Who is the strongest Stand user in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

Can you take into consideration what your soul energy might look like if it had been made to manifest bodily?

It’s a concept launched by the surreal and great anime, JoJo’s Bizarre Journey. The mastermind behind the manga, is Hirohiko Araki.

Stands are generated psychically by the characters inside the assortment, every the heroes and the villains. Characters can channel their non secular energy inside the kind of their Stands, each as part of them or in some other case.

Stand abilities may be pretty terrifying, magnificent, and mind-blowing. Nevertheless it’s essential to don’t forget {that a} Stand is simply as sturdy as its individual. Listed below are the very best 15 Stand prospects in anime.

15. Ghiaccio – White Album

Ghiaccio is probably going one of many minor villains inside the fifth story arc of JoJo’s Bizarre Journey.

He’s a member of the hitman or execution crew La Squadra Esecuzioniwho locates and chases after protagonist Giorno Giovanna and her ally Guido Mista.

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Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Ghiaccio – White Album | Provide: Fandom

Ghiaccio’s White Album Stand is a freezing abilitity that will flip water and limbs to ice and reduce temperatures to a lethal diploma.

What’s unusual about Ghiaccio Stand is that he’s able to placed on it as a go nicely with that will defend him from all moreover solely in all probability essentially the most extremely efficient assaults.

14. Josuke Higashikata – Mushy & Moist, Crazy Diamond

Mushy & Moist and Crazy Diamond are every pretty useful Stands nonetheless the individual of these Stands – Josuke Higashikata doesn’t have the pliability to control them solely.

Josuke suffers from retrograde amnesia – he has points remembering his earlier and who he’s.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Josuke Higashikata – Mushy & Moist, Crazy Diamond | Provide: Fandom

Every his stands appear as humanoid varieties and are every shut range stands. Mushy & Moist makes use of the ability and properties of bubbles along with absorption and lifting vitality.

Crazy Diamond makes use of large energy along with large velocity. Ultimately, with additional vitality over his Stands, Josuke can climb the report to presumably the very best 8.

13. Domenico Pucci – Local weather Report

Domenico Pucci is synonymous collectively together with his Stand Local weather Report. He’s possible one of many essential ally characters inside the sixth part of the gathering, Stone Ocean. Local weather will be an amnesiac initially, unable to recall any reminiscences.

Local weather can – you guessed it – administration the local weather. He can vastly have an effect on local weather phenomena by manipulating atmospheric circumstances.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Domenico Pucci – Local weather Report | Provide: Fandom

He might make it rain 30 kilometers away and administration wind, clouds, humidity, and as well as oxygen and totally different gases to a point.

Local weather Report, after gaining his reminiscences, will get the pliability of Heavy Local weather which is an computerized stand, affected not by the individual, nonetheless by the state of affairs. He shortly turns into overwhelmed by his reminiscences, and offers in to rage and sorrow.

12. Okuyasu – The Hand

The Hand is broadly thought-about to be a extraordinarily deadly and extremely efficient Stand, presumably inside the excessive 4 strongest Stands. Sadly, because of the individual than wields the Stand, brings it to amount 12 on my report.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Okuyasu – The Hand | Provide: Fandom

The Hand can obliterate or erase one thing – along with home and actuality. Okuyasu isn’t what you’d identify an intelligent man – he can’t even completely envision the ability of his Stand. He’s impulsive, immature, and indecisive.

The Hand might make the universe bodily smaller by sucking points into the void. Nevertheless with an individual like Okuyasu, I wouldn’t be shocked if he winked himself out of existence by mistake.

11. Risotto Nero – Metallica

Nero is the chief of the aforementioned La Squadra Esecuzioni, and certainly one of many essential antagonists inside the Vento Aureo arc.

His Stand, Metallica, actually comprises of a navy of small metallic beings that reside inside him. They allow him to control iron in a single different character’s blood, along with inside the earth, using the properties of magnetism.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Risotto Nero – Metallica | Provide: Fandom

In a single memorable scene, Nero transforms the iron inside Doppio, the underboss’s blood, into sharp blades that tear him from inside.

