The 11-time champion did not return to WWE due to ‘out of land’ despite being close to Triple HOW

Recent reports suggest that former D-Generation X member and current AEW star Billy Gunn may not be present at the same time. Triple HOW and other stable friends on October 10.

The premiere of RAW’s first season on October 10 is set to feature some big surprises, including the return of Triple H and D-Generation X. The show will showcase DX’s 25th Anniversary and will witness the return of the Road Dogg, Shawn Michaelsand Sean Waltman.

Billy Gunn is a major part of D-Generation X in the Age of Attitudes. He, along with Road Dogg and X-Pac, was part of DX, led by Triple H after Shawn Michaels took a leave of absence. He held multiple tag team titles with Road Dogg during that time. He has held the team championship 11 times in his career.

Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer reported that while there was a chance for Gunn to return to RAW with a special appearance, the chance was reduced due to “empty land.” Gunn is currently an on-screen talent for AEW, where he competes and manages the Praised team.

” Obviously in the core group, HHH, Michaels and Road Dogg will be there and they can always bring Sean Waltman back. The other key member will be Billy Gunn. There was an opportunity a few months ago that they could have gotten him since Tony Khan allowed his talent to do taped interviews on the John Cena show, but the breakdown of land for me know the odds are not good for that to happen now,” Meltzer noted.


Huge reaction is expected for Triple THEM

The report also states that there is an expectation that The Game will receive a standing ovation from the crowd. This will be Triple H’s first appearance since taking on the role of Chief Content Officer.

It also says they’re prepared for any tribute to Billy Gunn’s ‘Daddy A*s’ mocker in the segment.

” I was told that if a chant of “Daddy A*s” happened, they would be ready. This is HHH’s first time joining RAW since he took over as chief creative, so expect him to get a monster reaction. ”


Some other names that were once a staple of the stables include the late Rick Rude and Chyna.

It will be interesting to see how audiences react when The Game hits screens for the first time since his retirement speech at WrestleMania 38. It remains to be seen which superstars will go head to head with Iconic stables.

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