‘The Kardashians’ Season 2 Recap

Praise God (Kris Jenner) and glory at the highest level, like kardashian family Season 2 is ending on a much higher note than the rest of this dull season has sung. In their penultimate episode, our brave family was knee-deep and had two internal ribs amputated prepare for their Met Gala. Like the previous few episodes, each of the sisters wanted to remind us that this is First The time when their whole family attended the biggest fashion night as an allied power.

Presumably, they rented the top floor of a luxury hotel in New York, because they prepared so many people, all the materials were worth the price of a studio for private photography, and a barrel of oil to fried dough for a photo shoot. Small treat after the Gala. What, you don’t travel with a small army to make sure you can have fresh donuts whenever you want?

Our roundup of players is Pete Davidson-Who final appeared on screen as Kim’s Gala Day, after referenced off-camera throughout the season—and Blac Chyna. Chyna is visibly existing in the KCU (Kardashian Cinematic Universe) as a judgment for her defamation suit against the loom of the Kardashians.

Met Gala Day is also the day of jury verdicts, and as the family waits to find out if they will have to pay millions of dollars in damages while being forced into priceless couture, all everyone (well, except for Kool Kourtney) is in a state of escape. Kim was running frantically through the streets, covered by umbrellas; Kris needs a martini statistical; Kendall couldn’t stop talking about horse sperm; and Khloé only needed a gust of wind to fall into a panic. So a typical week for these girls. Let’s go into it!

Kyndall: I have to admit, when I watched last week’s preview and realized that this entire episode was going to be about the Met Gala and the continuation of this defamation trial, I was very disappointed. But this episode is surprisingly interesting. The best you can hope for with this show, now that the Kardashians are genuine A-listers, is some weird, bright quote or insight into the ludicrous acts of those guys. super rich people. And I feel like we have a bunch of those, from Kim’s Entire Marilyn Monroe Obsession to Kendall buying horse sperm.

Coleman: Somehow, as the episode opens with a prayer to Kim, her hairstylist, makeup artist, and Khloé – who is a migraine from being overthrown—I have a good feeling about this. They were all holding crystals and talking about how they truly believed Marilyn Monroe and her makeup artist were looking down on them from Heaven. Like, no, they’re doing Olympic-qualified swings in their graves. This kind of pure psychosis is what I used to be desire throughout the season. Well, that and a shot of Pete Davidson, but we’ll get there in a moment. First, back to Kendall’s horse sperm hunt.

Kyndall: I say this as the opposite of an animal expert. I do not know surrogacy is a thing? The fact that Jenner had to explain it in the confessional tells me that it’s not something the average person knows. Somehow, this is less gross to me than a bunch of dead woman’s belongings just hang out in Kim’s hotel suites. I was furious when the people at Ripley’s just lend her these when at first they were very protective of the dress! I also can’t accept Kim yelling at her family and staff not to touch Marilyn’s stuff. Why is she the only one who can destroy the precious relics?

Coleman: You’re right—both are equally gross in different ways. Kendall’s quest is to create the perfect horse for himself by finding some award-winning animal sperm, much like the bored rich man’s behavior. It also brings me that Britney Spears’ tweet about Britney and the horse, where she captioned it“LOVE IS BLIND.”

Kim should really downplay the fact that Ripley’s manager jokingly told her she should come work as an archivist, because she cares so much about preserving these artifacts. . “Come work with us, where we do a terrible job by lending priceless history to those who can afford to pay the most!” The lack of real affection for Marilyn is also evident in Kris’ “portrait” of Jackie Kennedy — even though she looks pretty gorgeous, despite begging everyone for a martini during the trial’s verdict. Blac Chyna’s trial comes into effect.

Kyndall: Praise God, we don’t have to hear about this boring trial anymore! Even so, I do appreciate seeing their reaction to the verdict. This is the first episode where I believe defamation means anything to them. They seemed genuinely surprised when the jury declared them innocent. I’ve spent the last few episodes trying to gauge the stakes of this experiment, and for me, this episode made me see that the Kardashian clan, in its current decline, needs just one win.

Coleman: I swear to you, I will say exactly the same thing. It’s definitely not about the money – Kim’s “joke” that they should sue Blac Chyna for their attorney fees because they won’t be particularly pointed out – and Kris crying in the car on the way to the Met confirmed it. “We are the big winners!” She gasped in tears.

I think in the family’s current state of flux, they really just need to know something is going to work out in their favor. And now that they no longer have that burden, they can start their event without any more worries. Well, except for Khloé (who is only seconds away from breaking down), Kim (who needs a change above red carpet), Kendall (who had to pee) and Kourtney (who never cared about trial and seemed to be flying high above the state’s best salvia).