Whereas Nero is form of skilled with coping with his Stand, there are others stronger than him.

10. Rohan – Heaven’s Door

Heaven’s Door is one different overpowered Stand on my report which isn’t used to its full potential (see: amount 12).

Heaven’s Door can bodily flip people into books. He might make pages out of people’s physique elements, that give him written particulars about them, along with their reminiscences, and actions, earlier and present.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Rohan – Heaven’s Door | Provide: Fandom

He can write down directions into them and make them obey the ability of his phrase. In flip, he might take away pages from their ideas, i.e., eradicating particular reminiscences.

Nevertheless the Stand, although objectively extremely efficient, is restricted resulting from its individual being unimaginative.

9. Vanilla Ice – Cream

It received’t sound it, nonetheless Vanilla Ice’s Stand Cream, might be one of many very important extremely efficient Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Journey.

Cream can devour itself and its individual proper right into a black-hole form of void that will disintegrate and transport one thing into one different dimension.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Vanilla Ice – Cream | Provide: Fandom

Nevertheless the Stand’s portal resides in Vanilla Ice’s mouth; to enter Stand-mode, Ice ought to allow himself to be devoured by Cream. This leaves him blind and unable to maneuver.

He has to normally detach from himself to journey, leaving him briefly weak to assault. Ice will be significantly absent-minded and can improve his administration over his Stand.

8. Yoshikage Kira – Killer Queen

Yoshikage Kira is the first villain in JoJo’s fourth story arc, Diamond Is Unbreakable. Kira, as his establish suggests, is a killer, nearly psychopathic, with OCD and a peculiar hand fetish.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Yoshikage Kira – Killer Queen | Provide: Fandom

Killer Queen is Kira’s beefed up, humanoid stand, in a position to terminating people and points with targeted bomb assaults. Not merely that, nonetheless he can actually transmute them into bombs themselves, manipulating their explosive energy inside.

Whatever the Stand being nearly indestructible, Kira doesn’t develop mastery over it. He relies upon an extreme quantity of on the Stand’s inherent vitality, leaving all confrontation and battle to Killer Queen.

7. Diavolo – King Crimson

Diavolo is the primary villain of the fifth story arc, additionally known as the Boss. He’s moreover the alternate persona of Doppio.

Diavolo’s Stand generally known as King Crimson, which could erase time for as a lot as ten seconds. His sub-Stand, Epitaph, permits him to see into the long term for a size of ten seconds.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Diavolo – King Crimson | Provide: Fandom

He can foresee assaults or stop them from happening the least bit by cancelling the time interval inside which they occur. If this vitality seems invincible – it’s; nonetheless in spite of everything, inside the assortment, Stand prospects are as mandatory as a result of the Stand itself.

Diavolo struggles with the earlier. He’s unable to revive errors in his private earlier, and nearly has a compulsive obsession about holding his id a secret and erasing himself from acknowledged historic previous.

6. Dio Brando – The World

Dio is a distinguished character with echoes by all arcs of the current. He’s the daddy of Giorno Giovanna, and the primary antagonist of the first and third story arcs.

Dio in Italian means God, and it’s true that Dio, who generally is a vampire, definitely has pretty the godlike Stand: The World.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Dio Brando – The World | Provide: Fandom

The World has a great deal of abilities, nonetheless the first one is administration over time. He can stop time completely and inside that interval switch freely and finish off his enemies.

However, as a result of the Stand have to be consciously activated, he’s pretty powerless if taken abruptly. He moreover have to be inside shut proximity to his objective since The World is an in depth range Stand.

5. Jotaro Kujo – Star Platinum

Being the Stand of certainly one of many protagonists, Star Platinum is extraordinarily extremely efficient, even when it doesn’t wield any specific abilities.

