‘3 Body Problems’ was renewed by Netflix for two more seasons

3 Body problems There are two more acts to go.

The Netflix drama about humanity’s united struggle despite an alien invasion attacking our world from light years away, has been renewed by the streamer just one, but two more seasons—promising viewers a full conclusion to the struggle for survival between cosmic civilizations.

Plans for more episodes are already in place was conductedbut commit for a whole second And The third chapter was announced by the host, David Benioff And DB Weiss And Alexander Woo at the Television Academy’s You Should Consider season awards show on Friday night.

3 Body problemsreleased in March, was Benioff and Weiss’s first return to large-scale fantasy storytelling after the conclusion of eight seasons. Game of Thrones for HBO. Woo joined the pair after serving as host in 2019 Horror and worked as a producer and writer on Manhattan city And Real blood. The trio is currently writing the script for the second and third installments of the invasion drama, based on the film. Remembering Earth’s past series of novels by From Tan Luu.

“There are three books. There are three bodies. So we always thought three seasons made the most sense,” Weiss said. “We knew more or less what we needed in terms of time to tell the story the way we felt it needed to be told. And that’s what we’re going to do.”

“The final page of Cixin Liu’s epic is one of the best final pages I’ve ever read, and it destroyed me as I read it,” Benioff added. He said he and Weiss finished the final part of the novel together on a flight from Osaka, Japan, to Los Angeles before committing to the first part. “He came up to me and said, ‘Are we doing this?’ I said, ‘Yeah, we’re doing this.’ So the idea that we can get to that last page gives me great joy.”

The series leans more toward deep philosophy and existential compulsion than the explosions and action typical of alien attack stories, and never sees the creatures that threaten the planet. planet, communicates with Earth’s inhabitants through digital simulations and miracles that defy science. 3 Body problems Proven to burn slowlychallenges viewers with a difficult story but benefits from strong word of mouth as the full scale of the story becomes clear. Forbes reported that the show “dominated the entire streaming industry at the end of March”, citing Neilsen’s ratings report that the show was viewed a total of 1.79 billion minutes after just one month on air.

Woo said it took four years of work from when they first joined forces to make the first part until it was completed. He joked that the second season will be ready, “next month.”

While they don’t have a firm date yet to announce when filming will begin and when the show might return to air, Woo promised that completion of the second season “will happen faster.”

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