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    Drake Shuts Down ‘Angry and Racist’ Rick Ross’ Nose Job Accusations

    Drizzy and Rozay are fighting. A day after Rick Ross dropped “Champagne Moments,” a protest…
    11 mins ago

    Yaya Mayweather shoots the shot to bring NBA YoungBoy back

    Yaya Mayweather is trying to rekindle his relationship with NBA YoungBoy. The mother of one…
    41 mins ago

    Trò chơi ấm cúng hay nhất trên Switch

    Cập nhật: Chúng tôi đã cập nhật danh sách này và làm sạch nó. Cùng…


      2 hours ago

      Four reasons to visit Bad Ischl, the Austrian town where you can vacation like European royalty

      BAD ISCHL, Austria – This town in the Austrian Alps has been a summer retreat for kings, courtiers and bohemians…
      10 hours ago

      Theater review: Excellent singing and comedic timing in Little Shop Of Horrors

      Little horror store Sing' TheaterSota Drama TheaterApril 13, 7:30 p.m Try not to get eaten by the carnivorous plants as…
      12 hours ago

      Actress Gillian Anderson thinks playing real-life journalist in Scoop is 'a really bad idea'

      NEW YORK – For the British royal family, it was one of the biggest public relations disasters in living memory.…
      13 hours ago

      Chinese actress Fan Bingbing participates in the Songkran parade in Bangkok

      Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has played roles in period dramas, from maid Jinsuo in My Fair Princess (1998 to 1999)…
      14 hours ago

      Actor Andrew Scott is excited to have the new series explore the many layers of Ripley

      NEW YORK – One of the most popular titles on Netflix in April, the neo-noir thriller Ripley is about a…
      15 hours ago

      Mark Lee and Peter Yu won acting awards at the Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival

      Yu told TNP that he was running an errand when a text message arrived. “This is my first international acting…


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