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    Republican leaders try to quell debt deal uprising as US countdown to default

    Republican House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Sunday was trying to stem a revolt…
    1 hour ago

    One of the best high school anime series is leaving Netflix

    It’s no wonder why so many anime of all genres and eras focus on the…
    Auto Express
    2 hours ago

    Tesla charges Ford, details Silverado EV, BMW i5, addresses charger reliability: The Week in Reverse

    Which car manufacturer won’t produce 600-mile electric cars? Is megawatt charging a threat to hydrogen…


      3 hours ago

      Dance Review: BLKDOG takes the audience into a backward dark world

      BLKDOG Singapore International Arts Festival 2023Botis SevaSota . Drama TheaterLast Thursday, 8 p.m Somber and relentless as it is, BLKDOG…
      8 hours ago

      Expert: FDA Regulatory Process for COVID-19 Vaccines, Children’s Vaccines

      When Pfizer and Merck & Co. Inc. Seeking permission from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization…
      14 hours ago

      Technology promotes the use of chia seeds to help improve health, slow down signs of aging

      WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. An innovative extraction method involving chia seeds could provide new options for nutritional foods, medicinal capsules and…
      19 hours ago

      Barcelona’s best bars | The Straits Times

      The Straits Times The Straits Times Last year, heaven ranked first on the list of the 50 best bars in…
      1 day ago

      Purdue partners with state to improve public health after pandemic

      WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — The COVID-19 pandemic, and the damage it has caused to our communities, has highlighted to public…
      1 day ago

      Digital Inclusion in the Age of Coronavirus: New Report Explores State of Rural Internet and Digital Access in Indiana

      Roberto Gallardo (Photo provided) WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. —During the pandemic, the internet is more important than ever. From streaming meetings…


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