap the dirt first,” explains Aguilar. “They’re more likely to clog up than any other part of our face, making pores appear bigger than they really are.”

To keep pores at bay around our noses, Aguilar recommends using a pH-balanced purifying toner, exfoliating scrub to use once or twice a week, a clay mask or a nose patch.

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What is the best clay mask to shrink pores?

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