What The Media Is Missing About Decentralized Autonomous Organizations According to Cointelegraph

What the media is missing about decentralized autonomous organizations

The New York Times: “Realistic forecast of utopian crypto vision. “Bloomberg:”The Next Crypto Default Could Be Spelled DAO. “The Guardian:”Are blockchain-based DAOs really a revolution in manufacturing?

Every week, it seems, another old defense media echoes the views of defenders of the status quo financial system, who fear and distrust the economic opportunities that will be opened up. through the power of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). While publications are right to note the unsurprising early growth pains of DAOs, this handshake misses the tree when it comes to the impact of DAOs.

Isfandiyar Shaheen is the founder and CEO of Wagmi Labi Inc. Previously, Asfi managed private equity firm Cyan Capital, served on public company boards for Engro Corporation and Engro Foods, helped found cell tower sharing company Towershare, which was acquired by edotco Group in 2017, and co-planned to deploy fiber optic cable on power lines as Entrepreneur residing in Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:).