The Ring of Elden – How to Defeat Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing

With Maliketh dead and Lyndell buried in ashes, it’s time to make the trip to Erdtree and claim the throne. Unfortunately, the war is not over yet. Some of the hardest bosses in the Elden Ring stand in your way. First on the list: Sir Gideon Ofnir, The Knower.

As the leader of the Round Table and a “know-it-all” scholar, it’s no surprise that Gideon boasts an impressive array of attacks. The battle is basically a display of all the strongest Witch and Mantra in the game, many of which you will encounter in previous boss battles. If you know how to avoid these spells – or can put too much pressure on him he will never get a chance to use them – this fight is a fragile outcome.

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Prepare for battle

This is one of the last battles in the game, so you should get a high level when you get here. Somewhere in the 150 range is ideal. Upgrade your weapon up to the max – +25 for standard weapon or +10 for unique weapon.

While Gideon deals True damage, his deadliest attacks deal Magic, Saint, or Fire damage. Wear armor with whatever armor has the highest resistance to Elemental damage (Lusat’s Set is the best of the bunch), and bring some Spellproof, Holyproof and Fireproof Dry Livers for good measure. Mixing Opaline Hardtear into your Magical Physics Pot can also make a difference.

Gideon is extremely weak against Madnessso High Trust constructions should be equipped Madness Mantra. For the Witches, Ranni’s Dark Moon and Eternal Darkness are the best spells for the battle.

Finally, summoning Spirit Ash can help Gideon work quickly. You’ll want something that can deal a lot of damage – Black Knife Tiche is a great choice, as well as Imitate Tear if you’re running a build that focuses on melee.

How to Defeat Sir Gideon Ofnir, The Knower

Comet Azur is one of Gideon's deadliest spells.  When you see the blue beam of energy rushing up, get ready to dodge or take cover behind a pillar.
Comet Azur is one of Gideon’s deadliest spells. When you see the blue beam of energy rushing up, get ready to dodge or take cover behind a pillar.

If there’s one strategy you’d like to adopt against Gideon, it’s relentless aggression. His spells are powerful, but they are mostly bullets with considerable wind power, and can be easily interrupted with a light attack. Backing him up against a wall renders him essentially useless; Close the gap as quickly as possible, and lock him into oblivion.

If you’re using a ranged strategy – be it spells or arrows – you’ll definitely want to bring an active Spirit Summon to the fight. Gideon will cast most of his deadliest spells from afar. Having another player face him to interrupt his role-play will give you time to set up your own ranged attacks without having to worry about dodging his bullets. he.

As soon as you enter the arena for the first time, Gideon will begin a speech. He won’t rampage until he’s finished speaking, so get close to him quickly and deliver your deadly attack before he has a chance to defend himself.

Gideon does not deal melee damage. Instead, he relies on using the strongest spells in the game. These are the Wizards he will use during the fight:

  • Comet. He will shoot a large Glintstone comet at you, sometimes casting spells up to four times in quick succession. Avoid to the side to avoid damage.
  • Comet Azur. He will launch a huge energy beam that can easily shoot you once if you get caught in its path. Fortunately, the fee is very well communicated. Roll to the side just before he drops the beam.
  • Carian Phalanx. He will summon an arc of the magic sword overhead that will shoot at you if you get too close. You can dodge bullets by rolling to the side as soon as they shoot.
  • Rykard’s Rancor. A large red skull will drift towards you, following you around for a while before disappearing. Immediately after, the red streak in the air left by the skull will start to explode, starting at the place where the magic was cast and ending at the place where the skull disappeared. While it looks menacing, the skull itself doesn’t actually do damage. Just pay attention to the path it takes, and get out of the way before the AOE explosions start.
Eternal Darkness can redirect most Wizards of Gideon, including Comets.
Eternal Darkness can redirect most Wizards of Gideon, including Comets.

All of these Witches can also be avoided by arriving behind one of the many pillars scattered throughout the room. Also, if you have the Intelligence needed to use it, Eternal Darkness can be a huge help. It creates a portal that will redirect and absorb nearly all of Gideon’s spells, giving you time to prepare for an attack. Better yet, hit him with Ranni’s Dark Moon to completely remove his Wizarding ability.

Walk between rings to avoid damage from the Three Rings of the Light Spell.
Walk between rings to avoid damage from the Three Rings of the Light Spell.

These are the Incantations Gideon will use during the fight:

  • Black flame ritual. He will summon a circle of black flames around him, which will continue to damage you over time if it connects. Simply dodge him to avoid AOE.
  • Ring of three lights. He will fire three large Holy Rings, directed at you before returning to Gideon a moment later. Go between rings to avoid, or dodge, them. Be prepared to avoid them when they return to the boomerang.
  • Causal law. He will gesture with his arm out to his side, before forming an Elden ring on his chest. Once you hit him five times, the ring will explode. Try to make the final hit with a projectile from a distance to avoid damage.
  • Scarlet Aeonia. He will leap into the air, becoming a lotus before slamming back to the ground, dealing a large amount of Scarlet Rot in an AOE explosion. Run out of the way while he hovers in the air.
  • Bloodboon. He will throw a wave of Blood Fire at you, causing Bleeding. Simply get out of range or dodge back as he charges.

Again, Gideon is extremely weak with melee damage. Although his spells are powerful, they can all be interrupted easily. Face him, don’t attack and you can defeat him before he has a chance to use most of his magic. When you kill him, you’ll be rewarded with 150,000 Runes, the Set of Everything, and the Scepter of All Knows. Now, it’s time to move on and take on Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.

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