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    ArmorCode, which consolidates vulnerability data from connected apps and software infrastructure for analysis, raised a $40M Series B led by HighlandX (Kyle Wiggers/TechCrunch)

    Kyle Wiggers / TechCrunch: ArmorCode, which consolidates vulnerability data from connected apps and software infrastructure…
    Auto Express
    11 mins ago

    Green Car Reports names 4 finalists

    Once again, Green Car Reports is deciding which of this year’s new vehicles are cleanest,…
    21 mins ago

    31 Skincare Products NYC and L.A. Derms Use in Winter

    Winter usually spells trouble for my skin in the form of dry patches, blotchiness, and…
    31 mins ago

    Owen Farrell: Marcus Smith says it was ‘quite scary’ to see England captain step down | Rugby Union News

    Marcus Smith on Owen Farrell’s decision to take a break from international rugby: “It’s quite…


      4 hours ago

      Driven by passion: Recreating a once-in-a-lifetime road trip in a 64-year-old vehicle

      As fate would have it, Bescoby’s friend managed to track down the original vehicle – a Land Rover 86-inch station…
      6 hours ago

      ChildAid 2023 raises over $2 million with interactive musical mystery

      SINGAPORE – The stage was smaller and the cast leaner this time in 2023, but the creative risk paid off…
      7 hours ago

      Beef up on Kobe eats: A home cook’s tour of the food-packed Japanese city

      KOBE – The first sign that my stay in Kobe is going to be food-packed is the presence of a…
      14 hours ago

      Why is Gen Z going crazy over the Dyson cordless vacuum?

      UNITED STATES – When you imagine a life of luxury, what comes to mind? A mansion filled with walk-in closets…
      15 hours ago

      Qi Yuwu, Jeanette Aw paired together for ninth time in Channel 5 debut Come Closer

      SINGAPORE – Actor Qi Yuwu plays a father and husband who keeps a tight lid on his feelings and just…
      17 hours ago

      Actress Florence Pugh hit in face by object while promoting Dune: Part Two

      SAO PAULO, Brazil – Florence Pugh has become the latest victim of a disturbing trend where fans hurl objects at…


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