The best funny games on Switch – The game that will make you who you are

What does it mean to be funny? Merriam-Webster defines humor as “reflecting light and laughter,” and in these dark times, don’t we all need a little Mirror?

Well, do we have fun games for you! From witty writing to steamy chaotic co-op games, this list has everything reflective you could want. Not all games are created equal, so your mileage may vary when it comes to what makes you laugh – if you feel like having your leg cut off by people or whatever, no What lacks expert help can reach you right now – but hopefully you’ll find something to do for you lol, lmao, or even roflmao (do so cautiously) , please).

So grab your clown nose and spare pants, and get ready for our curated list of games that are likely to make you cry with laughter (and reflected light! ) On Nintendo Switch…

After Alligator (EShop Conversion)After Alligator (EShop Conversion)

Publishing company: Battle Pillow / Developers: Battle Pillow

Release date: March 16, 2021 (USA) / March 16, 2021 (United Kingdom / EU)

Later Alligator is a big and silly game that will make you smile like a crocodile. Every minute of this game is crafted with love, attention to detail and a sense of humor that can even make you lose yourself small little. And somehow, despite being an extraordinary story about helping a paranoid crocodile by playing a series of mini-games, it how surprising related. Are there any of us who don’t come to the conclusion that our strange Mafia family is plotting to kill us?

Thimbleweed Park (EShop Conversion)Thimbleweed Park (EShop Conversion)

Publishing company: Huge toy box / Developers: Huge toy box

Release date: September 21, 2017 (USA) / September 21, 2017 (United Kingdom / EU)

Thimbleweed Park originally manifested a kind Double top-Memory-X file aesthetics and atmosphere. It feels creepy, not quite this existential space, long before you get to play as a Reality Ghost. Soon, however, including the absurdity and highly self-referential nature of the proceedings, the game’s tone turns weird, Indiana more than anything where the stakes are raised, drama Its lightness is reinforced by sharp humour. And its care to let players know it’s both a video game and part of their very specific lineage, where breaking the fourth wall is often part of the pack, has always been cherished.

Lair of the Clockwork God (eShop Switch)Lair of the Clockwork God (eShop Switch)

Publishing company: Workshop Ant / Developers: Size five games

Release date: September 4, 2020 (USA) / September 4, 2020 (United Kingdom / EU)

Lair of the Clockwork God is a loving tribute that introduces and mimics point-and-click games, starring two developers – Ben and Dan – as their own version of the adventure game. surname. Its very funny and very British, and extremely silly: At the beginning of the game, for example, adventurer Ben encounters a small raised ladder and refuses to climb, as doing so would be the action of a platformer – not a Guybrush Threepwood wants to be like him. How do you get Ben through this insurmountable step? Well, it involved the discovery of a whole new type of gravity, depicting the corpse of a clown and peeing.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Switch)South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Switch)

Publishing company: Ubisoft / Developers: Ubisoft San Francisco

Release date: Apr 24, 2018 (USA) / Apr 24, 2018 (United Kingdom / EU)

Ubisoft’s superhero sequel San Francisco confidently deserves the shadow inhabitants of South Park. And while it’s no big leap from the original, the end result is a laugh that rips and lifts in all the right places. If you’re easily offended, this might not be the game for you, but it’s a self-conscious cynical humor while it attacks the zealot with a thorny tongue. mine.

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Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch)Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch)

Publishing company: Nintendo / Developers: Smart system

Release date: Jul 17, 2020 (USA) / Jul 17, 2020 (United Kingdom / EU)

Paper Mario: Origami King tries to do something different with its combat system and honestly, we don’t feel it. That doesn’t mean the rest of the game isn’t entirely entertaining, though, and while the puzzle-based battles aren’t quite what a new Paper Mario game needs, they’re not. so bad that everything else shouldn’t be. The result is experience. This is one of the funniest games in the series and it has a really likable companion character, and while the combat isn’t ideal, we still recommend the game thoroughly regardless. talk about every other aspect of it.

Tux and Fanny (EShop Conversion)Tux and Fanny (EShop Conversion)

Publishing company: Ghost time game / Developers: Ghost time game

Release date: September 9, 2021 (USA) / September 9, 2021 (United Kingdom / EU)

Tux and Fanny is an insanely bizarre, absurd game that begins when two friends need to re-inflate their football, and quickly descends into a series of contingencies that will hopefully eventually lead to football is hyped again. Segments include playing as a worm trapped in a horse’s intestines, a massive boss battle with a giant fly, and the sad story of a flea searching for a land his friends aren’t. everyone dies. It’s a particular kind of humour, but if the ridiculous is your thing, you’ll love it.

Overdo!  All You Can Eat (Switch)Overdo!  All You Can Eat (Switch)

Publishing company: Team17 / Developers: Game Ghost Town

Release date: March 23, 2021 (USA) / March 23, 2021 (United Kingdom / EU)

Overcooked’s humor is more about player chaos than scenarios – a good Overcooked player will probably have a very casual, not very funny time. But most of us Not the player is good at Overcooked, so the game is like a “whatever” simulator, which will have you rolling in the aisles while trying to rescue a burning burger . Play it with the right people and you’ll have a great time.

West of Loathing (eShop conversion)West of Loathing (eShop conversion)

Publishing company: Unsymmetrical / Developers: Unsymmetrical

Release date: May 31, 2018 (USA) / May 31, 2018 (United Kingdom / EU)

Every instance of West of Loathing is filled with needless and dry humor that is completely unavoidable; If you are not a person who likes to laugh, you better have a clear direction. Various moments even literally made us laugh, despite being completely alone and with the windows open, disturbing passersby. Whether it’s a grotesquely detailed description of you dipping your hand into a rotting spittoon or getting a boost to your armor skill called ‘Mostly Scabs’ because you’ve gone into the process. Many cactus you will have to die standing inside if not enjoy this humorous throw game at you.

WarioWare: Together!  (Switch)WarioWare: Together!  (Switch)

Publishing company: Nintendo / Developers: Nintendo

Release date: September 10, 2021 (USA) / September 10, 2021 (United Kingdom / EU)

In single-player, WarioWare: Get It Together is very busy; in co-op, it’s all bedlam. Try to successfully coordinate with a friend here while the both of you grapple with your current crew member quirks creating constant carnage, fun, and carnage. it’s amazingly accessible thanks to those super simple controls. You will laugh, you will cry, you will dodge bird droppings on a skateboard.

Grim Fandango Remastered (EShop Conversion)Grim Fandango Remastered (EShop Conversion)

Publishing company: Double Fine / Developers: Double Fine

Release date: November 1, 2018 (USA) / November 1, 2018 (United Kingdom / EU)

This game’s gem is still as engaging and evocative as when you first opened that oversized cardboard box in your PC back in 1998. Even its story and dialogue are engaging and self-representing. more than ever. Following Manny Calavera, a travel agent working in the Land of the Dead, who uncovers a menacing plot involving spirits that pass through its portals, Grim pays homage to so many Various inspirations through its four-action story. There’s the Dia de Muertos (Mexican Day of the Dead celebration) aesthetic that informs its character designs; An interesting yet bleak approach to storytelling that masks the classic mysteries of cinema and literature.

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