Which is the strongest Pokemon type in anime?

Pokemon has 18 varieties in entire, which embody their very personal items of strengths and weaknesses. Whereas all of us have our favorites, it’s plain that there are some varieties that stand out from the rest.

Pokemon may be each purely of a single type, or have secondary typings. These mixtures can normally make and break the Pokemon’s stats.

Nonetheless which varieties are complete winners? Which wield primarily probably the most power by the use of offence and defence? Let’s run by the use of a list of the best 15 strongest Pokemon varieties ever.

15. Common

Common varieties are sometimes disregarded because of they’re so elementary. They’ve a couple of of the bottom stats inside the assortment and lack any sort of profit, be it attack-wise or safety, over the other varieties.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Ursaring, Null, Slaking, Blissey, Porygon2, Snorlax, Regigigas, Arceus | Provide: Fandom

The one optimistic is that they’re proof towards the Ghost type. In some other case, Common type Pokemon have very … common outcomes on the other varieties – they’re not statistically strong in direction of any particular type.

That being talked about, Arceus, considered one of many strongest Pokemon ever, is a Ground type – albeit it has a multitype talent to range itself into the other varieties.

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14. Ground

Ground type Pokemon are super environment friendly in direction of 5 varieties, along with Steel. They’re moreover proof towards the Electrical type. Nonetheless they’re nonetheless weaker than the others on the itemizing. These guys sadly turned pretty redundant with the arrival of the Rock type.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Flygon, Rhyperior, Donphan, Garchomp, Excadrill, Groudon | Provide: Fandom

There are a selection of sturdy Ground type Pokemon. Take a look at Primal Groudon. Sadly, though, Primal Groudon is taken into consideration strong not because of its fundamental Ground typing, nonetheless due to its secondary Fireplace typing. 

13. Combating

The Combating type is weak in direction of a whopping 6 varieties. Nonetheless these types of Pokemon are good attackers that rely totally on their bodily could.

Combating makes for an excellent secondary typing, notably paired with the Pokemon type exactly reverse to them, like Ghost, Darkish, and Psychic.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Mienshao, Lucario, Keldeo, Hawlucha, Buzzwole, Urshifu | Provide: Fandom

We’ll’t talk about Combating and by no means level out Mewtwo. Positive, I do know Mewtwo is Psychic, nonetheless what most people neglect is that Mewtwo has an alternate type generally known as Mega Mewtwo X, that has a secondary Combating typing.

It has the perfect Assault stat amongst all Pokemon and it makes Mewtwo the second strongest Pokemon of all time.

12. Tie: Grass & Rock

Grass is the weakest of the three Starter type Pokemon and are moreover not very environment friendly in direction of 7 varieties, along with Bug. Nonetheless what offers it the subsequent place is the reality that it might be paired with just about each different type.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Tangrowth, Sceptile, Zarude, Tapu bulu (GRASS TYPE) | Provide: Fandom

A Grass type Pokemon with a strong secondary type may be a helpful asset to any coach. Roserade is a Grass and Poison type and has pretty extreme stats. The well-known Period I Venasaur will be pretty toxic with it its Poison pairing.

Rock type was first made well-known by Brock. They’re inclined to five out of the 18 varieties – which is relatively rather a lot. Nonetheless on the same time, it’s normally strong in direction of 4 – Flying, Fireplace, Ice, and Bug varieties.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Tyrantrum, Rampardos, Gigalith, Coalossal (ROCK TYPE) | Provide: Fandom

They’re environment friendly with bodily strikes like Smack Down as seen with Mega Tyranitar, who, let’s admit it, is pretty darn scary when it needs to be.

11. Tie: Poison & Bug

The true goal Poison is not going to be lower on the itemizing is that Poison type Pokemon are proof towards and highly effective in direction of Fairy, the strongest form of Pokemon. Poison type has some pretty badass Pokemon.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Mega Beedrill, Mega venusaur, Roserade, Vileplume (POISON TYPE) | Provide: Fandom

Take Eternatus as an illustration. Its secondary type is Dragon, so clearly it’s pretty strong. It has the perfect base stat entire of each different Pokemon.

