Warrior Diet – Lose Weight Fast

Today I introduce you to the warrior diet, 3 week weight loss plan.

Shout out to you old folk out there. Have you… mid-shoes, flats or whatever you feel is appropriate.

Do you want to lose weight? Has your current diet plan failed?

Do you want to get rid of the embarrassment without wanting to disappear?

Many people feel confused about what to eat, how and when to eat?

Despite the diet books you’ve read and the programs you’ve tried, do you still find yourself lacking in energy, carrying excess body fat, and feeling physically fatigued? Sexually, do you feel the silhouette of your former self?

As sales of diet books skyrocket, people are getting fatter and fatter! You don’t lose weight by reading diet books. You lose weight by actually doing a proper diet and sticking to it.

I have a great diet plan for you.

Let me introduce you to the Warrior Diet. It was created by Ori Hofmekler, a former member of the Israeli Special Forces, and well-known writer in the health and fitness industries. It is based on the eating patterns of warriors in ancient Greece and Rome.

Warriors would eat very little in the morning, exercise on an empty stomach, and feast at night. This balance between fasting and exercise helps them stay active and healthy.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know I am an advocate of intermittent fasting. The Warrior Diet is an extended period of low food consumption with short periods of overeating. It has been touted as an effective way to lose weight and improve energy levels and mental clarity. The Warrior Diet is a type of intermittent fasting program that cycles 20 hours of low food with a 4-hour period of overeating.

I think it’s worth a try. Do it in three weeks. Contact me if you want any assistance but let me know how it goes and share your results with others in the comments section. If this works for you, this will happen, share it with others so they can benefit from it.

What is the Warrior Diet?

The Warrior Diet is a type of intermittent fasting that revolves around a 20-hour period of undereating followed by a 4-hour period of overeating so that you consume as much food as desired at night.

The Warrior Diet is based on the eating habits of ancient warriors, who consumed little during the day and then ate at night.

It can aid in weight loss

A study akin to the Warrior Diet (20-hour fasting), found that people who consumed meals for four hours in the evening lost more weight than those who consumed the same number of calories in the evening. meals during the day. What’s more, those who ate one meal a day showed significantly reduced fat mass and greater muscle mass. Followers of the Warrior diet claim that this eating method burns fat, improves focus, boosts energy levels, and stimulates cell repair.


The Warrior Diet can lead to binge eating behaviors, especially in people at risk for an eating disorder. This way of eating is not suitable for everyone, including pregnant women and children.

This is the plan Warrior’s Diet has mapped out for you.

Three-week, three-phase plan

Initially, try the three-week, three-stage plan to try the Warrior Diet.

Phase I (week one): “Detox”

20 hours without eating

Eat less for 20 hours a day on:

During the 20-hour fast, you are encouraged to eat less and consume only small amounts of food, including:

• Raw fruit, including apples, bananas, pineapples and berries
• Raw vegetables, such as broccoli, green leafy vegetables, mushrooms and carrots
• Vegetable juices
• Milk, such as yogurt and cottage cheese
• Water used in
• Hard-boiled eggs
• Lots and lots of water, more than just 8 glasses of water a day. You can drink 9-10 cups of water during the fasting phase. Make sure to drink filtered water. You can also add nutrients to the water by adding cucumber, mint, lemon, cinnamon, etc. Drinking water will help you feel full and also keep the body functions active.

As a fasting advocate, I like you to simply cut all calories and drink lots of water, herbal tea and black coffee. Do it one of two ways. Maybe try both?

After 20 hours, people can basically enjoy any kind of food they want within four hours of overeating.

More than 4 hours of eating

During a four-hour period of overeating, eat:

• Salad with oil and vinegar,

A large meal or meals consisting of:

• Vegetable proteins (beans),
• Whole grains that do not contain wheat such as rice, oats or pitta bread,
• A small amount of cheese
• Cooked vegetables.

No Processed Foods, Preservatives, Added Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners. These are very harmful to your health.

Phase II (second week): “High fat”

Like the first week of 20 hours dinner.

More than 4 hours of eating

In the four-hour period of overeating, here’s the “fat” part of the plan, eat:

• Salad with oil and vinegar,
A large meal or meals consisting of:
• Vegetable proteins (beans),
• A small amount of cheese
• Cooked vegetables.
• Lean animal protein like chicken or fish
• A handful of nuts

Phase III (third week): “End Slimming”

This phase rotates between periods of high-carb and high-protein eating.

High carb content for 1-2 days
1–2 days with high protein and low carbs
High carb content for 1-2 days
1–2 days with high protein and low carbs

On high-carb days: Eat dinner 20 hours a day with vegetable juices, clear broth, milk (yogurt, cottage cheese), hard-boiled eggs, and raw fruits and vegetables. Over a four-hour period of overeating:

• Eat salad with oil and vinegar
• Cooked vegetables,
• Small amounts of animal protein
• A major carbohydrate such as corn, potatoes, pasta, barley or oats.

On high-protein, low-carb days: Eat dinner 20 hours of the day with vegetable juices, clear broth, buttermilk (yogurt, fresh cheese), hard-boiled eggs, and raw fruits and vegetables. Over a four-hour period of evening overeating:

• Eat salad with oil and vinegar,
• 8–16 ounces (227–454 grams) of animal protein
• A portion of cooked, non-starchy vegetables.
• Small amounts of fresh tropical fruit can be eaten for dessert.

Take a multivitamin over the course of three weeks. While you should eat a varied diet to ensure you get all the micronutrients you need, a daily multivitamin acts as a policy of insurance.

My recommendation after 3 weeks is to switch to a 16:8 fast intermittent fasting diet.

Don’t forget to exercise. Warriors spent a lot of time fighting or hunting, which consumed a lot of energy. So if you’re on the Warrior diet, you should exercise regularly to expend energy and get in shape.

Good luck with this and don’t forget to share your results.

A more balanced alternative?

If you are looking for a long term diet/weight management program then check it out healthy lifestyle plan. It combines both healthy eating and exercise to ensure you’re living a healthy lifestyle permanently, not just for a few months out of the year.


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