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    Despite chewing gum, people who regularly use marijuana are thinner: study

    Although “munchies” are a common effect of marijuana, regular users are leaner and less likely…
    20 mins ago

    Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 464 | Russia-Ukraine war News

    As the war enters its 464th day, here’s a look at the major developments. This…
    2 hours ago

    Welcome to the new surreal: how AI-generated video is changing the movie

    Fast and cheap Artists are often the first to experiment with new technology. But the…
    2 hours ago

    DC Young Fly Partner, Ms. Jacky Oh, Dies At 32

    Shade room very sad to report that Miss Jacky Ohbirth name Jacklyn Smithpassed away at…


      5 hours ago

      A gene controls colon cancer severity

      Main research results Regulatory T cells (Tregister) is essential for regulating the immune system. However, there are several different types…
      10 hours ago

      A possible new pathway to treat epilepsy in autistic patients

      Main research results Autism affects about 2% of children in the United States, and about 30% of these children have…
      15 hours ago

      Purdue microneedles penetrate biofilms to deliver more effective topical antibiotics to infected wounds

      WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A patent-pending invention by a Purdue University engineer could improve the quality of life for millions…
      20 hours ago

      Art selection: Quilling Workshop, Singapore National Youth Orchestra concert

      As an art form, quilling is known for using strips of colored paper that are rolled, shaped and glued together…
      1 day ago

      Savannas challenges stereotypes about chimpanzee behavior

      Main research results While humans can survive in arid climates, great apes need the lush forests of Africa (bonobos, chimpanzees,…
      1 day ago

      Study: Gene therapy can restore vision after stroke

      Main research results Most strokes occur when an artery in the brain becomes blocked. Blood flow to nerve tissues stops,…


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