The ‘And Just Like That’ Women and ‘The Golden Girls’ Are the Same Age. Everyone’s Freaking Out.

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Thanks for being friends, Carrie Bradshaw???

It has drawn the attention of the internet — some things in this world are more confusing — that the characters in And just like that…HBO Max’s The sequel series of Sex and the cityWe age ice as if women in Golden girls is when that comedy first came out.

People are weird about age. Some paranoia about it. Some dread it. There are people who show pride in a way that shows they are actually quite panicky and insecure. We regret, we worry, we nostalgic for the past. We are confused by what is happening to our bodies as we age. Everyone has a different relationship, typically extreme in terms of age. But there’s one thing that unites us all when it comes to it: We judge.

The shock and astonishment of the Internet is that Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw and Bea Arthur’s Dorothy Zbornak are both thought to be around 55 years old because Carrie and girls on And just like that… Looks like they won’t get that old, or is it because it’s hard to believe that our cherished cheesecake-loving lanai couches can be so young? Neither answer reflects you particularly well, guys!

This is not the first time this kind of hysteria has erupted. Jennifer Lopez once wore a glittery bodysuit and climbed to the top of a pole to perform a stripper in Super Bowl halftime performance it was nothing short of an Olympic sporting feat — and people pointed out that entertainer Rue McClanahan’s age golden girls character, Blanche, at the beginning of the series: 50.

In a way, I think we all understand that golden girls somehow older than when the series aired. Some performers are older than their characters; Arthur and Betty White were both 63 when the show started. They had gray hair and a more wife-like style, and they moved to South Florida, as so many did in their twilight years. Then there’s the fact that Hollywood has never before put four vibrant female characters in their fifties on television, let alone lent them dignity and vibrant personalities. Seeing them together was such a shock to the audience that they instantly aged by assuming.

So it’s interesting that the characters in And just like that… Obsessed with aging much more than golden girls used to. That’s the value of the show, especially as we get to know these women the most, the socially accepted, the “wonderful” point in their lives — hot, successful, sexy women. drooping in the thirties. I love the show that explores how they adjust, often uncomfortable, to this new way in which they are seen and treated by the world — not to mention how they see and judge themselves. That makes some fans seem very sad to see these characters in that setting… well, that’s the problem.

In this week’s episode [WARNING: some spoilers ahead], Carrie got it. The hot young It Girl downstairs — the new Carrie Bradshaw if you will, a bruised realization — gave up. It happened again, by a handsome male model, the kind she might have dated, who happened to be naked with his dick bouncing around.

She’s torn between trying to be cool and stylish, not sounding like the Old Lady’s wet blanket when they’re up all night playing music, and embracing her new life and new ways. that it makes her happy: for example, walking around the block with a nightgown, a scarf around her head, oversized sunglasses, and rubber gloves to smoke without smothering the apartment and her clothes.

Like in every episode, the characters react to some other old fire alarm. Carrie and Miranda couldn’t help but be surprised that Charlotte “still” gave Harry the job. “Is he dying?” “Is it his birthday?”

And most bitterly, if painfully, Miranda and Steve come to a crossroads when it comes to what they want out of their lives. “We’re 55 years old, Steve. That is not old. Want another 30 years? “Miranda asked him. Steve? Forgiving the fact that the series seemed so focused on depicting him as the oldest man that ever lived, he made one stand out: They don’t age. , but they’ve reached a point after so many years together, that stalemate, should be satisfied. It’s what they deserve: “It’s life.”

Look, few people are more obsessed with their age and aging than I am. I know that the concern is frequent and possibly unresolvable. I brought it up for friends. Send colleagues. To the famous people I interviewed. I am [age redacted] but I act like a movie is being made about my life right now, Bob Newhart will be cast to play me.

I think that’s what’s behind a lot of this AJLT / Golden Girls discourse. People today are not as cruelly outcasts of society as they were 35 years ago when the show was airing. But what might once have been the utopian ideal of the present – aging gracefully – has evolved into something entirely different, something that is supposed to be toxic, and something that I think AJLT too well captured: aging in a stressful way.

Have you seen the sex lives of female college students?

The sex life of college girls is a show that actually came out around Thanksgiving. It may be surprising that, when there is 559 series with original script (as in, not reality TV, not documentaries, not sports, not new old shows using streaming services), it is not always possible for us to watch every stuff as soon as it comes out. Such was the case with this HBO Max gem that we enjoyed over the weekend after hearing great word of mouth from so many people.

Depending on my mood, I go back and forth between thinking the title is creepy or it’s brilliant. It’s like a VHS you’d see advertised in a late-90s cable porn commercial late-night TV channel. Sure, it’s true. The series, created by Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble, explores the ways in which four freshmen at an elite New England college navigate their new independence and freedom, their sexuality, and their desires. , as well as their place in a complex and evolving world. So, technically, their sex life. But also much more than that.

In that regard, the addition and transformation of highly emotional headlines, as offensive to some, is precisely the point. It comments on how these young women are often diminished and exploited in popular culture, and challenges audiences to view their sexuality as healthy, emotional, and beautiful instead of Girls Gone Wild stereotype — and sometimes it’s like that, that’s okay!

In addition to the title, these are richly drawn characters with related issues, some of the most interesting dialogue on TV — rich in pop-culture references, Kaling’s way — and colorful. Regarding the modern anxieties of the college experience as cultures adjust to a new age, forgive me for using the word, “wake up.”

Anyway, if you happen to have time between the 558 other options there are to watch, I highly recommend you check out this series.

I just want to talk about Bruno

It’s still early days, but there’s an indisputable selection for song of the year. Results of 2022. No, the breakdown of our life. It’s unbelievable that any new song, no matter what the rumored song like Beyoncé, Rihanna, or Kelly Clarkson may or may not be out this year, will make it to the top of this song’s absolute genius. .

We are not talking about Bruno” are from Disney’s Encanto To be the song of the moment.

Song from the recent movie is a part phenomenonWith TikTok users accepting the clip, the song rose to the Top 5 of Billboards Hot 100 — first time since “Let It Go” from frozen—And its popularity leads the charge for Encanto The soundtrack does the unthinkable: beat Adele from the top of the charts.

Furthermore, it hasn’t left my head for a second since I first heard it. I don’t “walk” much anymore as I drop onto the sidewalk, covering my shoulders to the chorus of ‘”no no no…And for that, I was delighted to watch this clip of these dancers – like real life people – performing choreography that was then animated in the film, a captivating look at the creative process behind it. after one of the most exciting works of the year entertainment.

See it here.

It’s Viber of the Moment

“Listen, I’m too old, too tired, and too talented for anything.” – Heir Brian Cox stars in a recently Limit line interview when asked if he’s interested in having a frank talk about his life, and also me when I’m asked to wake up and/or do any duties.

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