25 seconds ago

    Knicks center makes bombshell allegation about NBA hygiene

    Mitchell Robinson has a theory about the color of NBA basketballs: Players don’t wash their…
    10 mins ago

    US says Indian gov’t official directed plot to assassinate Sikh activist | Courts News

    US federal prosecutors charge 52-year-old Indian man for alleged involvement in murder-for-hire conspiracy. Authorities in…
    19 mins ago

    Groom Killed Bride, Her Mom & Sister At Wedding Reception

    A popular para-athlete in Thailand recently died by self-harm after killing four people at his…
    21 mins ago

    Google DeepMind’s new AI tool helped create more than 700 new materials

    GNoME can be described as AlphaFold for materials discovery, according to Ju Li, a materials…


      3 hours ago

      Four BTS members to begin South Korean military service mid-December: Media

      SEOUL – The remaining four members of K-pop supergroup BTS will begin their military service in mid-December, joining the three…
      4 hours ago

      Infinite singer Nam Woo-hyun talks about rare cancer battle as he returns with solo studio album

      SEOUL – It has been quite a year for South Korean singer Nam Woo-hyun of K-pop boy band Infinite. The…
      6 hours ago

      Malaysian singer Queenzy Cheng, 37, and Taiwanese singer Ko Chen-syun, 20, die suddenly in separate incidents

      KUALA LUMPUR/YILAN – Malaysian singer Queenzy Cheng, 37, and Taiwanese singer Ko Chen-syun, 20, died suddenly earlier this week in…
      8 hours ago

      It’s a wrap: Outgoing Singapore Writers Festival director Pooja Nansi will be missed

      SINGAPORE – Diversity and youth – these are the legacies of outgoing Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) director Pooja Nansi, whose…
      9 hours ago

      Singaporean film-maker Anthony Chen’s Drift awarded prestigious Gandhi medal

      SINGAPORE – Home-grown director Anthony Chen’s first English-language feature film Drift has been awarded a prestigious prize at the 54th…
      10 hours ago

      Japanese singer-songwriter Joji pulls out of ZoukOut days before event due to health reasons

      SINGAPORE – Japanese singer-songwriter Joji, slated to perform for the first time in Singapore at ZoukOut, has pulled out due…


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