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    Alyssa Hardy’s Worn Out explores sustainability in fashion

    As POPSUGAR editors, we independently pick and write about things we love and think you’ll…
    14 mins ago

    Kim Mulkey refuses to publicly support Brittney Griner

    No? Not a word? Picture: beautiful pictures Kim Mulkey’s modus operandi is loud and false,…
    24 mins ago

    David Letterman Reveals His Embarrassing Attempt at Befriending Kevin Durant

    “I’ve talked a lot over the years about how much I love Dave [Letterman]—On his…
    34 mins ago

    Caleb McLaughlin On The Racism He Faces From ‘Stranger Things’ Fans – The Hollywood Reporter

    Strange things star Caleb McLaughlin recently shared about the racism he faced when the hit…


      44 mins ago

      The Best Exercises to Do, According to Harvard

      Aerobics, strength training, isometric exercises, and other exercises are considered the best according to Harvard. Source link
      3 hours ago

      Zodiac signs make good writers

      Pisces Pisces people are imaginative, empathetic, emotional and romantic by nature. They are profoundly artistic; they are poetic and generally…
      5 hours ago

      Indian food can change your luck

      Have you ever thought, why despite all your efforts, nothing works in your favor and that’s when we blame luck!…
      7 hours ago

      5 morning drinks that will melt your stubborn fat

      “Black coffee gives you an artificial source of energy, and due to the adrenal stimulation, it helps you work better.…
      9 hours ago

      Navratri’s Color of the Day: How to Wear Red on the Second Day of Navratri

      Navratri’s auspicious times have begun and it’s time to venerate Maa in all her nine forms. The nine-day period is…
      11 hours ago

      Dieting habits that harm your gut health

      Dietary monitoring is essential as it can seriously affect gut health. Source link


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