WWE Wrestlemania Backlash Results And Review

The May PPV Wrestlemania Backlash has come to a close. While the PPV itself didn’t look exceptionally exciting, we got to see one of the best matches of the year so far–and that was Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins. There was also an exciting Smackdown Women’s Championship match between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey, and it was an “I Quit” match, which meant it got a bit more violent than your traditional match. Check out the full results for WWE’s Wrestlemania Backlash below along with a review of each match.

Backlash featured a few leftover feuds from Wrestlemania. For instance, AJ Styles got a second shot at Edge, but this time around, Damian Priest was barred from ringside, and no, it still wasn’t a fair fight. This year’s event took place at Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. While Wrestlemania is more focused on championship matches, Backlash was more concerned with rematches, so there were very few championship matches on the card.

If you want to watch a replay of Wrestlemania Backlash live, you’ll need the streaming service Peacock. While it does have a free tier, you will not be able to watch the WWE event through that. You’ll need a Premium ($5 a month, with ads) or Premium Plus Peacock ($10 a month, no ads) account. Regardless of which tier you choose, there will be a few WWE-related ads throughout the show.

There are multiple ways to watch Peacock. Aside from watching it on mobile devices and on the PC, you can stream the service on Amazon Fire devices, Android TV, Apple TV, LG Smart TVs, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xfinity, and more.

Check out the match card below.

Match card:

  • Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins
  • Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Ronda Rousey (I Quit Match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship)
  • Drew McIntyre & RK-Bro vs. The Bloodline (Six-Man Tag Team Match)
  • AJ Styles vs. Edge
  • Bobby Lashley vs. Omos
  • Happy Corbin vs. Madcap Moss

Above, you can check out a recent episode of GameSpot’s wrestling podcast, Wrestle Buddies. Chris E. Hayner and Mat Elfring predict all the results for Wrestlemania Backlash alongside their AI machine PredictionBot 3000 v2.0.

Below, you’ll find live updates and results for Wrestlemania Backlash as it airs on Peacock. Additionally, there will be a review of each match from the Wrestle Buddies.

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Kickoff Show

The Wrestlemania Backlash Kickoff Show begins at 7 PM ET / 4 PM PT. Below, you’ll find updates and notes based on what happens on the preshow.

You can watch the Kickoff Show below, as it airs live on YouTube.

No Kickoff Show match… onto the main card.

Main Card

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Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

Cody wins by pin.

Mat: Wrestlemania did something very important: it put Chris and I in the same room for the first time in a little more than two years. Now, I sit in my home office in Chicagoland trying not to gush about how beautiful Mr. Rollins’ entrance outfit was. He truly was peacocking on Peacock. He sets me adrift on memory bliss.

To me, Cody works better in WWE with the way he’s presented. He’s a classic babyface, like a Hulk Hogan who can put on five star matches… or a modern-day Bret Hart. He’s a character you can really get behind rooting for, and that’s a classic wrestling feel that we don’t get much anymore. As for Rollins, he’s doing some of his best work right now. He rules. I love it.

The match itself was fantastic. It was a brilliant showcase for both men, with no one coming out of it looking weak. It was a complete surprise to see Cody get the win here, as Seth winning made more sense–to get a rubber match at the next PPV. Regardless, I don’t see anything topping this match tonight. It’s just that good.


Chris: Here’s a hot take: I like Cody Rhodes. I know, it’s super mild, but I mean it. He manages to take the tired super pro-America gimmick and make it not feel tired. When there’s “Freakin,” which is Seth’s nickname. Nobody drips harder than Seth, and every time he’s on camera, he’s decked to the nines in the coolest clothes. So, already, a heck of a matchup.

It’s dawning on me only now how much better presented Cody’s character is in WWE than it was in AEW. That’s not a knock on AEW, it’s just that his character makes more sense in a WWE environment and the over-the-top characters he’s put up against–like Seth Rollins–really go a long way in further legitimizing the “American Nightmare.”

As for the match itself, it’s two of the best in the industry doing their thing. What’s not to love? I’m fascinated by the fact that Cody is still doing his cutter, which is very much a slightly modified RKO. Beyond that, the two threw all of their signature moves at each other and it was flat-out great. I wish the storyline behind this match was as strong as the bout itself, because that’s a knock against it. Even with that, though, it’s hard to believe this is the match they kicked the show off with as something of this quality could easily be a main event (and it’s not like there are better feuds throughout the rest of the card).