Bugs are moreover super environment friendly in direction of stronger varieties like Psychic and Darkish. ButBugs are normally not very environment friendly in direction of a whole 7 varieties. Some Bug-type Pokemon (Scyther and Scizor) are literally fantastic.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Araquanid, Ribombee, Escavalier, Heracross (BUG TYPE) | Provide: Fandom

The problem is, the strongest attacking Bug varieties are so because of they’ve strong secondary typings like Steel and Fairy.

10. Flying

Flying Pokemon have the perfect frequent velocity out of all totally different varieties. As for his or her totally different stats, they’re super balanced – they’re equally environment friendly and by no means environment friendly in direction of 3 sorts of Pokemon. They’re moreover clearly proof towards Ground varieties.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Noivern, Togekiss, Talonflame, Staraptor | Provide: Fandom

The overwhelming majority of this kind appear as a secondary typing in numerous Pokemon varieties, the commonest pairing being with Common.


The infamous Mega Rayquaza is a Dragon and Flying type, and everyone seems to be conscious of how overpowered its Dragon Ascent switch may be.

9. Ghost

Most totally different form of Pokemon (and trainers) are scared of ghosts and this offers Ghost varieties an additional advantage. Their opponents are already afraid sooner than the battle begins. Ghost varieties make for good specific attackers.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Mismagius, Banette, Decidueye, Aegislash | Provide: Fandom

Nonetheless what makes Ghost varieties really environment friendly is the reality that they’re completely proof towards Combating and Common sorts of Pokemon. These are the commonest and abundantly encountered Pokemon, so merely bringing out Gengar or Giratina is an easy win.

8. Electrical

On amount 8 we’ve acquired Electrical, with Pikachu repping the face of Pokemon itself. Acknowledged for its velocity and specific assaults, the Electrical type may be paired with the overwhelming majority of various Pokemon varieties to supply rise to extraordinarily strong twin type Pokemon.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Jolteon, Ampharos, Electivire, Xurkitree | Provide: Fandom

An occasion of an actual beast is Zekrom, a Dragon and Electrical type, who can be a Legendary Pokemon. If an Electrical type can be a Ground type (like Stunfisk) it’ll presumably cast off the one weak spot it has.

Furthermore, if combined with a Water type or Steel type, they flip into twice as environment friendly, since they’re every good conductors {of electrical} power.

7. Psychic

The Psychic type was an overpowered type in Period 1, shortly to get changed by Darkish inside the subsequent period. Psychic has been a fan favorite given that very beginning, when Alakazam first reveals off its telekinesis on the spoon.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Victini, Tapu lele, Galarian, Wobbuffet | Provide: Fandom

Psychic has primarily probably the most Legendary Pokemon, along with Mewtwo, the Eon Duo, and Lugia, along with the Lake Guardians, Necrozma, and Cresselia, who’re pure Psychic with out secondary typing.

Wobbuffet Village! | Pokémon: Johto League Champions | Official Clip

Nonetheless they don’t have any impression on Darkish Pokemon, and are moreover inclined to Steel and totally different Psychic Pokemon.

6. Steel

Nothing can beat Steel in relation to safety. Even with a pure Steel typing, it’ll presumably resist 10 of the 18 varieties, the perfect amount amongst all totally different Pokemon varieties. If paired with Electrical, this amount will improve to 11. Steel varieties are moreover proof towards Poison varieties.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Metagross, Jirachi, Dialga, Empoleon | Provide: Fandom

Nonetheless Steel type Pokemon may be gradual due to their measurement, and are weak in direction of Fireplace, Ground, and Combating. If Steel varieties are paired with Combating and Fairy combination varieties, like Zamazenta and Zacian, they’re typically really pretty strong.

