Warhammer 40K’s rageiest boy is back and he’s going to fight you

War Hammer 40,000 not a particularly subtle setting. This is a galaxy where the Imperium of Man will fall giant church tank together in the midst of a massive melee, and where one guy can go from being pretty normal to having a goblin lord happen to explode out of his face in a split second. AngronRed Angels, take this out-of-order thing to a whole other level.

The guy basically has two goals in life: get mad and beat, and he’s been very, very mad for 10,000 years at this point. Now he’s returning to the scene in an epic way, alongside the Chaos Space Marines’ World Eaters team, and he’s definitely look very scary and impressive, but what is his deal, and why is he suddenly back and more violent than ever?

An origin uh-oh

Angron was one of the 20 sons of the Emperor of Man. Back before 30,000, the Emperor created 20 perfect boys called Primitives to help him lead a great crusade to unite humanity. The extra-dimensional chaotic forces, fearing the Emperor, decided to throw a spanner monkey to work and scatter his boys across the galaxy to various planets, most of which were pretty terrible.

Angron grew up in Nuceria, a high-tech world that enjoys gladiatorial combat. Angron didn’t roll with the planet’s leaders; he is one of the gladiators, and they put in his head a powerful technology called Butcher’s Nail. Angron is a caring, empathetic protector… but Butcher’s Nails overpowered his better nature and turned him into a killing machine.

The new model of Warhammer 40,000: Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters, depicts a giant red goblin wearing the remnants of marine armor, wielding a ferocious twin swords and an evil chain ax, with large wings folded in the air.

A new Angron model comes with the next book in the Arks of Omen series.
Image: Game Workshop

Finally, Angron was able to rally his gladiators to stand up to their cruel masters. Then the Emperor appeared. The Emperor orders Angron (join me and your brothers, merge the galaxy, etc.) and Angron tells him to go stoned, fully intending to die in his rebellion. The Emperor kicked Angron out of there, refusing to waste one of his son’s stellar genetic material on what he saw as a failed reboot of his son. Spartak.

The Emperor gave Angron his own chapter on the Space Marines, the World Eaters, who were created from Angron’s genes – in a sense, originally his own cloned sons. Angron never forgave his father, and he continued to repeat the cycle of abuse by inserting Butcher’s Nails into each World Eater. When Horus, another primordial being, launched the Horus Heresy to overthrow the Emperor, Angron boarded that train and headed straight for Daemon Station.

Angron explained

The Horus Heresy ultimately failed, leaving the Emperor a shattered corpse on the Throne and the Empire breaking apart irretrievably. But there is no peace. Angron maintained his strategy of headbutting — or World Eaters’ face — to the target multiple times. It wasn’t the most complicated strategy, but it earned Angron Khorne’s favor.

Khorne is one of the four Chaos gods, and if you’re wondering what his selling point is, it’s: “BLOOD FOR GOD BLOOD, SILK FOR SITTING BOXES!” Khorne loves blood, war, murder and carnage. Angron and Khorne were a natural match, and Khorne raised Angron into a fearsome Daemon king.

Warhammer 40,000: Model of World Eaters Space Marines, heavily armored figures wearing red armor decorated with skulls.

Image: Game Workshop

In the current timeline, set in the 41st millennium, the Imperium of Man is enjoying a great respite after a group of Goblin-hunting Marines manage to banish Angron back to Chaos’ kingdom of Chaos. Warp. But with the events of Arks of Omen, Angron is back and he is stronger than ever. He has a giant chain ax in one hand. his bare hands? He used an iron rod to knock down an excess and sinful goblin, and after a long enough beating, the goblin and the iron fused into one sword. It’s both metal and very good — a classic Warhammer 40K in a nutshell.

During the Arks of Omen event, Abaddon the Despoiler — Horus’ henchman and Warmaster of every chapter of the Space Marine destroyed by Chaos — has yet to begin. another crusade across the stars with the Balefleet, accompanied by a Chaos demigod known as Vashtorr the Arkifane. While Abaddon and Vashtorr are working together to overthrow the Emperor (who is still on the throne 10,000 years later), Angron is only causing trouble. He’s stronger than ever; If you banish him, he will return in eight weeks, eight days, and eight hours. (That’s nine weeks in total, I guess, but the creatures Chaos likes to be in the movie.)

Angron is a compelling character because, despite all the murder and gore, he begins as a frightened child on an alien world forced to fight for his life. Which, incidentally, is origin story of most Space Marines, Chaos-poisoning or otherwise. However, when salvation finally came to Angron, it was not in the form of a noble, lovable king like Roboute Guilliman. It was the figure of a cruel, abusive father who despised the slaves who were his friends and family. The Butcher’s Nails still haunt him even as he has been reshaped into a powerful, brutal Daemon king; He has transcended his physical form, but the psychological impact of the Nails is so strong that they are still imprinted in his mind.

Upcoming World Eaters military codex and novel Angron: Red Angel may shed more light on Angron and his boys, but one thing’s for sure: They’re back, they’re mad, and they want to turn your skull into a chair.

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