Kyndall: I read “salvia” as “saliva,” as in Travis Barker’s saliva. And you know what? One of two activities. Kourtney also explained to us that her and Travis’ tongue kiss to avoid staining her lipstick, which in my mind is unforgivable. But I digress!

Let’s move on to the more interesting couple in this episode. Kim and Pete had more sexier jokes for us than Kravis could utter between “sweethearts”. I’m not as enamored with Davidson as the rest of the country and seemingly every hot woman in Hollywood. But I laughed when he said he wanted his and Kim’s first red carpet to be the Kids’ Choice Awards. The way he complimented Kim for his curves at the last Met Gala in an extremely polite way? Lovely.

Coleman: As I tell you I almost threw my laptop against the wall when we finally caught a glimpse of Mr. Davidson’s 9-foot tall figure. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for are from Final Season that the powers have continuously taken away from us! I’m really surprised they kept his scenes in this episode, but thank god they did.

I may easily fall prey to seducers (I am), but Pete is so naturally drawn to Kim that I have to open the window to let in the fresh air of the first 40-degree day in New York to avoid overheating. They have surprising organic chemistry! Somehow, he was able to derive some humor from Kim’s rigid composure. And he’s right: They should be appeared for the first time and received attention at the Kids’ Choice Awards. (Please clap my hands against the envy and slime jokes.) That would be an excuse for them to shower longer after the event than after the Met, which nearly sent me flying across the computer screen. , Blue clues-Style.

But enough about my lust here! I think Kim’s breakdown when they’re too far out of the Gala will make me pack my bags. I can understand why these two fell in love in the end – sadly! – must die.

Kyndall: LAUGH. Well, let’s cool down there. Finally, I just want to mention the team’s post-Met Gala meal, as far as I can tell, consisting of room-temperature pizza and the world’s smallest donuts. This isn’t the weirdest junk food combination, but it’s also not what people who regularly eat carbs would call it, which makes this a “look at us normal” thing. !” funny chain too. Why not pizza and mozzarella? Or pizza and garlic buttons, with little gelato boxes for dessert? Also, the way Kim bites – rather, pulls – on her slice of pizza makes it look like she’s eating the hardest crust in the world. This woman clearly doesn’t know how hard a pizza crust should be, because she acts like this is normal.

Coleman: She looks like a hyena from Lion King ate rotting flesh from the carcasses in that elephant skeleton graveyard after Simba and Nala took a dip. Or is it a memory only I have? Very strange behavior. In fact, I will admit that Pete – a known Staten Island boy—could have screwed things up because they couldn’t enjoy a slice of bread in New York without her throwing it around and biting it, like Jodie Foster in Nell First time trying to discover what real food is. She is in the clouds and he is on the ground. Oh well, more for me!

Most Comparative Siblings

Strongest Sister: This week’s award goes to Kendall Jenner, whom we’ve criticized in the past for her lack of recognizable personality and boring business ventures. But this week, her presence adds an extra layer of stupidity and weirdness that was missing in the previous few episodes. I appreciate her talking about Olympian sperm and relating this to having an Olympian parent. She had an incredibly insightful explanation of her brow waxing at the Met: “It’s the Met.” She also has this to say about her very unique mental health struggles: “The weirdest thing about anxiety and panic attacks is that they sometimes come to me.”

The least risky move to take: Kendall, who spent a much of this season trying to convey how mmm-main it’s for her hair – wait for it – RED, taking another wild and unpredictable twist for the Met Gala red carpet. Keep a steady surface here, because what we’re about to tell you may shock you. She had bleaching…eyebrows. You know, the feature-defining move that people have been doing forever. “My brows are definitely a more adventurous option!” Kendall said in her confessional. “Why not go for it?” Well, why not go for it? AKA, give me your ticket.

Kim’s best tip from “Law School”: Kim is obsessed with reminding us that she’s in “law school,” which is really an apprenticeship and sharing what she’s learned. Usually, she just reiterates common knowledge about the court system and information you can glean from watching Judge Judy. This week, she offers this helpful piece of advice, in response to Blac Chyna’s verdict: “It’s the best lesson in law school because you never know what the jury will actually say. It’s a jury.” Thank you Kim. I can represent myself in court right now!

The most real New Yorker moment: No record breaking here, but here’s a one-off Kendall episode! On the way to the Met, Kendall desperately wanted to pee and — with several cars piled up waiting to drop their hugely popular item on the red carpet — had nowhere to go. Like MacGyver herself, she had the bright idea of ​​peeing into the ice bucket in her champagne limo. pee in a bucket To be very realistic, but if she wanted to be truly a people woman, she would squat between two cars a block from the concert venue in Brooklyn while being surrounded by her friends. She took cover to look for the police, like a real New Yorkers.

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