5. Tie: Water & Ice

Water varieties are generally agreed to be primarily probably the most versatile and adaptable Pokemon, considered a type of Jack of all trades, with balanced stats.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Vaporeon, Feraligatr, Samurott, Inteleon (WATER TYPE) | Provide: Fandom

They’re a Starter type along with Fireplace and Grass, and are one of many very important abundantly accessible varieties, found all by all phases and generations of the anime.

Ice is strong in direction of, proof towards, and inclined to 4 different types. Whereas this seems balanced, it locations Ice type Pokemon in significantly of a slippery place all through battle.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Alolan sandslash, Alolan Ninetales, Aurorus, Articuno (ICE TYPE) | Provide: Fandom

Water varieties have solely 2 weaknesses and in addition can use Ice strikes to face up to the Grass and Dragon varieties. They’ve giant choice too, and actually not typically will you uncover a workforce with out a minimal of 1 Water type Pokemon.

4. Fireplace

Superior at offence and specific assaults, Fireplace type Pokemon are actually resistant in direction of 6 varieties, along with, Fairy and Steel. Positive. They’re in fact super environment friendly in direction of Steel, since fireplace can soften metal.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Simisear, Flareon, Ninetales, Cinderace | Provide: Fandom

Fireplace Pokemon are hella cute (see: Charmander) and pretty beautiful to take a look at (Ninetales, Ponyta). Nonetheless they’re typically pretty terrifying too.

Ninetales’ Lifespan- Merely Prepared on a Pal (Excerpt)

Charizard’s Fireplace type alternate varieties embody Mega Charizard X and Y, who’re Dragon and Flying twin varieties respectively. It moreover boasts of a Gigantimax type.

3. Darkish

These unhealthy boys had been added in Gen II to apparently steadiness out the Psychic type. They’re proof towards and super environment friendly in direction of Psychics and so they’re primarily utilized by the villains and antagonists. They’re unusual and may’t be merely tamed.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Incineroar, Greninja, Morpeko, Zoroark | Provide: Fandom

Surprisingly Darkish is weak in direction of considered one of many weakest varieties – Bug. They are often overpowered by the Fairy type, which may be talked about is the antithesis of Darkish. Darkish Pokemon are recognized for his or her assaults and cleverness.

The most effective combination for Darkish varieties will be with Ghost, like Mega Sableye, who had no weak spot until Fairy was launched.

2. Dragon

Prolonged considered primarily probably the most extremely efficient Pokemon type (successfully, until the highest of Period V), the Dragon type boasts of extreme scores in offensive and defensive strikes, assault and specific assault. It moreover has primarily probably the most Legendary Pokemon, after the Psychic type.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Dragonite, kingdra, Rayquaza, Haxorus | Provide: Fandom

Plenty of the perfect Pokemon are of the Dragon type – take a look at Mega Rayquaza, Mega Charizard X, Dragonite, and Dragapult.

The Dragon typing instantly upgrades a weaker type, like Ground (Mega Garchomp), and Ice (Black and White Kyurem).

Since Steel varieties resist them, a Dragon and Steel twin type Pokemon like Gigantamax Duraludon is formidable.

1. Fairy

The strongest Pokemon form of all time is the Fairy type, which was launched in Period VI. Fairy varieties are proof towards the Dragon type, which was beforehand considered the strongest Pokemon type.

They’re moreover super environment friendly in direction of Darkish varieties. Fairy is actually OP.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Dazzling gleam, Uncommon Steam, Moonblast, Misty Explosion | Provide: Fandom

The Fairy type is the illustration of Gentle and Goodness. And Gentle on a regular basis triumphs. Arceus can flip proper right into a Fairy type, and is taken into consideration the “the God of all Pokemon”. What’s fascinating is Fairy varieties don’t considerably seem like Dragon-type-slayers.

They’re pink, pretty, and cute a number of the events, nonetheless don’t let that deceive you. Fairy type Pokemon deal with supernatural assaults that could be psychic along with bodily. They’re positively to not be messed with.

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