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    Lightmatter’s Photonic AI Hardware Is Ready To Shine With New $154 Million Funding

    Launching Photonic Computing light material is taking a big hit on the fast-growing AI computing…
    11 mins ago

    Louisiana Arby worker dies after getting trapped inside freezer

    The family of an Arby employee has filed a $1 million wrongful death lawsuit against…
    40 mins ago

    Did LeBron James receive an $800 million contract from the Cantonese Tigers?

    LA Lakers star LeBron James shocked many with his comments following the Western Conference finals.…
    2 hours ago

    The best Pokémon Likes on Nintendo Switch – Games to play after you’ve finished playing Pokémon

    Now, act like a Wailord and rush into… Publishing company: Free Games / Developers: tragsoft…


      4 hours ago

      Study: Gene therapy can restore vision after stroke

      Main research results Most strokes occur when an artery in the brain becomes blocked. Blood flow to nerve tissues stops,…
      9 hours ago

      Al Pacino, 83, and his girlfriend Noor Alfallah, 29, are expecting a baby

      LOS ANGELES – Actor Al Pacino will soon be a father again at the age of 83. His girlfriend, Kuwaiti-American…
      14 hours ago

      Scientists reverse pancreatic cancer progression in ‘time machine’ made of human cells

      WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — What makes pancreatic cancer so deadly is its rapid and secretive spread. Now, a “time machine”…
      16 hours ago

      Useful International Travel Tips for First-Time Travelers

      Embarking on your first international trip is an exciting and memorable experience. It opens up a world of new cultures,…
      19 hours ago

      Crack the cell protection code

      WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Imagine a day when any tissue or organ could be repaired or the replacement personalized for…
      1 day ago

      UPDATE: Antimalarial therapy shows 100% effectiveness in Phase 2 trial

      WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The battle against one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases—malaria—may soon have two new weapons. The…


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