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    Billie Eilish wears leopard bra in Instagram outfit post

    If there’s anyone you can trust to challenge the rules of fashion, it’s Billie Eilish.…
    20 mins ago

    Poilievre backs Bernier in hopes he can win the election in Manitoba

    OTTAWA – Pierre Poilievre will travel to Manitoba to rally Conservative supporters ahead of a…
    40 mins ago

    Everyone 1-2 Move! Announced for Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch launch title 1-2-Switch there is a sequel, titled Everyone 1-2-Transfer! The new collection…
    Auto Express
    1 hour ago

    Volkswagen ID. Buzz: Longer Electric Kombi has seven seats

    Extended version of Volkswagen ID. buzz Classic trams were revealed ahead of the in-the-metal world…


      2 hours ago

      Some opioids help reduce fear, anxiety, and pain control

      Main research results: Pharmacists are working to help minimize the adverse side effects of opiates, including addiction, respiratory depression, constipation,…
      8 hours ago

      From vinyl to film, analog sound is great again

      SINGAPORE – When Goh Rhay Gynn was in middle school, he received his first film camera from his grandfather –…
      13 hours ago

      A gene controls colon cancer severity

      Main research results Regulatory T cells (Tregister) is essential for regulating the immune system. However, there are several different types…
      18 hours ago

      A possible new pathway to treat epilepsy in autistic patients

      Main research results Autism affects about 2% of children in the United States, and about 30% of these children have…
      24 hours ago

      Purdue microneedles penetrate biofilms to deliver more effective topical antibiotics to infected wounds

      WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A patent-pending invention by a Purdue University engineer could improve the quality of life for millions…
      1 day ago

      Art selection: Quilling Workshop, Singapore National Youth Orchestra concert

      As an art form, quilling is known for using strips of colored paper that are rolled, shaped and glued together…


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