Amazon is holding a big book sale

What’s better than lying out in the sun, reading a good book? I think not. Now is a great time to stock up on books for the summer, because Amazon has them Huge book seller runs through May 20. E-book prices start at $1, while print books start at $5. Every category you can think of is on sale, from classics to children’s books to BookTok favorites. We’ll list our favorites below, but you should Check the whole thing out for yourself. Maybe you can finally put a dent in that giant “to read” pile and start building again.

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Book selling incentives on Amazon

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We’ve seen this deal before, but it still matches the best price we’ve tracked. Kindle Scribe (8/10, WIRED recommended) expensive. This deal makes it a little more accessible. That is Best Kindle to take notes and annotations. This is also the only Kindle on sale at the present time.

Typically, Kindle Unlimited trials last one month, but now new subscribers can try the service for longer than two months. Remember that the service automatically renews at $12 per month after the trial period ends, so set a reminder to cancel if you don’t want those further fees. Kindle Unlimited is one Our favorite ebook subscription service. It helped me come back read as an adult.

Neal Stephenson named Metaverse. How much more WIRED can you get? This Classic cyberpunk story worth every penny.

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People have a lot of strong opinions about this author, but if you’re curious, you might want to save one of her most popular titles. This tender romance novel is being made into a movie and will be released in August.

This novel is said to be the perfect novel to read on the beach. It’s romantic and charming, with a well-rounded cast of characters and just the right amount of intrigue to keep you turning the pages.

I devoured this book in two days. I couldn’t put it down. If the thought of a cool heroine, talking dragons, a bully romance, and a mission to save the world makes your blood boil, then this movie lives up to the hype.

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Books are almost always better than the movie adaptations. There was no shadow of the great Kathy Bates, but Miserable definitely one of those cases. I shouldn’t have read it when I was 13, but I did and I still think about it. I think it’s one of King’s best works. If you have read it already, Fairy tales—a newer novel by King—is also on sale for $13 ($8 off).

This memoir was highly appreciated by WIRED critic Medea Giordano. She said it broke her heart into a million pieces. I would buy a copy based on that recommendation alone, but if you need more convincing, just check out the thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon.

This memoir has been a New York Times bestseller for 80 weeks and counting. It explores McCurdy’s life as a child actor, along with an overbearing mother, addictions, eating disorders, etc. but it ends on a positive note, with themes of resilience. recovery and self-discovery. (I would buy this too.)

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It’s a Dr. Seuss board book and costs $3 and I guarantee the kids in your life will have a blast with it (pun very intended). They can open the lid and discover opposites. You can read the rhymes. It’s a win-win situation.

First, I’m totally here for Snoop Dogg’s culinary career. This cookbook is made in collaboration with E-40, who needs no introduction. It contains more than 60 recipes that share a common theme—getting together with your loved ones and eating delicious food.

Reviewer Scott Gilberton jokingly calls this a “light read,” but despite its weight, it is still worth reading. This novel stays with you long after you put it down. It’s gritty, deep, and despite its engaging narrative, it’s not too difficult to read. Most of all, though, it will stick with you—I recommend you get one highlighter comfortable.

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