It’s presumably certainly one of many excessive 3 bodily strongest Stands in all the gathering, possessing energy enough to tug out a jeep full of people from a canyon.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Jotaro Kujo – Star Platinum | Provide: Fandom

Star Platinum moreover boasts of superhuman senses and is as fast as light. Jotaro, in his battle with Dio, realises his stand has the pliability to stop time like The World.

Star Platinum moreover possesses self-preservation traits of its private, restarting Jotaro’s coronary coronary heart and as well as defending him all through a time-stop assault by Dio.

4. Johnny Joestar – Tusk

Johnny Joestar is the seventh JoJo of the gathering and the protagonist of the seventh arc, Metallic Ball Run. Johnny misplaced utilizing his legs after he was shot inside the spine.

He was a gifted jockey, and his paraplegia leaves him depressed with out with the power to expertise horses.

His Stand – Tusk – seems to be like like an axolotl and will present itself in 4 actor or varieties. Johnny makes use of the supernatural potential generally known as Spin, to make his nails develop and shoot at targets.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Johnny Joestar – Tusk | Provide: Fandom

Because of the extreme spin, they’re moreover able to create wormholes in home. The Spin potential permits Tusk Act4 to entice a person and their Stand to a tough and quick second in time and place, even in parallel dimensions.

Nevertheless Johnny is burdened by guilt, melancholy, and under-confidence. If he exhibited additional administration, he would possibly merely be amount higher on the report.

3. Humorous Valentine – Dirty Deeds Completed Filth Low value

The primary villain of Metallic Ball Run, Humorous Valentine, makes it to my excessive 3.

Valentine is a militant patriot, and this nationalism for the USA is the guiding drive of his actions and beliefs. He’s ruthless, manipulative, and actually authoritative.

Valentine’s Stand has an prolonged and distinctive establish – Dirty Deeds Completed Filth Low value, D4C for transient. This Stand grants Valentine free entry to any alternate dimension inside the JoJo multiverse.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Humorous Valentine – Dirty Deeds Completed Filth Low value | Provide: Fandom

He can journey between these dimensions and make them exist in a single time and place, so he can bounce between them, allowing him to fade and reappear wherever all through a battle.

An developed mannequin of his stand – D4C Love Observe – permits Valentine to deflect any misfortune that comes his method and ship it in a single different route.

Although Humorous Valentine makes use of his Stand pretty efficiently, he has however to uncover its full potential.

2. Enrico Pucci – Made in Heaven

And we’re all the way in which right down to the very best 2. Enrico Pucci’s Stand, was thought-about by Dio, the individual of The World, as in all probability essentially the most extremely efficient Stand and the path that leads to Heaven.

Beside Made in Heaven, his last Stand, Pucci can also be an individual of two totally different Stands, Whitesnake and C-Moon.

Made in Heaven is so extremely efficient that time-stopping is just its secondary potential. The first vitality of this Stand lies in its potential to actually reset the universe.

Pucci can create future – heard of that sooner than? He can put people into a totally new world, exactly the place they’re alleged to be, and make them aware of their fates and their limits.

Properly, you’ll be capable of’t battle future.

1. Giorno Giovanna – Gold Experience-Requiem

Giorno Giovanna is the strongest Stand individual in JoJo’s Bizarre Journey.

His Stand, Gold Experience Requiem, can negate or undo any movement, stopping them from ever having occurred. It could presumably erase causality and create a model new actuality. This makes Giorno unimaginably sturdy.

Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Giorno Giovanna – Gold Experience-Requiem | Provide: Fandom

GER moreover retains the pliability of its lower kind – Gold Experience. It could presumably generate life itself, transforming inanimate or inorganic points into dwelling creatures. For examples, he turns baggage to frogs, and pillars to scorpions.

Aside from his Stand, Giorno’s willpower and resolve moreover makes him very extremely efficient. I can’t take into account anyone who can beat Giorno and his Stand potential.

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