I’m actually surprised Cody got the win with a pull of the tights as I expected a cheating victory for Seth, setting up a rubber match. That said, I’m fine with it because I’m very curious where each man goes next. Good luck, the rest of the show. The bar’s been set pretty high.


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Bobby Lashley vs, Omos

Omos wins by pin.

Mat: Let’s be honest, these guys aren’t sowing the seeds of love together. Anything is possible, though. They could leave this match best friends. Sorry, I’m just killing time while this match is on because it’s really hard to follow Cody vs. Seth. Poor Bobby Lashley, he’s working so hard to make this match watchable. He’s carrying this the best he can, and it’s still herky-jerky.

Nothing Omos does looks like it has impact at all. MVP helped him get the win, which does nothing for the character. Bobby Lashley was on a great roll, but this feud with Omos is derailing all the good will he’s gained over the past year.


Chris: Is this a prank? Following up Seth and Cody with the beefy boy bash is…a choice that was certainly made. But, like, why? Also, can we talk for a second about Lashley’s new entrance where he stands on the podium while what sounds like the Olympic drums are playing? It’s terrible. Lashley had a PERFECT entrance. Why would you tinker with perfection?

The issue with Omos being dominant in the early part of this match is Omos still feels incredibly green in the role–and it especially shows anytime Omos isn’t simply handing out a beating. When it comes to working a back and forth match, it’s not great. Yes, Lashley is doing all he can to make the match look good, but it’s too big a hill to climb for even the Almighty.

And let’s be honest here, if we are supposed to find Omos to be a believable unstoppable giant, having him win via cheating by his manager MVP cuts all of that off at the knees. So, like, what is the Omos character then?


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Edge vs. AJ Styles

Edge wins by submission.

Mat: This match really boils down to “who is going to turn on AJ Smiles and join Edge’s faction?” That’s what we’re waiting for. Something will happen, and hopefully, I’ll be head over heels. So the big story here is that AJ Smiles’ arm is hurt and that comes into play a lot–especially when Smile is trying to put Edge into a variety of submissions.

So Damian Priest comes out and then Finn Balor comes out to stop him. However, a person in a hoodie gets involved, and then AJ Styles ends up losing. But who was that person in the hoodie? It turned out to be Rhea Ripley–something I called on the Wrestle Buddies podcast because I’m a very cool person who’s great at randomly guessing.

As for the match, it was fine. It was slow and brooding, but not in a way where it was very exciting or worked for me on the small screen.


Chris: I like Edge’s new presentation, with all of the black lights and the creepy demon wings on the video screen. Even the new music is growing on me. I don’t like the stable name Judgment Day but I don’t have to agree with everything. Also I’m making a last minute prediction here, you ready? I think Finn Balor will turn heel, joining Judgment Day. He needs/deserves a spotlight like Damian Priest is getting and with Priest barred from ringside, this could be perfect.

This is an interesting match because it felt as old school as they come, with each man working on wearing down certain body parts, trading submission moves, etc. Early on, at least, there weren’t necessarily huge spots that drove the crowd wild, but these two brought an intensity to a straight-forward wrestling match that while it’s pretty entertaining, even if not at the same level of Seth vs. Cody.

So maybe my theory didn’t pan out, which will be bad news in the long run because my idea about Balor was definitely great. That said, I love this for Rhea Ripley. It gives an excellent new edge (pun super intended) to her heel character and, based on how much screentime Judgement Day is getting, I can only assume she’ll be chasing the women’s title soon.


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Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Ronda Rousey

I Quit Match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Charlotte quits, Ronda wins.

Mat: You know what’s kinda weird about this match? Charlotte kept asking early on if Ronda was going to quit, and I’m like, “Charlotte, you just kicked her once. She’s not going to quit.” So I’ve been enjoying this match for what it is, and when Charlotte put the mic up to Ronda and Ronda said, “Never b****,” I lost my mind. Hell yes. It was then followed by Charlotte saying, “Happy Mother’s Day.” A couple of very memorable moments there. And as a plus, Charlotte isn’t champion anymore. It was a solid match, and an “I Quit” match that didn’t get too over-the-top.


Chris: I want to be more excited about this, but it’s been a very long time since Charlotte Flair got me excited for a match. She’s a 13-time women’s champion, and throughout just about all of those reigns, hasn’t really evolved at all as a character. Seth Rollins has had like 13 amazing characters in that time.

