We went to ‘Artist Day’ with ourselves: Showcase your Self-Care MVP!

Despite what the name might suggest, an artist date doesn’t require you to painstakingly draw a rose between your teeth (unless that’s your MO, ofc), so for those of us Ta, who are struggling to draw a stickman, you will not hook. Simply put, artist day asks you to take time for yourself, have fun, be entertained, or do something that nourishes your soul – a concept we can all begin with, whether art is in our homes or not.

For context, the concept comes from author Julia Cameron. In her bestselling book Artist’s Path – A spiritual handbook to reinvigorate creativity – she’s created an invaluable step-by-step guide to living the artist life, centered around three pillars: morning page, artist dating and walking. Working with the principle that creative expression is life’s natural direction, she provides the toolkit we all need to nurture our creativity.

So what does an artist day look like IRL? Julia describes the method as, “a solo, festive, once-a-week expedition to discover something that interests you. Artist’s Day doesn’t have to be “artistic” – think miscellaneous rather than master. Artist Dates ignites the imagination. They spark fickle things. They encourage play. Since art is a game of ideas, they feed our creativity by replenishing us with inspiration and inner images. When choosing Artist Day, it’s better to ask yourself, “what sounds interesting?” – and then allow yourself to try it. “

Whether you spend the day with your camera taking photos just for you, visit a new coffee shop, go to a gallery or National Trust property, or simply enjoy A bougie lunch for one with a book in hand, there are countless ways to boost your creativity and indulge in a rich dose of giddy delights just for the fun of it. They can be as elaborate or as everyday as you like, as long as it gives you unadulterated pleasure.

Taking time for yourself is something many people find objectionable. In today’s hyper-connected world, taking time for yourself seems like an alien concept to most people – a novelty that is often dreamed up between the pages of a diary but never really materialized. reality because a better or more urgent offer always comes up. It feels good to focus undivided attention on yourself, even for an hour or two. We are willing to work on creativity (sometimes) but simple pleasures? Not much. There’s always something more worth our time than sitting with ourselves.

Team Zoella is keen to test Julia Cameron’s game-changing approach and see what wisdom we can gain from engaging our inner artists and nurturing our sense of self, let’s each date with an artist. Keep reading to find out how the team has come up!

Charlotte’s Artist Day…

I do enjoy my alone time, and although I’m quite sociable, I definitely take every opportunity to sit down with myself and my feelings, so the concept of an artist date fits right in. with me! I usually like to go for a walk alone or bring a book to a coffee shop, so for this challenge (if you will), I wanted to do something a little further out of my comfort zone and decided to have a meal. night alone. I really love Purezza- a vegan pizzeria in Brighton- and decided I didn’t want to wait for a spare friend to come along, but I booked one instead!

For some reason, the idea of ​​sitting in a restaurant alone feels a lot scarier than going out alone for the day, and in the hours before booking, I definitely felt a little nervous at the prospect of walking away. on and what else. Diners and staff will think (spoiler: nothing). I certainly did a thorough analysis of my outfit choice – I usually wear something a bit more classy to go out to dinner but for this occasion I wanted to blend in a bit more in the background so I choose a brown knitted midi dress and chunky boots. The restaurant is just a few minutes from my house which definitely made the whole experience feel more manageable and when I arrived I was seated at the window which I was assured people was watching which was great.

Of course, it’s nice to be able to chat with a friend or loved one over dinner, but I realize how much you miss the experience when chatting away and not just allowing yourself to ‘be’ for a while. slice. Charlotte

The staff are incredibly nice I’m sure they’re normal but I can’t help but wonder if they would have been kinder since I’m alone – overanalytical/anxious brain here! I ordered a glass of wine and read my book while waiting for my carbonara pizza (yes you read that correctly) to be prepared and found myself settling into the experience and enjoying the space to enjoy what happening around me and feeling completely present. Of course, it’s nice to be able to chat with a friend or loved one over dinner, but I realize how much you miss the experience when chatting away and not just allowing yourself to ‘be’ for a while. slice. The alcohol certainly made me feel better, but I also just realized that the whole thing wasn’t as big of a deal as I first thought – yes I was the only one eating alone, but no other tables or parties give me. a second look!

Sitting in a window, in a small corner away from larger groups celebrating birthdays or holidays is perfect so one can feel the energy of those around him without feeling out of place with himself. . I finished my pizza, read some more books and paid the bill before taking the short walk home and dropping myself in front of Netflix for a tour of Taylor’s famed Stadium – what a great night!

I think skipping a solo date has given me the confidence to explore more activities on my own, and I certainly wouldn’t let it get in the way of what I want to do in the future if I don’t have friends. group to enjoy. something with. Next on my list is a solo gig!

Lareese’s Artist Day…

Unbeknownst to me, I’ve been dating the artist by chance for… years. From casual walks with an in-ear podcast (usually the sound of Fearne Cotton dripping) to going to the park with a book and a picnic blanket, taking time for myself is how I recharge energy.

I’ve always liked to shop alone, I didn’t think twice about booking a table for one at lunchtime with nothing but a glass of wine and Sally Rooney for the company and I did all the running its marathon but until this ‘We I haven’t really thought much about this feature. I just know that I like my own company in a major way. I love spending time with people but I often end up feeling quite exhausted and have to withdraw from all forms of communication to feel balanced and creative in order to start over. The idea of ​​a solo expedition once a week whether it’s going to the cinema, coffee shop or simply sitting on a couch and gazing into the abyss fills me with joy. stupid way (can you say I’m the one who pushed this? We tried for everyone, right?) And the chance to prioritize simple pleasures over big plans won’t never wasted for me.

Walking is often my number one means of creative recovery, and I want to stick with that because an artist date – as I can gather anyway – isn’t really about what you’re doing but how it makes you feel.Lareese

The beauty of artist day is that the creative license is all yours. Of course, there are no strict rules other than doing it by yourself and having fun with it. Walking is often my number one means of creative recovery (I know, we obviously haven’t done enough of it in 2020 for my liking), ideally in the morning before work. and I want to stick with that because an artist day – from what I can glean – isn’t really about what you’re doing but how it makes you feel. Do I feel like I cheated a bit when I chose… ‘try’ walking? Yes, I do, but there’s maybe authenticity in doing something so casual that it’s hard to pass up for an artist date. And a amble into the ocean or into the woods always makes me feel lighter and well-rested, so I’m a cheap date, what can I say!

Of course I love the opportunity to replenish my introspection. I am a simple person for sea air and put one foot in front of the other because of it. I watch the waves, I sip my coffee, I focus on my breathing, I feel the sun on my big ass cheeks. I’ve heard some damn Norah Jones. And it’s glorious. I took the beautiful route home (read: went through the Waterstones. TOP romance. And I don’t even mind saying I was there to open up as the desperate bookworm I am). Jules, babes – your job here is done.

Julia Cameron’s Artist Dating is available to all of us as a free self-nurturing tool. It’s ‘my time’ wrapped up with a touch of art and commitment to doing some real, free and practical self-care and just for fun. The benefits, however, include: an abundance of serotonin and canceling your membership at any time, which you probably won’t want (even once).

You heard what the respectable TikTok woman said: you have to start romanticizing your life – maybe also start with a date with the artist.

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