This was a pretty fun brawl, honestly. Though oddly paced. As mentioned by Mat, Charlotte was trying to get Ronda to quit very early on after one or two simple moves. It made no sense. However, Charlotte wrenching Ronda’s back over a handrail in the audience? That was flat out perfection. Same goes with Ronda trying to rip off Charlotte’s arm while Flair was hanging from the top rope.

It would be great for the crowd to not constantly chant “We want tables” in matches like this. Just enjoy the insanity unfolding in front of you. Also, it’s kind of amazing that what it took for Ronda to really lose it was for Charlotte to mock the sanctity of Mother’s Day. Ultimately, the right person got the win here and the match was actually pretty great–easily second best of the night so far.


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Happy Corbin vs. Madcap Moss

Moss wins by pin.

Mat: I forgot to work in a Tears for Fears or PM Dawn lyric into my last match review, so I need to put two into this one. I’ve got to shout, and let it all out. Now you know. Anyway, as for this match, And I find it kind of funny, and I find it kind of sad. I’m happy because Happy Corbin finally found a local Dan Flashes to buy new shirts, but sad for Moss’s wrestling gear.

Am I supposed to be rooting for Moss? I understand the story, I understand the heel/face dynamic, but I don’t understand why I should really care for Moss, and that’s wild because I really enjoyed heel Moss. This match was middle of the road and it had a weird roll-up finished which didn’t fit the rest of the match.


Chris: Happy Corbin still has the best thing song (outside of Retribution) in wrestling history. But, honestly, Madcap Moss has a pretty incredible song of his own. The loser of this match should have to give up their entrance music. This match is an oddity because, in theory, Madcap Moss is supposed to be the lovable babyface, but that’s just not the case. These are both guys you’d avoid at all costs if you saw them at a party.

The match was nothing to write home about and probably went on a few minutes too long. But giving Moss the win feels like the wrong call as it kind of flies in the face of Corbin’s build over the last year. How much better would it have been for Corbin to get a tainted victory, only making Moss want it more?


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Drew McIntyre & RK-Bro vs. The Bloodline

The Bloodline wins.

Mat: While everybody wants to rule the world, the Bloodline is doing so in WWE. And then there’s Drew McIntyre, super nice guy. I do not personally care for a feud between he and Reigns, no matter how hard that’s pushed. And I also don’t care much about RK-Bro vs. The Usos. There’s a lot going on here that just doesn’t interest me.

At some point, after a drought of action and a slow-plotting, at times boring, match, we got into some high-octane action. I hate the term “high-octane,” but I’ve already written it. It divulged into a greatest hits match for each wrestler, performing all their signature moves–but no finishers. And in a setting of six wrestlers, that’s a lot of fun.

Pat McAfee and Michael Cole are doing some dynamite commentating during this match, making it seem like everything is on the line here when, in reality, nothing is on the line. They might be my favorite commentary duo right now.

This match actually went the opposite way I thought it would. The Bloodline once again proved they are the best, but that doesn’t lead anywhere else. I guess McIntyre could demand a one-on-one, but while the match was great, it feels a little bit hollow in the end.


Chris: I wonder which belt Roman considers his primary belt? Also, the Bloodline’s entrance is at least two Undertaker entrances long. WWE is trying real hard to make me want to see Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns to determine the Super Big Dog Champion of WWE, and I have to be honest with you, it isn’t working. Much like Charlotte, Drew’s character has stalled out. Adding a sword named after his mother to the mix really changed nothing, except he’s constantly trying to murder people with it. That would be a fun character twist but they never actually acknowledge it.

So Roman getting the highly-anticipated tag to step into the ring against Drew fell flat for me. It also doesn’t help that this match started very slow and methodically. There’s been a lot of high-octane action tonight, and with six men in the match you would normally expect that here. So slowing things down so much felt off.

Thankfully, it didn’t stay at that pace. This match was at its best, though, when Roman was destroying and showboating. Because, ultimately, that will be his downfall as Super Big Dog Champion of WWE. Eventually someone will get the better of him when he least expects it.

Also worth noting is that there is some seriously great chemistry between the Usos and RK-Bro. And Orton’s RKO show never gets old, even though it’s been going on for years. Dare I say it, am I starting to like RK-Bro? That would be crazy.

Seriously, though, once this match got cooking the crowd woke right up and carried all six men home. The final stretch of the match was as packed with action as it could be, culminating with Roman spearing Riddle in half for the victory. I wasn’t a big fan of this match at the beginning, but it really did win me over.


That’s all. See you at Hell in a Cell.

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